Most Replayed YouTube Feature: What is It & What Does It Reveal?

Dec 13, 2022


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What is the Most Replayed feature on YouTube?
Where to find the Most Replayed YouTube feature?
What does the Most Replayed YouTube feature reveal?

For YouTubers to know why their content is performing the way that it is, they need to inspect their YouTube Analytics and video metrics. This will give creators the information they need to understand what their audience prefers and if they need to change the various elements of their YouTube content strategy. 

One of the most important video metrics that a YouTuber needs to investigate and monitor is the Most Replayed YouTube feature. 

In this article, you will learn what the Most Replayed feature is on YouTube, where to find this feature, and what this metric can reveal about your content. 

We will also reveal how you can use the insights obtained from this feature to your advantage when producing new content.

What is the Most Replayed feature on YouTube?

The Most Replayed feature on YouTube is a graph that highlights the parts of a video that has been replayed the most. This feature is available on all YouTube assets including the web player, Android app, and Apple app. 

most replayed youtube feature
Image source: Google

The Most Replayed YouTube feature was previously only available to Premium YouTube users but was made available to all users in May 2022.  

Where to Find the Most Replayed YouTube Feature?

Unlike all the other YouTube metrics such as average view duration, impressions, etc., the Most Replayed YouTube feature can’t be viewed in your channel’s analytics dashboard.

This is because the Most Replayed feature can be found in the YouTube video player. This means that all users viewing a video can access this information. 

To find the Most Replayed YouTube feature simply hover over the red video progress bar in the YouTube video player. 

You’ll notice a graph appearing above the video progress bar, this translucent graph shows you segments of your video with the most number of replays from viewers. 

most replayed feature in youtube player

Note: The Most Replayed YouTube feature appears on all long-form videos, even those without YouTube chapters

As you’ll notice the graph has got peaks and troughs, which serve as an indication of the most popular parts or segments of a YouTube video. The higher the graph, the more popular the video segment, and vice versa.

What does the Most Replayed YouTube Feature Reveal?

Now, you might be wondering what YouTube creators can glean from this information. 

The Most Replayed feature shows creators the parts of a YouTube video that has received the most engagement and interest from viewers. 

Creators can take this data and produce new content that is based on the most replayed sections of their existing videos in order to try to replicate the higher engagement.

Conversely, this feature also reveals the least popular parts of a video. Based on this information, creators can adjust their YouTube content strategy to avoid adding these “boring” bits of content to their videos. 

The fact that the Most Replayed YouTube feature is visible to all users might make you think that it’s a bad thing. However, we tend to disagree with that opinion. 

Since this information is publicly available, you can also spy on your competitor’s videos to find the most popular segments of their YouTube content. With these insights, you can produce a similar video that contains a segment dedicated to this specific topic or discussion point. 

For instance, let’s imagine that you’ve got a YouTube channel covering topics related to how to sell DIY crafts on Etsy. 

Find the most popular channel(s) in this niche and navigate to the Videos section of their channel. Then click on the Popular filter to view their most popular videos. 

tim koa youtube channel

Next, click on one of the top-performing videos and view the most replayed segments of the video you’ve chosen. 

Since this is the most popular segment of the best-performing video in your niche, you can’t go wrong by incorporating this segment of content into a similar video discussing the same topic. 

If you want to take things even further, you can produce an entire video dedicated to covering the most replayed segments in one of your competitor’s content. 


Although the Most Replayed YouTube feature is publicly visible to everyone on YouTube, you can still use this information to improve your YouTube content strategy. 

Whether using the data from your own videos or your competitors’ content, you should definitely try to produce videos that are related to these “most replayed” segments of content in order to replicate the higher engagement. 

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