Why Do I Have No Views on YouTube?

Nov 5, 2020


When I talk to YouTube content creators, one of the questions I'm asked the most is: "Why do I have no views on YouTube?" It's understandable why I'd get this question so much. Taking the time to record, edit, and upload videos for nobody to see them is quite disheartening. In most cases, there are a few problems that are present when a channel struggles to get views.

If you have no views on YouTube, chances are your video topic selection, video SEO, or video thumbnail is the issue. However, more potential issues are a lack of channel authority and minimal video promotion efforts taking place. All of these problems can contribute to your videos having no views on YouTube.

Getting views on YouTube can be difficult. Due to this, it's in your best interest not to set yourself up for an even more difficult time by making certain mistakes. The sooner you can fix the mistakes that are present on your channel and videos, the sooner you will begin to get views.

Why Don't My YouTube Videos Get Any Views


If you've ever asked yourself: "Why don't my YouTube videos get any views?" then you aren't alone. Many content creators have a difficult time getting their videos seen. As I mentioned above, however, there are typically certain mistakes present that are responsible for this issue.

Common mistakes that cause videos to get fewer views include:

  • Topic selection
  • Video SEO
  • Video thumbnails
  • Channel authority
  • Video promotion efforts

Let's dive deeper into each of these mistakes.

Topic Selection

Just because you can create a video on a particular topic, it doesn't mean you should. Certain topics are more in-demand and popular than others. Often, when a video struggles to get views, one of the major issues is the topic of the video. Along with this, certain topics are more competitive than others.

If you create a video on a topic that is in-demand but is too competitive, your video will struggle to get views. On the flip-side, if you create a video on a topic that is not competitive but is not in-demand, your video will also struggle to get views. You must find a healthy balance between competitiveness and popularity.

Video SEO

YouTube doesn't have a room full of employees who watch every video that is uploaded. They have algorithms that scan the metadata of videos to determine what they are about. Video SEO helps you tell the algorithms what your videos are about. If you do not follow video SEO best practices, YouTube will struggle to determine what your video is about.

Think about it- if YouTube doesn't know what your video is about, then how can your video be shared with potential viewers? When a video can't be shared with potential viewers, it doesn't get any views. So, if you want your videos to get views, you must prioritize video SEO.

Video Thumbnails

You can only get views on your videos if people watch them. People can only watch your videos if they click on them. How do you get viewers to click on your videos? You catch their attention by using eye-catching video thumbnails! But what if you don't use eye-catching video thumbnails? Well, then you'll struggle to get clicks and views.

Many content creators simply do not take the time to design good thumbnails for their videos. As I just mentioned, this is an issue, as a video must get clicked on to get views. If your YouTube videos are struggling to get any views, take a look at your thumbnails and determine whether or not they are click-friendly.

Channel Authority

Growing a YouTube channel takes time. You see, YouTube promotes videos more often from authoritative channels. The only way you can gain channel authority is to upload videos, follow best practices, and be patient. Patience is something many content creators struggle with, but it is vital to achieving success on YouTube.

Keep in mind, channel authority is not a substitute for video topic selection, video SEO, and video thumbnails. All of these things need to be present for a video to get views. However, it's important to recognize that YouTube success does not happen overnight. You must build up channel authority so YouTube begins to promote your videos more often to viewers.

Video Promotion Efforts

Above, I mentioned that building channel authority takes time. Since this is the case, you will need to be patient. To speed-up the rate at which your videos get views, however, there are things you can do. One such thing you can do is increase your video promotion efforts, which will cause you to lessen your dependency on the YouTube algorithm.

Promoting your videos on Reddit, social media, forums, etc. can help you get your videos in front of more potential viewers. The more people your videos get put in front of, the more potential views you can get. Also, getting views by promoting your videos will lead to more channel authority, thus leading to more promotion from the YouTube algorithm.

Strategy to Get More YouTube Views

Any content creator looking to grow their YouTube channel must get views on their videos. The problem is, increasing views can be a difficult process. Luckily enough, however, there is a strategy that has been proven to help content creators of all sizes get more views on their YouTube videos.

Here is a step-by-step strategy that you can use to get more YouTube views on your videos:

Step 1 - Find a Good YouTube Video Topic

To begin, you need to find a good topic for your video. Finding a good topic is essential to getting more views on YouTube, as topics that have little interest will not have the ability to attract many views. After all, people are interested in what they are interested in- it's your job to serve their interests.

Step 2 - Optimize the Video Following YouTube SEO Best Practices

Optimizing your video following YouTube search engine optimization (SEO) best practices is an essential part of getting views. Failure to optimize your video properly will lead to fewer gained views on your video. Find good keywords to match your selected topic, and place them in the metadata of your video.

Step 3 - Design a Clickable Thumbnail for the Video

If nobody clicks on your video, it will not get any views. This is why thumbnails are important. A proven way to increase the number of clicks a video gets is to use clickable thumbnails. Clickable thumbnails are thumbnails that are eye-catching and attract the attention of potential viewers. Be sure to use bright colors, interesting images, and easy to read text in your thumbnails.

Step 4 - Promote the Video on Social Media

Once your video has been properly optimized and is equipped with a clickable thumbnail, it's time to promote your video on social media. Select whichever social media platform you prefer, and start to promote your video respectfully. Do not spam your video URL everywhere you possibly can- this will lead to poor results.

Step 5 - Repeat the Process to Gain Channel Authority

All you need to do now is repeat the process listed above. Create another video on a good topic, optimize it, design a clickable thumbnail, and promote it. Repeat this exact process for every video you create and over time, you will begin to accumulate more YouTube views and grow your audience.


Getting YouTube views can be difficult- especially for small or new channels. There are, however, things that can be done to help videos get more views. Have you ever asked yourself: "Why do I have no views on YouTube?" If so, try improving your video topic selection, video SEO, video thumbnails, and video promotion efforts.

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