How Do YouTubers Receive Their Money?

Oct 27, 2020


Many content creators make money on YouTube by having AdSense ads displayed on their videos. Google places ads before monetized channels, and they pay based on the number of monetized views a video receives. But how do YouTubers receive their money? Is it delivered in the form of a cheque or some other way?

YouTubers receive their money from YouTube once they reach the payment threshold set by Google AdSense. Typically, earnings are delivered to creators in the form of a cheque or a wire transfer. Depending on your country, however, different payment options might be available to you.

Sometimes, meeting the threshold to be able to monetize your YouTube videos can take a long time. Due to this, getting your first cheque or wire transfer from YouTube is an awesome feeling. However, before you can receive any money from YouTube, you will need to meet the threshold set by Google AdSense.

How Does YouTube Give Money to YouTubers


How does YouTube give money to YouTubers? Well, as I mentioned above, YouTube pays creators based on how many monetized views their videos received in a given time period- typically 30 days. In the past, content creators could monetize their videos with AdSense immediately. Nowadays, however, channels must meet monetization requirements.

Monetized views from different countries result in a different amount of money being earned. Along with this, certain types of videos make more money than other types of videos based on their CPM. So, while earning money through Google AdSense is simple on the surface, different factors contribute to the amount of money that is made.

Once a creator's channel is monetized and meets the payment threshold set by Google AdSense, they will receive their money based on their selected payment method. Most creators tend to get paid by a cheque or a wire transfer. However, as I mentioned above, different payment options are available in different countries.

If a channel is partner with a multi-channel network (MCN), they usually have the ability to get paid via PayPal and other payment services. So, for certain individuals, partnering with an MCN can be the ideal option depending on their circumstances. YouTube, unfortunately, does not offer these payment options.

What Is the Payment Threshold for YouTube


You might be wondering- what is the payment threshold for YouTube? After all, becoming a member of the YouTube Partner Program and being able to monetize your videos takes a long time. How much longer might you have to wait until you receive money for the monetized views your videos get?

The minimum payment threshold for YouTube, which is set by Google AdSense, is $100. Meaning, you will not receive any money until you have earned a minimum of $100. Due to this threshold, Just because your channel gets monetized, it doesn't mean you'll get paid right away.

Once you reach the $100 payment threshold, you will be able to request your payment from the Google AdSense dashboard. With this said, you will not always need to request your payment. Typically, your payment will be sent to you automatically on the next payment date, which is usually at the end of the month.

You shouldn't be too worried about the $100 payment threshold. The fact of the matter is, if your channel is monetized, chances are you will be getting enough views to be able to reach the threshold quite quickly. This is one of the reasons YouTube set the requirements they did for the YouTube Partner Program- so you wouldn't only earn $4 a month.

Are YouTubers Paid Monthly


Now that you know how YouTube pays YouTubers and the minimum payment threshold for getting paid, you might be wondering- are YouTubers paid monthly? After all, having to wait for months on end to get paid would be disheartening as a content creator who publishes lots of content.

Usually, YouTubers are paid every month. With this said, however, they are only paid if they've reached the minimum threshold of $100 in earnings. If a channel has not earned a minimum of $100 within the past month, then it will not be paid once the end of the month comes around.

In the past, it wasn't rare for content creators to be paid every 3 to 6 months. Usually, this happened when a channel was paid by a multi-channel network (MCN). Nowadays, of course, this isn't done. The expectation on the part of creators is that they are paid every month once meeting the AdSense payment threshold.

YouTube does a good job at making sure payments to partners are sent out on time and received quickly. Of course, there are issues that pop up sometimes that cause payments to be delayed. For the most part, however, these issues aren't YouTube's fault- they're the YouTuber's fault.

Does YouTube Ever Not Pay Someone

Have you ever wondered- are there ever any cases where YouTube doesn't pay someone? As in, a YouTuber is set to earn a certain amount of money for a month, and YouTube never sends them their money? After all, this sometimes happens in other jobs, so the potential must exist for this to happen on YouTube, right?

YouTube never withholds funds from content creators. A circumstance where funds might be withheld would be if there were suspected security or payment issues present. When YouTubers become part of the YouTube Partner Program, they sign an agreement that states that they are entitled to the money they earn.

The only reason why a YouTuber wouldn't be paid would be if their YouTube channel got banned before their payment date. For example, if payments are sent to partners on the 30th of the month, but a channel gets banned on the 25th, there is a chance that the money earned before the ban will be withheld.

It is incredibly uncommon for a YouTuber not to be paid by YouTube. 99% of the time, partners will have no issues receiving their money from YouTube. To be sure, it can be a good idea for partnered content creators to review their billing information before every payment date to ensure there are no issues present.


One of the advantages of creating content on YouTube is being able to make money through Google AdSense. Once a channel is a member of the YouTube Partner Program, it will earn money based on the number of monetized views its videos receive. But how do YouTubers receive their money? Typically in the form of a cheque or wire transfer after earning $100.

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