Creating a YouTube Channel as a Business

Sep 16, 2020


Creating a YouTube channel as a business can be an overwhelming process. With all of the different features available on YouTube, how can you know if you're focusing on the right things? Believe it or not, many business owners over-complicate the process of creating a channel on YouTube for their business. This article will help you do the opposite.

When you create a channel on YouTube for your business, you should focus on a few things. The visual aspects of YouTube such as channel and video branding are important. Along with this, however, you should also pay attention to what your target audience desires. After all, you can only achieve success by serving your target audience.

As you'll learn in this article, creating a YouTube channel for a business isn't much different than creating a non-business channel. However, there are certain things that you need to pay attention to more than a non-business channel. After all, if you're using YouTube for business marketing, you are approaching YouTube from a different angle than normal users.

Adapting to Your Target Audience


People come to me and ask me about starting a channel for their business on a fairly regular basis. Whenever this happens, I always stress to them the importance of serving the target audience at hand. If you're trying to generate leads for your business, it's in your best interest to create content that resonates strongly with your target audience.

Part of serving your target audience is creating content. When you create content, it should be made for your target audience. If your target audience is new Dads between the ages of 25 and 35, this should be focused on when creating videos. The more tailored your content is to your target audience, the better your target audience will respond to your content.

A lot of people forget that YouTube marketing is still marketing. One of the goals of marketing is to create a message that best resonates with the target audience at hand. With YouTube marketing, especially for businesses, this should be a focus as well. Getting 1 million views from non-targeted viewers won't do your business much good, will it?

When you decide to create videos for your business, be prepared to start adapting to your target audience. Members of your target audience on YouTube might respond differently to content than your target audience off of YouTube. Just because your blog posts were positively received, it doesn't mean your videos will be too- which is why you need to adapt.

Your Channel Branding Should Be Consistent


Typically, I don't stress the visual aspects of YouTube very much. However, when it comes to using YouTube for business, I approach things differently. With a business channel, your channel branding should be consistent with your overall brand. You want your channel to be recognizable, and the easiest way to do this is to use consistent branding elements.

On your YouTube banner, for example, your brand logo and brand colors should be present. Remember, one of the reasons you're on YouTube is to grow your brand's presence. So, making it easier to recognize your brand is in your best interest. Don't create new branding elements just for YouTube.

Here are the graphic elements which should be customized using your branding elements:

  • YouTube profile image
  • YouTube channel banner
  • YouTube thumbnails

Along with these visual elements, you should also begin to utilize the power of audio branding. Television shows use recognizable music, so why shouldn't you? The easier people can recognize your video content, the better it will be for your business. Start by using consistent sound effects, music, and voice actors.

Action Steps


To make creating a channel on YouTube for your business an easier process, I decided to create a list of action steps for you. Focus on the things I mention and you will see the benefits of marketing your business on YouTube in no time. Remember, perfection isn't required, and the sooner you start the better off your business will be.

Define Your Target Audience

As I mentioned earlier, you need to get specific on who your target audience is. Remember, while your audience on your website might have responded positively to your blog content, you might need to switch some things up when creating video content. The members of your target audience on YouTube might be different than those who read written content.

Create Your Branding Elements

Now that you know the importance of having consistent branding elements, it's time for you to create the elements. Narrow-in on your brand colors, and use these colors in combination with your logo to create a channel banner, profile picture, lower-thirds, and a thumbnail template.

Establish Your Format

Running a business takes up a lot of time. So, establishing a video format can speed up the video creation process. When you know how your videos will be structured, you will have an easier time creating content. Along with this, establishing a format based on your target audience can help you provide more valuable content to your target audience.


The process of creating a YouTube channel as a business often ends up being overwhelming. By following the advice given in this article, you will have a much easier time creating your business YouTube channel. Remember, the goal is not perfection, and there will be growing pains. Try keeping things simple to make the process easier.

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