How to Get Consistent Views on YouTube

Oct 6, 2020


Learning how to get consistent views on YouTube is important for achieving success. The more views you can get consistently, the faster your channel will grow. The thing is, getting views consistently can be a difficult task. However, some things can be done that can help with this.

Getting consistent views on YouTube is difficult for many content creators. However, some things can be done to make the process easier. Developing a good upload schedule, promoting videos on social channels, and combining these things with best practices will lead to more consistent YouTube views.

Consistency is rewarded by YouTube. Knowing this, it should be in your best interest to be as consistent as possible. As you might imagine, consistent video releases lead to consistent views. So, finding out how you can publish more videos and how you can get your videos noticed by people more consistently should be priorities for you.

Good YouTube Upload Schedule


Developing a good YouTube upload schedule should be one of your priorities if you're trying to get more consistent views. When you upload on a set schedule, you help your audience become more aware of when you publish videos. Along with this, sticking to a schedule will help you become a more efficient content creator, making it easier for you to create videos.

Of course, there are examples of some content creators that don't have an upload schedule who are successful. However, it's important to recognize that every creator is different. So, what works for a creator might not work for another creator. However, a large percentage of creators benefit from having an upload schedule, so this fact should not be ignored.

What Is a Good YouTube Upload Schedule


As I mentioned above, having an upload schedule is beneficial for many reasons. But what is a good YouTube upload schedule? After all, there's no point in developing a bad upload schedule, right? The goal is to get consistent views, so having a good schedule set for uploads is important.

A good YouTube upload schedule should be:

  • Catered to the target audience
  • Consistent with your goals

Let's dive deeper into both of these features of a good upload schedule.


Schedules are made to be kept. Knowing this, the schedule you create for your channel needs to be easy for you to stick to. Remember, YouTube is a long-term game. So, sticking to an upload schedule for a month isn't going to cut it. You need to be able to stick to your set schedule for a long time.

A great way to ensure that your schedule is easy for you to follow is to track how much time it takes for you to create a video. Track how long it takes to record, edit, optimize, and upload a video. For example, if a video takes 5 hours to complete, but you only have 5 hours of free time a week, you'll only be able to create 1 video each week.

Catered to the Target Audience

Every audience is different. Some audiences view videos primarily on weekends in the morning, whereas some audiences view videos primarily on weekdays in the evening. Knowing when your audience tends to view videos is important, as this information should be used when creating your upload schedule.

Of course, as I mentioned above, your upload schedule needs to be easy for you to follow. However, your audience also needs to be taken into account. So, ideally, you should find a way to create a schedule that is easy for you to stick to while also being a good match for your target audience.

Consistent With Your Goals

There are many different reasons why someone might decide to start a YouTube channel. Maybe they want their art to get seen, or maybe they want to generate organic leads for their business. Whatever the case may be, it's important to recognize that the goals of different types of channels will probably be different.

Your YouTube upload schedule needs to be consistent with your goals. If you want to grow as large of an audience as possible, then upload frequency should be prioritized. However, if your objective is to reach a small group of people who fit into your ideal target audience, then video quality and value should be prioritized.

Different types of videos take different amounts of time to make. So, again, if your objective is strictly audience growth, then your videos might not take as long to make as someone trying to reach a particular audience for lead generation purposes. Keep this in mind when creating your upload schedule- it needs to be created with your goals in mind.

Promote Your YouTube Videos on Other Social Channels


Off-site promotion can be a great way to get increased exposure for your videos. Knowing this, it would be a good idea for you to promote your YouTube videos on other social channels. Of course, social media promotion shouldn't take priority over YouTube best practices, so make sure you do both at the same time.

For many content creators, promoting their videos on social media seems to be ineffective. Meaning, they don't seem to get many views from their promotional efforts. However, in most cases, content creators benefit from promoting their videos on social media more than they think.

Think of it this way: 1 view each day from Twitter is 30 views a month on average. 2 views each day from Twitter is 60 views a month on average. Everything compounds on-top of each other. So, while looking at a daily snapshot might make it seem like promoting videos on social media isn't worth it, a monthly snapshot shows a different picture.

Ideally, you should promote your videos on a social media platform and a forum. So, Twitter and Reddit, or Instagram and a forum, for example. This way, you're able to get views from your efforts faster. As I said, everything compounds on-top of each other. 5 views a day is 150 views a month added on top of the views you gain organically on YouTube.


Getting views consistently on YouTube can be a difficult task. However, by developing a good upload schedule and promoting your videos on social media and forums, you can help make the process easier. Now that you know how to get consistent views on YouTube, you should be able to build a solid base of daily views that will help your channel grow.

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