How to Pin a Comment on YouTube in 4 Steps

Jan 27, 2023


Some creators choose to make use of pinned comments in their YouTube videos. Pinned comments can serve several purposes such as adding links or keeping your viewers updated with newer content. 

After reading this article you will know the following:

Why you should pin a comment to the top of YouTube
How to pin a comment on YouTube
Who can pin a comment on YouTube

Read on to learn how to pin a comment on Youtube and the use cases for pinned comments.

Why Pin a Comment to the Top on YouTube?

Pinned comments can be compared to pinned Tweets on Twitter and posts on Facebook; they stay at the top of the feed irrespective of the date and time they were created. 

pinned tweet

Similarly, pinned YouTube comments stay at the top of the comments section of your videos even after new comments have been added.

As noted earlier, there are several reasons or use cases for pinned YouTube comments:

To Give Any Updates to the Content of a Video

YouTubers can create videos that rank in the top spot for many years after they’ve been published. Of course, the content in these older videos might not be as relevant anymore. 

Creators can use pinned comments to give viewers updated information about the content in the video.

Furthermore, pinned comments can be used to communicate any untrue facts or information that was mentioned in the video. So instead of uploading a completely new video, creators can just use pinned comments to address the mistake.

To Place Links

In addition to adding links in a video’s description, you can also use pinned comments to add links to other pages on the web. 

links in pinned youtube comment

If you’re an affiliate and you’re promoting products or services you can add your affiliate links to pinned comments. 

Similarly, you can also add links to your own online store, blog, or even some of your other YouTube content like videos and playlists. 

Adding links to pinned comments gives you another way to get traffic from your YouTube content. 

To Ask Viewers a Question

Pinned comments can be used to ask viewers questions about a certain aspect of your video or to make YouTube polls

Interacting with your audience like this or getting their feedback can go a long way in improving the engagement you get and building a relationship with your viewers. 

You can also use the answers to questions or polls to get ideas for new content. 

question in youtube comment

Now that you know the reasons to pin a comment, we’ll discuss the steps on how to pin comments on YouTube.

Steps on How to Pin a Comment on YouTube

  • Log in to YouTube and navigate to the comments section of the relevant video.
  • Find the comment that you’d like to pin and click on the three dots icon in the right corner of the applicable comment. Alternatively, you can also write an entirely new comment and follow the same steps as outlined below.

how to pin a comment on youtube

  • Then click on the “Pin” option in the list. Thereafter a dialogue box will open asking for confirmation that you’d want to pin the comment on YouTube. 
  • Once successfully pinned, you’ll see a text string “Pinned by” followed by your channel name in the comments section. 

example of pinned comment

Note: Pinning comments on mobile devices is the same as on PC or desktop devices. 

Can Anyone Pin a Comment on YouTube?

No, anyone can’t simply pin a comment on YouTube. Only the owners and managers of the YouTube channel can pin comments on the videos that they publish. 

Futhermore, as of May 31, only verified YouTube accounts will be able to pin YouTube comments. 

verified accounts can pin comments

Channel owners/managers can choose to pin their own comments or any other user’s comment. However, it’s advised that you only pin comments that you’ve written yourself in order to gain the full advantages of this feature. 


Pinning comments on YouTube is a simple process and can be done in a matter of seconds. 

Sure, pinned comments won’t make your videos rank higher, but you should absolutely use them to their full advantage to help you build your brand or engage with your audience.

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