Can You Really Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Sep 15, 2020


If you've done any research into how to get more subscribers on YouTube, you've probably come across the subject of buying subscribers. Can you really buy YouTube subscribers? Technically, you can. But, before you take out your wallet and destroy your channel, I recommend reading this article.

While you can buy YouTube subscribers, many services which people purchase subscribers from are not worth the money. You see, many people purchase subscribers from 3rd-party websites. The problem is, all of these websites sell fake subscribers. The only way real subscribers can be purchased on YouTube is through running AdWords ads.

Buying subscribers for your YouTube channel can increase your subscriber count. However, it might not be in your best interest to do so. 3rd-party websites sell fake subscribers, and AdWords ads can become quite costly. If, however, you want to buy subscribers, I recommend reading this article and informing yourself on the subject.

Is It Against YouTube Policy to Buy Subscribers


First and foremost, we need to answer the question: Is it against YouTube policy to buy subscribers? There is a pretty straight-forward answer to this question that I could give you. However, I feel as if it would be better for you to get a deeper answer to this question. With this said, a simple answer to this question can be found in the YouTube Terms of Service.

Here's the deal: It is against YouTube policy to buy subscribers. Many providers of subscribers can by-pass automatic filters by creating legitimate-looking accounts. Of course, all of these accounts are fake, but YouTube's automatic filters don't recognize the accounts as being fake. This is how people can purchase fake subscribers in the first place.

It is in your best interest to not purchase fake subscribers from 3rd-party websites. To purchase subscribers for your channel, you should use Google AdWords. You see, when you set up an AdWords campaign, you aren't technically buying YouTube subscribers- you're buying traffic.

So, my point is this: While 3rd-party platforms can bypass spam filters with their fake accounts, it doesn't mean purchasing subscribers is a good idea. The accounts always end up getting deleted by YouTube, leading to a loss of money for you. Buying traffic with AdWords, however, you will not get into any trouble.

Is It Good to Buy YouTube Subscribers


While the option of buying YouTube subscribers does exist, is it good to buy YouTube subscribers? After all, if you're going to be spending money, it should at least be money well-spent, right? Many people on various forums might suggest to you to buy YouTube subscribers, but I do not.

As I mentioned above, many 3rd-party websites sell YouTube subscribers. The thing is, all of the subscribers these websites sell are fake. People purchase these subscribers to reach the 1,000 subscriber threshold required to monetize videos with Google AdSense. In most cases, however, the purchased subscribers are removed by YouTube.

Anyone considering buying subscribers to reach the 1,000 subscriber threshold should not do so. AdSense income for small channels amounts to essentially nothing at the end of each month. To make any significant amount of money from AdSense, you'll need to get a lot of views on your videos.

Put simply, buying subscribers for your YouTube channel isn't a good idea. All of the subscribers you purchase from a 3rd-party website will be fake and will be removed. Also, to gain subscribers through an AdWords campaign, you will need to spend a lot of money. Overall, you're much better off taking the organic route to gain subscribers.

What Happens If You Buy Subscribers on YouTube


You're probably wondering, what happens if you buy subscribers on YouTube? Will your account get banned? Or, will nothing happen? For the sake of transparency, I will answer this question for you. Keep in mind, I recommend you do not purchase subscribers. Just because some people can bypass filters, it doesn't mean you should.

If you are caught buying subscribers, oftentimes your account will get banned. However, YouTube doesn't typically take this route. Usually, YouTube will simply ban the fake accounts which are used to subscribe to your channel. So, all of the subscribers you purchase from a 3rd-party website will end up getting removed from your channel.

When using a Google AdWords advertising campaign to gain subscribers, however, nothing will happen. You see, with an AdWords campaign, you are purchasing traffic from real users. Then, it is up to the real users if they subscribe to your YouTube channel or not. So, YouTube will have no issue with this.

Honestly and truthfully, it's best not to play with fire when it comes to YouTube. As I said, just because some people can get away with breaking the Terms of Service, it doesn't mean you should. At the end of the day, you'd be pretty disappointed if you ended up achieving success on YouTube and your channel got banned because of something you knowingly did.

How Do You Buy YouTube Subscribers


At this point, you might be wondering- how do you buy YouTube subscribers? Can they be bought from YouTube, or can they only be bought through 3rd-party websites? Well, as I mentioned above, subscribers can be bought from both of these sources. One of these sources, however, is better than the other.

You must never buy YouTube subscribers from a 3rd-party source. Websites that sell "real" subscribers must be avoided, as these websites use bot accounts to subscribe to your channel. Subscribers must only be purchased through Google Ads, as this is the only safe and legitimate option.

When you purchase subscribers through Google Ads, you don't directly purchase subscribers- you purchase views. People will subscribe to your channel if they respond positively to your video advertisement or promoted video. Subscribers are not guaranteed, so be aware of this if you decide to spend money on Google Ads.


So, you now know the answer to the question: Can you really buy YouTube subscribers? While many websites claim to sell real subscribers, these websites should be avoided. If you have money to spend and are looking to increase your subscriber count, the only thing you should consider is setting up an AdWords campaign.

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