What Type of YouTube Videos Make the Most Money?

Oct 21, 2020


There are a lot of different types of videos people create on YouTube. But what type of YouTube videos make the most money? Do vlogs make the most money, or do how-to videos make the most money? Also, does the niche you are in effect the amount of money your videos can earn, regardless of the types of videos you create?

The types of videos that make the most money on YouTube are reviews, how-to's, and informational videos in high CPM niches. The subject matter of a video is key, as certain video topics pay more than others. Other types of videos can result in good earnings as well depending on the niche, but these 3 types of videos perform well across the board.

One of the big appeals of YouTube is being able to make money by posting videos. It's important to recognize, however, that certain niches and types of videos will result in higher or lower earnings. Picking the wrong niche and making the wrong type of video can result in a low CPM, leading to low earnings.

Types of Videos to Make Money on YouTube


There are many different types of videos to make money on YouTube. However, 3 types of videos stand out as the best options for content creators looking to earn the most money. You can make money with every type of video on YouTube if your videos are monetized, but certain types of videos will result in an increase or decrease in earnings.

The 3 types of videos that you should create to make the most amount of money on YouTube are:

  • Review videos
  • How-to videos
  • Informational videos

Let's break down each of these video types in more detail.

Review Videos

Review videos typically consist of a product or service being reviewed. Along with delivering a high CPM, these videos can also work very well if affiliate links or referral links are brought into the picture. Combining a high CPM with an affiliate-focused video can lead to the potential of earning a significant amount of money.

Of course, not just any review videos will do. Meaning, you will need to be in a high CPM niche to earn a significant amount of AdSense revenue. A particular niche that does well with review videos where an affiliate product is involved in combination with AdSense is the web design niche.

How-to Videos

Depending on the niche, how-to videos can lead to high AdSense earnings. Many how-to videos involve a particular skill or product. Due to this, companies tend to increase their ad-spend for how-to keywords, as they know that the viewers of how-to videos are likely to be interested in their product or service.

For example, a channel that makes how-to videos in the finance niche about stock trading is likely to have a very high CPM. As you might imagine, a customer in this niche (and many others) can be worth a lot of money. So, these companies can afford to spend more money on advertising, leading to more money for the content creator.

Informational Videos

Informational videos are similar to how-to videos, but they tend not to show viewers how to do something. Rather, these videos are made to inform viewers about a particular topic or event. Certain informational videos touch on topics that are in high CPM niches, leading to high AdSense earnings.

A channel that makes videos about insurance, for example, would be able to make a lot of informational videos. These videos could revolve around topics that many people would find useful if they were looking for car insurance. Since car insurance is a high ticket item, insurance companies will be likely to spend lots of money on advertising.

Highest CPM Niches on YouTube


By this point, you probably understand the importance of niche selection when it comes to making money on YouTube through AdSense (and other monetization methods). If it is your goal to make as much money as possible, then it is in your best interest to create videos in specific niches. Remember, selecting the wrong niche could lead to low earnings.

Here are some of the highest CPM niches on YouTube:

  • Real Estate
  • Stock Trading
  • Web Design

You'll notice that gaming and vlogging are not present on this list. While these are 2 of the most popular niches on YouTube, these niches tend to have a low CPM. The reason for this mostly comes down to the audiences that watch these types of videos. Viewers of gaming and vlogging videos tend to be younger, and younger people have less money to spend.

Most niches that deal with high ticket products tend to have a high CPM. As you might guess, this is because a customer is worth more to companies in these niches. Since this is the case, companies can spend more money on advertising, as they can generate a positive return on their investment through fewer sales.

Keep in mind that you should pick a niche you are knowledgeable about. If you've never done any stock trading before, it would be in your best interest not to make stock trading videos. Remember, you can only monetize your videos with AdSense if you reach the requirements set by YouTube, and you can only reach these requirements by making good videos.


One of the most appealing things about YouTube is the ability to earn money by creating videos. A lot of money can be made on YouTube if the right types of videos are created in the right niches. What type of YouTube videos make the most money? Videos that cover the right topics in high CPM niches.

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