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TubeRanker offers the ultimate toolset for Creators & Marketers to optimize their videos against the YouTube algorithm and rank higher in YouTube & Google searches and recommendation engines.


Why YouTube SEO?

Thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube every hour. With all this competition, how do you make your video stand out? What is the point of uploading videos if YouTube won’t serve them to viewers?

YouTube is the world’s second largest Search Engine. So it's important to adopt a Search Engine Optimization mindset when you think about your YouTube content. YouTube Video SEO is key to improving performance on YouTube, and driving more views and follows.


Get ahead of the YouTube Algorithm

YouTube serves video content to users in both Searches and Recommendation engines, based on an algorithm that takes into account a number of factors about your video and channel.

These include the momentum of views, watch time, engagement of a video and your channel overall, as well as textual content alongside your video such as video title, tags, description and tag usage.

TubeRanker’s YouTube SEO Tools are designed to help you optimize each factor and give your videos the best chance of being displayed.

Explore TubeRanker’s Powerful YouTube SEO Tool

TubeRanker offers a collection of tools to audit your channel for obvious issues, research keywords, generate tags, find video ideas, optimize your titles & descriptions, and track rankings over time.

TubeRanker takes an SEO focused data-centric approach to YouTube strategy, taking the guesswork out of video optimization to give you an edge over the competition, unlike other YouTube software that offers a hodgepodge of tools with unreliable data.


YouTube Tag Generator

Simply enter the keyword, topic or subject of your video and TubeRanker will suggest trending tags which closely matches the keyword.

Our technology works by finding variations of your search term that are already most frequently searched for on YouTube, as well as looking at the existing tags used by top performing videos that are ranking for those search terms.


Insert Tags & Optimize Your Video

You’ll get a shortlist of keywords to choose from instantly.

Simply select and copy the tags that best describe your video, or you would like to rank for, and insert your chosen tags into the Tags box of your YouTube Videos.

Why Optimize Tags?

YouTube Tags are keywords or phrases that sit behind your video - think of them as meta tags since they are invisible to your viewers. These video tags help YouTube understand what your video is about, and the types of search queries and audiences they should appear for.

Optimizing your tags with TubeRanker’s YouTube Tag Generator can directly help your videos rank better for particular YouTube and Google Searches.


YouTube Channel Audit Tool

Every good YouTube strategy starts with a Channel Audit.

This powerful tool will provide an overall score assessing the performance of your Channel and Videos, as well as recommending simple improvements.

The tool will surface problems that could be holding your channel back such as missing important profile data as well as key insights on how you are meeting the YouTube algorithm’s ranking factors such as views and momentum.

Additionally audit your competitor’s channel to see how they stack up and gain useful ideas.

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Keyword Tool: The Ultimate in YouTube Keyword Research

Wouldn’t it be good to know what video content viewers want and are searching for?

TubeRanker’s Keyword Tool unlocks the power of Keyword Research on YouTube and surfaces up the hidden Search Volume for your target keywords.

This enables you to bring a data-led approach to your YouTube strategy and produce videos that have proven and quantifiable demand. Keyword Tool is essential for any content creator on YouTube.

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Rank Tracker: Track Video Rankings in YouTube Search Results

Are your video optimizations driving improvements? It’s difficult to know without the right tools and data.

TubeRanker’s Rank Tracker tool will show you how your video ranks in YouTube search results for a specific keyword, in a particular geography as well as monitoring how that rank changes over time.

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Tag Extractor: Spy on competitors’ tagging strategies

Use Tag Extractor to reveal the YouTube Tags used by your competitors or any public YouTube video.

By understanding which Tags your competitors are using, you can identify keyword targeting opportunities and better position your video to compete.

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Title Generator: Create a killer video title

Nailing your video title is essential for helping your video stand out and get clicks.

Stuck for video title ideas? Use Title Generator to brainstorm the best video titles based on your target keyword. We’ve assembled a database of possible titles based from existing successful videos.

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Description Generator: Optimize your video descriptions with best practices

YouTube provides up to 5,000 characters for your video description which is rarely fully utilized by creators.

The description is useful real estate to not only help your viewers understand you, your video and channel, but also to provide useful information to YouTube about your video, and which type of searches or audiences it should display for.

The more in-depth and complete your video descriptions, the better your chances of ranking for your target keywords.

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