3 Tips for Starting a New YouTube Channel

Mar 22, 2020


Getting started on YouTube can be an intimidating process. Setting up a channel, recording videos, editing videos, etc. There really are quite a few things to worry about! Due to this, many people shy away from starting. To make the process easier, follow these 3 tips for starting a new YouTube channel.

Batch Record

One of the biggest struggles people have when starting a new YouTube channel is being able to create new videos on a consistent basis. Many people tend to upload 3-4 videos and then their upload frequency decreases. But why is this? Well, many people claim that they are "too busy" to upload more videos- even after only uploading a few of them! So, how can this issue be solved? Well, one of the easiest ways to upload new videos on a consistent (and frequent) basis is to batch record.

Batch recording is an extremely powerful process for people with a new YouTube channel looking to give YouTube an honest shot. Along with this, it is actually a very simple process that makes creating and uploading videos a very easy process.

How to Batch Record

Batch recording is an easy process. Essentially, when you batch record, you create a backlog of videos. In other words, instead of sitting down and recording a video, editing the video, and uploading the video, you record 4 videos in one sitting. You then edit all 4 videos and then schedule the 4 videos.

This process might seem simple enough, but it's really amazing how many people still record, edit, and upload a single video at a time.

To really maximize the power of the strategy, you should take an entire week and research video topics. Then, take an entire week and record as many videos as you can. Following this, edit all of the videos you recorded. Finally, render and schedule all the videos you created during the weeks prior. Yes, this might seem like a long time, but imagine spending a month creating videos and then not having to record a single video for a month or two afterward!

This is one of the most valuable tips for starting a new YouTube channel that can be given (in my opinion). Personally, I've been able to create 6 months' worth of videos in just 1 month of batch recording. Seriously- give it a try!

Set Achievable Goals

A mistake many people make when getting started on YouTube is having unrealistic goals and expectations. Many people still believe that they can become an overnight success. Want to know the truth about overnight successes? They don't exist! Even YouTube channels that seemingly blow-up out of nowhere have 100+ videos on their channel before getting any recognition.

How to Set Achievable Goals for YouTube

So, how should you set goals when you first start creating videos? Well, the answer to this is quite simple- ignore the numbers. What I mean by this is, don't create goals like "I want to have 1000 subscribers in 3 months." Create goals like "I want to upload 1 new video every single week for 12 weeks straight."

The reason why you should set goals like this is due to the fact that these are things that you can control. You cannot technically control the number of subscribers you will gain. You cannot technically control how many views you will get. What you can control, however, is the things that no algorithms or other people can impact, like your upload frequency, consistency, and work ethic.

Setting achievable goals like this is more important than any video SEO techniques, or video thumbnail designs (in my opinion). You can have the best video SEO in the world or the best thumbnails in the world, but if you get burnt-out by setting bad goals, you'll be in big trouble. In fact, this is one of the big mistakes I made early on in my YouTube career, and it cost me dearly. So, make sure you don't make the same mistake I made, and set goals that you can achieve and have control over!

Just Get Started

At the end of the day, there is only so much planning and strategizing that can be done. If you want to achieve success on YouTube, you'll need to actually start posting videos to do so. Yes, planning and strategizing is very important, but it's equally as important to get started. If you want to grow your audience or get leads for your business, etc, then you'll need to pull the trigger- plain and simple.

To make getting started easier, just remember- everybody starts at the bottom. All of the YouTube channels with 1 million subscribers started at 0. Every business having success with leveraging YouTube as a marketing platform started from 0. Nobody creates "perfect" videos (if there really are such a thing) at the start, and nobody gets handed 1 million subscribers after uploading 1 video. The sooner you start creating, the sooner you'll learn how you should and shouldn't create YouTube videos. So, just get started so you can learn and improve!

Implementing These 3 Tips for Starting a New YouTube Channel

You now have access to what I feel are some of the most powerful tips for starting a new YouTube channel publicly available. Make sure you take these tips and use them- I know they'll make things a lot easier for you. Yes, these tips have nothing to do with video SEO, thumbnails, camera gear, etc, but they are extremely powerful.

When implementing these 3 tips (batch recording, goal setting, getting started) be sure to take your time. Also, do things in a thoughtful manner. Don't rush the process. In my experience with YouTube, rushing always leads to burnout.

Whether you're trying to grow an audience, or you're trying to leverage YouTube as a marketing channel for your business, these tips will certainly help make the process of starting a new channel on YouTube easier.

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