Where Can I Share My YouTube Videos to Get More Views?

Jan 8, 2021


I speak a lot about the importance of off-site promotion when it comes to growing an audience on YouTube. Since this is the case, I'm often asked the question: "Where can I share my YouTube videos to get more views?" by content creators. While there are plenty of places to share videos, some are better than others.

You can share your YouTube videos on a variety of different platforms to get more views. Platforms commonly used to share videos include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and forums. Depending on the type of videos you create or the niche you are in, a certain platform might be more ideal than others.

One of the best ways to get more views is to share videos off of YouTube. Sharing your videos can help you speed up the growth of your channel drastically. It is important, however, that you select the correct platform and share your videos properly. Certain platforms are better for promoting videos than others, and different audiences are more receptive than others.

Where to Share YouTube Videos to Get More Views


Over the years, many content creators have grown massive channels with the help of various platforms. Some channels get a video featured on a popular subreddit, and others get a video shared by someone with a large following on Twitter. No matter what your goals are, you should attempt to share your videos on different platforms if you wish to grow a channel.

Here's where to share YouTube videos to get more views:

Let's discuss each of these platforms in more detail.


Twitter is a platform that is used by many YouTube content creators. Not many platforms offer the level of engagement that Twitter offers. With the ability to send out quick tweets and respond to comments, Twitter makes it possible to build relationships with people and promote videos effectively.

The biggest issue when it comes to Twitter is how "loud" the platform is. Some users publish over 10 tweets per. day, which is a lot. So, if you decide to use Twitter as one of your promotional platforms, you will need to be prepared to publish a significant number of posts for people to see.


Facebook is a platform that has declined in use over the years. Nowadays, very few content creators share their videos on Facebook due to poor organic growth options. However, sharing videos on Facebook profiles (not pages) can still be an effective way to attract attention to videos.

Any content creator looking to promote their videos on Facebook should promote their videos on their profile. Unfortunately, Facebook pages offer very little organic reach, making it nearly impossible to get posts seen. Profiles, on the other hand, still offer a level of organic reach that can make sharing videos effective.


Instagram is a highly-visual platform, which makes it a highly-used platform by YouTube content creators. You see, YouTube is also a highly-visual platform, which often helps make the process of creating content easier for content creators. Along with this, Instagram offers a high level of organic growth opportunities through the use of hashtags, the explore page, etc.

Something that can be an issue when it comes to Instagram is the fact that it is a platform used primarily on mobile devices. Certain audiences might not be intense mobile users, which can make it difficult to reach them. Also, many people prefer to watch videos on large screens, making it difficult to get people to go from Instagram to YouTube to watch videos.


Reddit has helped produce many success stories on YouTube over the years. Videos that have been featured on popular subreddits have gained hundreds of thousands of views overnight and helped propel channels to stardom. However, with all the advantages Reddit has to offer, there are some disadvantages as well.

You see, many Reddit users do not like it when people self-promote. Many subreddits ban users that try to promote their own content too frequently. If you decide to use Reddit to promote your videos, make sure you become an active member of the various subreddits that you wish to share your videos in to avoid bans.


Nowadays, most conversations take place on social media. However, this doesn't mean that there aren't a large number of active forums that exist online. Many forums still attract thousands of visitors and offer content promotion opportunities. Like with Reddit, however, forums are typically strict when it comes to self-promotion.

You must become an active member of any forums that you wish to share your videos on. Along with this, you must ensure that you only share your videos when applicable and valuable. Simply posting a link to one of your videos and disappearing from the forum will not lead to a large number of gained views.

How to Share YouTube Videos to Get More Views


Knowing how to share YouTube videos to get more views is important for content creators looking to grow an audience. Failing to share videos properly will result in few views gained. Many content creators believe they promote their videos effectively, but they don't. Time is valuable, so it's in your best interest to make sure your promotion efforts are effective.

When most content creators share their YouTube videos, they do not think about the people they are sharing their videos with. Typically, they just share their video URLs and disappear. This is not a good way to share videos, as this provides no value to other people, which is what your goal should be.

Instead of sharing a link to one of your videos on Reddit and disappearing, for example, become a member of the community. Engage with other users, respond to comments, etc. Doing these things will help you become more liked, which will result in better results when promoting your videos.

It is recommended that you promote your videos at a 1:10 ratio. Meaning, if you promote one of your videos, the following 9 posts you publish should be non-promotional. Nobody likes it when people only self-promote their content. So, whether you're sharing your videos on Twitter or Reddit, make sure not every post you publish is promotional.


There are many platforms online that offer video promotion opportunities for YouTube content creators. If you've ever asked yourself: "Where can I share my YouTube videos to get more views?" then you should now have some options available to you worth trying. Try sharing your videos on some different platforms and see which platform works best.

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