Should You Delete Old YouTube Videos?

Nov 23, 2020


Have you ever wondered- should you delete old YouTube videos? After all, many content creators evolve as time goes on and create different types of videos. Wouldn't it be better if only the new videos were the only videos available to be viewed? Or, is it a good idea to simply leave old YouTube videos and not delete them?

You should delete old YouTube videos if they do not have a large number of views and do not relate to the content you currently create. It is never a good idea to delete old videos when they are getting views daily, as this can have an impact on the growth of your YouTube channel.

If you look at different large channels, you'll notice that some channels have removed their old videos and some have not. Depending on the types of videos you create, not removing your old videos can help show your evolution to your viewers. On the flip-side, sometimes it's best to delete old videos so your viewers cannot view them.

Should I Delete Old YouTube Videos


Have you ever asked yourself: " Should I delete old YouTube videos?" If so, you aren't alone. Many content creators on YouTube wonder whether or not they should delete old videos from their channel or keep them public. The answer to this question, however, depends on the scenario.

When a content creator drastically changes the types of videos they create, removing old videos can be a good idea. It is important to note, however, that videos should not be removed if they are getting views daily. Doing this can affect the growth rate of a YouTube channel.

For content creators who create lifestyle vlogs, for example, it might be a good idea to keep old videos publicly available for viewing. You see, this can help viewers see the transformation of both the content creator as a creator and also a person. This can help creators build a stronger relationship with their viewers.

At the end of the day, whether you delete your old videos or not is up to you. Sometimes, deleting old videos is necessary if they are low-quality and drastically different from the videos currently being created. With this said, there are some circumstances when keeping old videos can also be beneficial.

If You Delete a YouTube Video Do You Lose the Views


You might be wondering- if you delete a YouTube video do you lose the views it has? Put simply, yes, you will lose the views a video had it you delete it. Along with this, you will also lose the watch time minutes that the video had. Due to this, you must choose the videos you delete from your channel carefully.

It is recommended that you do not delete old videos with high view counts or videos that are getting consistent views daily. By deleting these videos, you will directly affect the growth rate of your channel, which could harm your other videos. It is best to only delete videos that are old and have a low view count.

For example, it is not rare for the top-performing videos on a channel to be old. Most of the time, these videos gain new views daily. By deleting these videos, all of the views they accumulated over time will disappear along with the potential future views. Obviously, this will have a large impact on the future performance of the channel.

With all this said, there might be some instances where you must remove old videos with a high view count. Maybe they are drastically different than your new videos or they are extremely low-quality. Whatever the case may be, just be aware of the consequences of removing videos from your channel.

Is It Bad to Delete YouTube Videos


At this point, you might be wondering- is it bad to delete YouTube videos? Aside from losing views, watch time, etc. when a video is deleted, are there any other downsides you should be aware of? Or, can you delete YouTube videos and not worry about any additional downsides aside from those we've already established?

Videos should be deleted on a video-by-video basis. Meaning, there is no harm in deleting a video that has a low view count and is not actively receiving views. Deleting a video with a significant amount of views, however, is not a good idea, as this will result in a large loss in views for the channel at hand.

It is not unusual for content creators to delete videos from their channels. Many content creators start their channels when they are young or when they have low-quality equipment available to them. So, deleting the old videos can help clean up the appearance of their YouTube channels.

Whatever you do, just ensure that you do not delete videos that are actively receiving views or have accumulated a large number of views. Doing so can slow your channel growth, leading to difficulties in the future. Remove "dead" videos and videos that are old but have a low number of views.


Over time, most content creators on YouTube will create different types of videos. Often, the videos that are created 1 year after starting a channel are different than the videos created initially. But should you delete old YouTube videos? The answer to this question depends on your situation and the videos in question.

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