Should You Hide Your Subscribers on YouTube?

Nov 25, 2020


Many content creators have recently started hiding their subscriber count on YouTube. But you might be wondering- should you hide your subscribers on YouTube? Will hiding your subscribers provide you with any benefits? Or, should you display your subscriber count, regardless of how many subscribers you do or do not have?

You should not hide your subscribers on YouTube. There are no benefits to be gained by hiding your subscriber count from the public. Viewers do not care about how many subscribers your channel has. All that matters to viewers is whether or not your videos are enjoyable to watch.

It's understandable why so many YouTubers hide their subscribers. Online, many so-called content creators place an incredible amount of value on the number of subscribers a channel has. Funnily enough, content creators place more value on subscriber count than viewers. As I said earlier, viewers don't care how many subscribers a channel has.

Should I Hide My Subscriber Count on YouTube


One of the questions I've been asked on numerous occasions by content creators is: "Should I hide my subscriber count on YouTube?" Whenever I am asked this question, I always give the same short answer- no. There are no real benefits to be gained by hiding your subscriber count on YouTube.

For the first few years of YouTube's existence, having the ability to hide your subscriber count was not available. However, the feature was introduced in hopes that more content creators would place less importance on the number of subscribers they have. Unfortunately, the opposite result was achieved.

YouTube has made it clear that they are placing less value on the number of subscribers a channel has as time goes on. Nowadays, YouTube is more equipped to deliver videos from channels to viewers that are likely to watch them. No longer is it required for a viewer to subscribe to a channel to receive future videos from that channel.

Hopefully, as time goes on, this trend continues. Does having subscribers help for growing on YouTube? Sure- but not as much as people think. As time goes on and it is made more clear to creators that subscribers aren't as important as they think, hopefully, more focus is put on creating high-quality videos.

Why Some YouTubers Hide Their Subscribers


Have you ever wondered why some YouTubers hide their subscribers? If so, you aren't alone. This is something that many YouTube-users and content creators are curious about. Are there any benefits for content creators to gain by hiding their subscriber count? As I mentioned above, no, there aren't. But then why do so many YouTubers hide their subscriber count?

Many YouTuber hide their subscribers because they place a lot of value in their subscriber count. When their subscriber count is low, they feel like they are failing. So, by hiding their subscriber count, it makes them feel better about the growth (or lack thereof) of their channel.

Most of the time, content creators feel this way due to comparison. Meaning, many content creators compare their YouTube channel to other channels. They ask themselves questions like: "Why isn't my channel growing as fast as this channel" and they become self-conscious about their so-called lack of success.

If content creators didn't compare their channels to other channels, this problem wouldn't exist. Sadly, this is a problem that is widespread among small channels. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is to not be like these creators. You must not compare your channel and subscriber count to other channels.


Should you hide your subscribers on YouTube? No, you shouldn't. Hiding your subscribers will not provide your channel with any benefits. If you've thought about hiding your subscriber count, you should ask yourself: "Am I comparing my channel to other channels?" How you answer this question will determine if you place too much value in your subscriber count.

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