How Many YouTube Views Per Day Is Good?

Nov 18, 2020


Many YouTube channels receive a large number of views every single day. But have you ever wondered- how many YouTube views per day is good? Is 100 views a day good? Maybe 1,000? Also, is there a definitive number of views that a channel must get each day to be considered successful?

There is no specific number of YouTube views that a channel must get per day to be considered successful. In certain niches, if a channel gets 100 views a day it is considered successful. When it comes to other niches, however, a channel getting 100 views a day is almost irrelevant.

As a content creator, one of your goals should be to get as many views per day as possible. Your goal should not be to get 100 or 1,000 views a day- your goal should be to get as many as possible. There is no specific number of daily views that determine the success level of a channel, as there are different definitions of success in different niches.

How Many Views Per Day Is Good on YouTube

As I touched on above, there is no number set in stone in regards to how many views per day is good on YouTube. Different niches present different levels of interest, which directly affect the number of views that can be gained each day. You can't gain 1,000 views a day if there are only 100 viewers.

Usually, content creators ask whether a certain subscriber count or view count is good because they're comparing themselves to others. They see a channel similar to theirs that gets 1,000 views a day and they say to themselves: "I'm getting 100 views a day but this person is getting 1,000- am I a failure?"

One of the goals of every content creator on YouTube should be to get as many views as possible. Setting the goal of "100 views every single day" can either be destructive or limiting. Creators should put in the work required for achieving YouTube success and viewing the gained views as a bonus.

When content creators focus too much on numbers, they often end up becoming demotivated. YouTube is a long-term game and it isn't as easy as it seems. Only focusing on numbers and comparing your channel to other channels is a recipe for disaster and failure. Follow best practices, position yourself to succeed, and see what happens.

How Can You Get More YouTube Views Per Day

At this point, you might be wondering- how can you get more YouTube views per day? Well, you'll be happy to know that getting more views per day is possible and it isn't too difficult to do. By making a few simple changes to the way you approach YouTube, you can set yourself up to get your videos viewed more often daily.

To get more views per day on YouTube, you must:

  • Prioritize YouTube SEO
  • Design high-quality video thumbnails
  • Publish new videos consistently

Let's dive a bit deeper into each of these things.

Prioritize YouTube SEO

If you want your videos to get more views daily, you'll need to put them in the position to be able to do so. This can be done by properly optimizing the metadata of your videos in a search-friendly manner. Using long tail keywords and including them in your video metadata will lead to more organic views on your videos daily.

You see, when you optimize your videos following YouTube SEO best practices, they become more discoverable. This means that more potential viewers can discover your videos daily while searching for different topics, leading to more views. When YouTube SEO isn't prioritized, however, this doesn't happen.

Design High-Quality Video Thumbnails

Prioritizing YouTube SEO and getting your videos put in front of more potential viewers. However, you will not gain any views if the potential viewers do not click on your videos. One of the best ways to get more clicks is to entice users to do so by using high-quality video thumbnails.

Unfortunately, many content creators neglect their thumbnail designs. Often, they created rushed designs and don't take the time to create thumbnails with click-through rates in mind. Thumbnails don't exist to make videos look pretty, they exist to entice people to click on videos. No clicks, no views.

Publish New Videos Consistently

The quickest way to increase the number of views you get daily is to upload new videos more consistently. By publishing new videos more consistently, you will increase your potential to be able to gain more views per day. YouTube does value freshness to a degree, so having more fresh videos will put you in a position to achieve more success.

Publishing new videos consistently does not mean publishing new videos every single day. You do not need to daily upload to achieve success on YouTube. With this said, however, the more videos you upload, the greater potential you will have of gaining more views. You must upload new videos consistently to build a content library capable of gaining organic views.

How Important Is the Number of YouTube Views You Get Per Day

how important is the number of youtube views you get per day

Getting consistent YouTube views every single day is the ideal scenario for content creators. But is the number of views you get per day important? Do channels that get more daily views tend to grow faster and get promoted more frequently by the YouTube algorithm? Or, does the number of views you get each day not matter?

Technically, the more views you get on your videos daily, the better. Even if you get a small number of views daily, they add up. For example, 10 views each day is 3,650 views each year. 100 views each day is 36,500 views each year. Seemingly small numbers of views can compound and result in big gains over a week, month, or year.

Any content creator looking to grow an audience on YouTube should do their best to get as many views each day as possible. As I just illustrated, even a small number of daily views can add up to be a significant number of views over time. Every view counts- especially for small channels looking to grow.


How many YouTube views per day is good? Well, as I've stated, there is no concrete answer to this question. Different niches have different definitions of success. 100 daily views in one niche might be considered a success, but in another niche 100 daily views might be considered a failure.

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