10 YouTube Video Ideas for Kids

Feb 6, 2021


A lot of children have managed to become quite popular on YouTube over the years. This has led to a lot of kids wanting to have their own YouTube channels. But what videos should these kids upload to YouTube? Well, there are many YouTube video ideas for kids that exist online that can serve perfectly for children looking to create content.

There are many good YouTube video ideas for kids. Toy unboxings, reviews, and vlogs are just a few of the many ideas that children can use to create videos on YouTube. Ideally, kids should experiment with different ideas to see what types of videos they enjoy creating the most. YouTube is supposed to be fun after all!

Certain video ideas will resonate more than others. With this said, it's never a bad idea to try creating different types of videos, as this might lead to new areas of interest. Just remember that growing an audience on YouTube takes time. The focus should be put on having fun creating content- especially when children are involved.

Kids YouTube Video Ideas


Depending on your experience with creating videos, certain video ideas might be more applicable to you than others. It is also important to acknowledge that certain niches are better for certain types of videos. Whatever ideas you decide to pursue, just remember to determine whether or not your target audience will enjoy the types of videos you're making.

Here are 10 kids YouTube video ideas:

  1. Arts and Crafts

Let's discuss each of these video ideas in more detail.

1. Unboxings

Unboxing videos are incredibly popular on YouTube- especially among children. The most commonly unboxed item on YouTube is toys. While adults started the trend of unboxing toys in videos, children have continued the trend. This has helped kids get to see their peers unbox toys that they might want, as opposed to having to watch adults do so.

If possible, newly released or popular products should be unboxed in videos if the objective is on channel growth. With this said, unboxing older products or less common products can also be a good strategy, as there are typically fewer YouTube videos created about these types of products.

2. Reviews

Not only are unboxing videos popular, but review videos are popular among kids as well! Seeing how products look when they come out of a box is one thing, but getting a review of the products (ideally from a child) helps kids learn more about the products they are interested in.

Ideally, reviews should be structured. Meaning, different concerns that potential purchasers of the product should be addressed- especially if affiliate products are being reviewed. Remember, while viewers expect less from children in regards to video quality, any content creator looking to achieve success must focus on creating high-quality videos.

3. Education

Talk to any teacher and they'll tell you that many kids learn things best when they are taught by other kids. Knowing this, you might be able to see how there is interest in education videos among kids. There are many different topics to cover, so there are plenty of videos that can be created.

Something important to remember is that many people watch videos on YouTube to be entertained. So, depending on the topic being discussed, it might be wise to include some entertaining elements. On the flip side, some topics are best presented in a non-entertaining manner. Keep this in mind when creating educational videos for kids.

4. Challenges

Challenge videos are some of the most popular videos on YouTube. Many challenge videos are watched by kids. Since this is the case, there is an interest in these types of videos among children. Over time, more kids are beginning to create kid-friendly challenge videos, and there is a lot of room for more of these types of videos.

Challenges that are featured in videos do not to be extremely extravagant- especially if they involve children. Simple tasks with a time limit, for example, can be more than suitable as challenges for kids. Ultimately, the way that the challenge is presented in the video is more important than the challenge itself.

5. Vlogs

Originally, vlogs featured adults going about their daily lives. Over time, families began creating vlogs, and family channels became quite popular. However, even in family vlogs, the adults were always the ones vlogging. Well, nowadays, more kids are beginning to pick up the camera and create vlogs.

6. Arts and Crafts

Many kids enjoy creating crafts and pieces of art. One of the best things about arts and crafts is the wide range of flexibility. Certain children enjoy seeing drawings, whereas others enjoy seeing sculptures. No matter what, a kid has plenty of options when creating arts and crafts videos for YouTube.

7. Cooking

Not only are cooking videos popular among adults, but they also are among kids! Kid-friendly cooking videos are in-demand on YouTube and are awesome to produce. Cooking videos offer a lot of flexibility. You can create desserts, dinners, or lunches- whichever you please. Having this flexibility will help you keep the video creation process fresh and interesting.

Cooking videos offer the opportunity for adults and kids to collaborate seamlessly in videos. Maybe you have children of your own and are looking for an activity to do with them. Why not film the process of you trying to teach them how to cook something? You don't need to get overly technical with the recording setup- the content will be entertaining enough!

8. Gaming

As time has gone on, gaming has become popular among nearly every age group. Nowadays, many kids are interested in various video games. Since there is such a large interest in video games among children, more kids are beginning to launch their own YouTube channels and publish gaming videos for other kids to watch.

Gaming, like other things, offers a lot of flexibility in regards to the large number of videos that can be created. New games explode in popularity all the time, so there is never a shortage of games to play. Along with this, trends change frequently as well, so there are always different types of gaming videos to create.

9. Reactions

In recent years, reaction videos have seen a resurgence in popularity. Some of the most popular reaction videos feature kids reacting to different things. Since there are plenty of things to react to, kids will have no problem creating a large number of reaction videos for their own YouTube channel.

10. Pranks

Prank videos are popular among viewers of all ages. As with some of the other video ideas mentioned, there are a wide variety of pranks that kids can pull off in their videos. What's nice about creating pranks for kids to watch is that they can be quite simple, which can make creating videos much easier.


Coming up with YouTube video ideas for kids can be a difficult task. Use the ideas mentioned in this article to help fuel your creative juices. Take an idea and make it your own, and experiment with different types of videos. Eventually, a certain type of video will "click" and will result in the production of high-quality videos.

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