Should I Start a New YouTube Channel or Keep My Old One?

Nov 27, 2020


A question I'm often asked by creators looking to get back into YouTube is: "Should I start a new YouTube channel or keep my old one?" It's a good question, as there is very little guidance in this area. Is it better for someone to use their old channel, or is it better for someone to start a new channel?

If you have not published any new videos to your old channel for multiple months, you should start a new YouTube channel. With this said, if it has only been a month since your last upload, continuing with your current channel is a better option than starting a new YouTube channel.

Returning to YouTube after you've taken a long break can be an exciting experience. It's important to put yourself in the best position to maintain your positivity and motivation. How can this be done? One of the ways this can be done by selecting the right type of channel for your situation upon your return- a new channel or an old channel.

Should I Make a New YouTube Channel or Use Old One


If you've ever asked yourself: "Should I make a new YouTube channel or use my old one?" then you aren't alone. This is a question many content creators ask themselves upon returning to YouTube. But what should you do? Should you make a new channel or should you use your old one?

Well, there are many benefits of both starting a new channel and using an old one. Both new channels and old channels provide benefits (and disadvantages) that the other does not. The best option for you will depend on your situation. Certain content creators should start a new channel, whereas certain content creators should use an old one.

Benefits to Starting a New YouTube Channel


There are many benefits to starting a new YouTube channel when returning to YouTube. When returning to YouTube it's important to keep your motivation for as long as possible, as YouTube is a long-term game. In certain scenarios, starting a new channel can help with maintaining motivation due to the benefits that can be provided by doing so.

Benefits of starting a new YouTube channel include:

  • Psychological boosts
  • Erased mistakes

Let's discuss these benefits in more detail.

Psychological Boosts

Psychologically, fresh starts can be incredibly beneficial. Going through the process of creating a channel name, designing channel graphics, etc. can be very motivating. For some content creators, this motivation can help them jump-start their return to YouTube, leading to more success.

Erased Mistakes

Nobody is a YouTube pro when they first start their YouTube channel. Due to this, many content creators make huge mistakes on their old channels that affect their growth rate. Starting a new channel allows you to bypass these mistakes and make sure they are not made on your new channel.


Sometimes, using an old channel can cause you to feel trapped. Meaning, you feel obligated to create the same types of videos you used to make. With a new channel, however, this issue isn't present. A new channel can allow you to have more flexibility when it comes to the types of videos you create, leading to more enjoyment and overall success.

Benefits of Using Your Old YouTube Channel


While there are some great benefits to starting a new channel, there are also some great benefits to using an old channel. Many content creators rush to create a new channel when they do not have to. By starting a new channel, you lose out on the benefits that using an old channel can provide.

The benefits of using an old YouTube channel include:

  • Existing channel authority
  • Existing content library
  • Established branding

Let's talk about each of these benefits in more detail.

Existing Channel Authority

Gaining traction initially on YouTube can be difficult. By having some existing channel authority, getting more views, subscribers, etc. can become an easier process. New channels have no existing channel authority, whereas old channels do. The amount of authority the old channel has depends on how successful it was before becoming inactive.

Existing Content Library

You can only get views if you have videos published on your channel. By having an old channel with an existing content library, you can get views without having to create new videos. Along with this, old videos can be re-optimized with better keywords, which can lead to more organic views.

Established Branding

Part of owning and operating a YouTube channel is building a brand. Building a brand and getting people to recognize it can take time. With an old channel, however, you get the potential benefit of having established branding. This can help people recognize your channel online, leading to more initial views and subscribers upon your return.

Does YouTube Channel Age Matter

There is a lot of speculation as to whether or not the age of a YouTube channel matters. Some people believe channel age does matter, whereas others do not think it matters. But which side is right? Well, here's the thing- it has been proven that channel age does not matter. So, the side who thinks channel age does not matter is correct.

Older YouTube channels do not have any advantages over new channels. Old channels do not get their videos promoted more often by YouTube or grow faster. In fact, many old channels run into issues and glitches. An old channel and a new channel are viewed as the same in the eyes of YouTube. Do not worry about channel age- just create content.


Returning to YouTube after being absent for an extended time can be a motivating but also intimidating process. Selecting the right type of channel for your return can make the process easier. Whether you choose to start a new channel or use an old channel, the benefits gained will help you get off on the right foot when you start creating videos again.

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