How to Get Lots of Views and Subscribers on YouTube

Sep 2, 2020


There are a lot of articles and videos online that go over how to get lots of views and subscribers on YouTube. The problem is, many of these articles and videos contain either incredibly generic advice or advice that simply isn't helpful. This article will be different, as it will contain helpful and effective advice.

Getting lots of views and subscribers on YouTube comes down to performing best practices consistently. By making videos people are interested in, focusing on creating good content, prioritizing YouTube SEO, and doing it consistently, you can achieve success.

As someone who has been around YouTube for over 10 years now, I've learned a thing or two about gaining subscribers and views on YouTube. Something I've realized is that many people overcomplicate the process of gaining more YouTube views and YouTube subscribers. Sometimes, advice that seems like it will have no impact has the biggest impact.

As you read through this article, just remember that while some advice might seem basic, it might end up leading you to more success.

How Do You Get a Lot of Views and Subscribers on YouTube


So, how do you get a lot of views and subscribers on YouTube? As I mentioned above, it all comes down to performing best practices consistently. Seriously- it is that simple (for the most part). The key is making sure that you do what needs to be done. Show up consistently and perform the necessary tasks, and you can achieve success.

Create Videos People Are Interested In

Let's face it- a lot of people create YouTube videos for selfish reasons. Maybe they want to gain fame, or maybe they want to become a famous "influencer" and make money. On the surface, these things seem like non-issues. However, approaching YouTube with these objectives often leads to the content being created that people aren't interested in.

Here's the thing: YouTube has become incredibly accessible in recent years. With new phones, you get access to high-quality cameras that are capable of recording HD video footage. This has made it easy (almost too easy) for anyone to start making videos. However, this doesn't mean the videos being made are desirable.

I see it all the time when I evaluate YouTube channels. A cat video here, a random vlog there- a lot of selfish content is being uploaded to YouTube. Let me ask you this: Why should people watch your videos? This is a question many people struggle to answer- especially the people who upload the types of videos I just mentioned.

When you create YouTube videos, remember that you are not creating YouTube videos for you, you are creating videos for the viewers. You might enjoy the process, but the only way your videos will be seen is if people like them. The easiest way to position yourself to create videos that people like is to create videos that people have been proven to be interested in.

The easiest way to make sure that you are creating videos people have been proven to be interested in is to take a look at what videos other creators are making. More specifically, take note of what happens in these videos. Sure, you might create vlogs, but maybe your vlogs aren't as interesting as vlogs from other creators (for example).

You aren't going anywhere if you don't create videos that people have a chance of being interested in. So, do some research and determine if the types of videos you create are worth creating, or if you need to make some adjustments.

Create Valuable Content

Along with making sure you create content that people have been proven to be interested in, you should do your best to create valuable content. Again, you aren't creating videos for you, you're creating them for the viewers. So, you need to make sure that your content is valuable to the viewers.

Valuable content can come in many different forms. Some content is valuable because it teaches viewers how to do something, whereas some content is valuable because it makes viewers laugh. The value you deliver to your viewers will often depend on the types of videos you create, but making sure you focus on providing value is of much importance.

Nobody is entitled to getting YouTube subscribers and views. Creators who provide value in their videos achieve success and creators who do not provide value in their videos do not. Whether you create music videos or vlogs, strive to be a creator that provides value.

Prioritize Video Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization (SEO for short) is a topic that leads to a lot of confusion among YouTube creators. It's a highly technical topic that takes a long time to master. However, you don't need to master video SEO, you just need to know the basics. Of course, mastery is better, but just following the basics will put you miles ahead of your competitors.

But why should you prioritize video search engine optimization? Why is it so important? Well, properly optimizing your videos will help YouTube's various algorithms have an easier time determining what your videos are about. When the algorithms have an easier time determining what your videos are about, they have an easier time promoting your videos.

YouTube doesn't have a massive room full of employees that watch every video that is uploaded. Due to this, to understand what a video is about, a video needs to have metadata (title, tags, description) present which can help inform the "robots" about the subject matter of the video.

When you upload a video to YouTube, you should always make sure that your target keyword is present in the title, description, and tags of the video. This way, the YouTube search engine algorithm can determine the topic of your video by scanning for the keyword in your metadata so your video can be promoted to potential viewers more effectively.


You now know how to get lots of views and subscribers on YouTube. Create videos people are interested in, provide value in your content, and prioritize video SEO, and you'll be achieving more success with your YouTube marketing efforts in no time. Combine what you're learned with a good social media promotion strategy using a platform like Reddit, and your growth will begin to skyrocket!

Just remember, you need to show up consistently, as YouTube is a long-term game.

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