My YouTube Views Are Not Increasing

Sep 8, 2020


I speak to a lot of different YouTube creators regularly. In nearly every conversation, the creator I am speaking to will say something along the lines of: "My YouTube views are not increasing." This is an issue many creators have. Figuring out why your views might not be increasing is important- the success of your channel depends on it.

There are many different reasons why your YouTube views might not be increasing. Figuring out the problems and making the needed adjustments is crucial. Whether you simply aren't uploading enough or your video SEO is lacking, diagnosing the issues and fixing the problems will be what helps you start to increase your video views.

Since there are many different reasons why your views on YouTube might not be increasing, you need to evaluate your channel and cross-reference your evaluation with this article. If you are suffering from one of the issues mentioned in this article, I recommend fixing the problem as soon as you can.

Views Are Not Going up on YouTube


There are a couple of different issues that might explain why your views are not going up on YouTube. Some issues are simple to fix, while other issues will require a more intense effort to fix. Today, I'll be covering 4 common issues that many creators suffer from whenever their YouTube views are not increasing.

Here are 4 issues that might be causing your struggle to get more views:

Upload Frequency

The quickest fix for many issues related to channel growth and video views is an increase in upload frequency. It's much easier for small channels to get 10 views on 10 videos than it is to get 100 views on 1 video. The thing is, many creators typically only upload 1 to 2 times each week. Due to this, fixing this issue, and finding a way to upload more is essential.

Typically, people struggle to upload frequently because they believe they lack the time, they try to create "perfect" videos, or they simply aren't organized. Do you suffer from any of these problems? If so, it's in your best interest to find a way to fix these problems so you can increase your upload frequency.

As Gary Vaynerchuk says: "The answer is almost always more content." I know this is a simple answer to a complex issue, but it is an effective fix that you should consider if you're not uploading a new video to your YouTube channel on a frequent and consistent basis. 1 video a month isn't enough unless you're spending the other 29 days promoting the video.

Video Topic Selection

People watch what they are interested in and don't watch what they are not interested in. Knowing this, ask yourself: "Am I creating videos on topics people care about?" You need to be honest in your response to this question, as this might be the reason why your YouTube views are not going up.

As I've said many times before, YouTube is more accessible now more than ever. Every phone has a high-quality camera capable of recording videos, and some apps allow video footage to be edited, cutting out the need for a computer. However, due to the increase in accessibility, an increase of "slop" has also happened.

Look, I'm not trying to insult anyone when I refer to their content as "slop." What I mean is, there is simply a large quantity of low-effort videos being uploaded to YouTube frequently. Often, what makes the videos low-effort is the subject matter of the videos. Just because you can record a cat in HD, it doesn't mean people will watch the video.

If you're creating videos on topics that are not in-demand in your selected niche, then you need to do the opposite. Take a look at the topics popular channels in your niche are creating videos about to get an idea of what your target audience expects. Then, start creating videos on in-demand topics, inputting your personality into the videos.

Video SEO

Video search engine optimization (SEO for short) is one of the more technical aspects of YouTube. However, it is also one of the most important aspects of YouTube- especially for small channels. If your videos are not optimized around search-friendly keywords, you will struggle to get your videos seen on YouTube- plain and simple.

Since video SEO is quite technical, it's something many creators struggle with. I've reviewed over 200 individual channels, and in 99% of my reviews the need to improve video SEO always popped up. Some people believe that this aspect of YouTube isn't important as it once was, but these people haven't grown as many channels as I have (haha).

If you were to target more long tail keywords, you'd see a huge increase in organic views gained over time. By using a tool like TubeRanker, you could check the volume of each keyword and select the best one to target. Start by selecting good keywords. After you become better at this, you can dig deeper into the video search engine optimization process.

Video Thumbnails

If nobody clicks on your videos, then how can you get views? One of the problems many creators have is getting people to click on their videos. Since video thumbnails are an integral part of enticing viewers to click on a video, your thumbnails must be designed in a way that encourages clicks.

Many high click-through rate thumbnails share similar elements. Including these elements in your thumbnails will most-likely help you increase your click-through rate. The elements that you should include in your thumbnails are:

  • Bright, eye-catching colors
  • Attention-grabbing images
  • Minimal, easy-to-read text

Every single thumbnail you design needs to include the above 3 elements. With this said, they should be used in a brand-friendly fashion. Meaning, depending on your niche, certain colors, images, and text might work best than in other niches. If you create finance videos, don't look to thumbnails from gaming channels for inspiration.


If you suffer from any of the 4 issues mentioned in this article, it would be in your best interest to fix them. The longer you hold off on fixing these issues, the longer you will continue to ask yourself: "My YouTube views are not increasing- what am I doing wrong?"

Increase your upload frequency, select better video topics, improve your video SEO and thumbnails, and you will be in a much better position to get more views on your videos. Again, you might not suffer from all 4 of these issues- these are just the 4 issues that are most commonly discovered upon reviewing channels struggling to get views.

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