What Are View Bots on YouTube?

Nov 19, 2020


Content creators do many different things to increase their view count on YouTube. Sometimes, they even do things that are against the YouTube Terms of Service. An example of this would be using a view bot. But what are view bots on YouTube? Do they work and are they safe to use?

YouTube view bots are essentially different software programs and applications designed to deliver views to YouTube videos. Bot accounts are used to watch the videos, and different IP addresses are used for each bot account to make them look legitimate. A view bot program or application automates the process of watching videos using the bot accounts.

Over the years, many content creators have attempted to use view bots. In the vast majority of cases, however, using a view bot will result in a channel getting banned. Since this is the case, many former view bot users have gotten their channels banned. Is this because YouTube detected the bots? Or, was this due to negligence by the creators themselves?

What Is a View Bot on YouTube


What is a view bot on YouTube? Well, as I mentioned above, a view bot is essentially a software program or application designed to send traffic to YouTube videos. Bot accounts are placed on different IP addresses and used by the view bot to watch videos. This way, the process looks more legitimate.

Many people get view bots and bot accounts confused. Bot accounts are used by view bots to view videos. Accounts used for botting are referred to as bot accounts because they are created with the sole purpose of viewing videos. When someone refers to a view bot, they are referring to a software program or application.

There are some programs and applications that exist that are easy to use, but most are quite complex. Often, when a program or application is easy to use, it is easy for YouTube to detect. This, of course, is not a good thing, as using a view bot is against the YouTube Terms of Service.

View bots have been around on YouTube for a long time now. For as long as the platform has existed, there have been people trying to inflate their view counts with bots. Some people have claimed that they have been able to create and use a view bot effectively, but in 99% of cases, using a view bot fails.

Do YouTube View Bots Work


You might be wondering- do YouTube view bots work? As I said above, many people have claimed over the years that they have been able to create and use view bots effectively. However, in most cases, this turns out not to be true. Sure, some people have been able to use view bots for a short time- but never for a long time.

YouTube actively monitors suspicious activity. Meaning, when a video unnaturally gains views, red flags are raised. When this happens, YouTube will typically evaluate the accounts and IP addresses used to view the video, along with the way the video was discovered.

Usually, most view bots that are promoted online turn out to be fake and result in accounts getting hacked. It is never safe to input your username and password into an anonymous program or application. But, when promised millions of views, many content creators are quick to give up their log in information.

Of course, it is important to acknowledge that some creators do manage to create a working view bot. The thing is, these software programs and applications are never revealed publicly. Since this is the case, it's safe to assume that in 99% of cases, any view bots that do work end up being patched by YouTube quickly.

Can YouTube Detect Bot Views


Can YouTube detect bot views? Put simply, yes, YouTube can detect bot views. In fact, YouTube has put a lot of their resources into building systems designed to combat fake views and view bots. For this reason, finding a working and legitimate view bot is almost impossible to do.

Real viewers discover videos in certain ways. Maybe they click on videos on their homepage or they find them in the search results. Whatever the case may be, it's quite obvious when a view is coming from a bot account. Bot accounts often watch videos after inputting the direct URL into the address bar, and they tend to use poor quality IP addresses.

It's important to remember that people have been trying to artificially inflate their view counts on YouTube for over a decade now. Due to this, plenty of data is available for YouTube to evaluate that can help detect bot views on videos. Ultimately, this is how YouTube detects bots- by monitoring the behavior of accounts and using data.

If you want your YouTube account to be 100% safe, then you must not attempt to use a view bot for your videos. Using a view bot to artificially inflate view counts is against the YouTube Terms of Service and will result in your account getting banned. Don't be fooled- using a view bot is not safe, no matter what the creator of the software or application promises.


It is no secret that getting views on YouTube can be difficult. While this is the case, however, the desire to get views mustn't lead you to use a view bot. A view bot will cause your account to get banned. Sure, it might work for a little while, but eventually, YouTube will catch you breaking their Terms of Service.

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