How Much Do Educational Videos Earn on YouTube?

Nov 2, 2020


There are many successful education channels on YouTube. Many of the videos these channels upload get a large number of views. But have you ever wondered- how much do educational videos earn on YouTube? Also, what factors influence the amount of money an educational video earns?

Educational videos on YouTube earn a different amount of money depending on a few factors. These factors include the video topic, CPM, and the monetization method used. An educational video in the real estate niche will have a higher CPM than an educational video in the pet niche. Also, affiliate videos can earn more than non-affiliate videos.

Creating search-friendly educational videos will allow you to attract attention and grow a YouTube channel. Along with this, you will also be able to make money by creating educational content for people to watch. But how much money can be earned by creating educational videos, and what factors influence the earning potential of a video?

Can You Monetize Educational Videos on YouTube


When most people think of YouTube monetization, they think of Google AdSense. AdSense is the most popular way for content creators to earn money on YouTube. But this begs the question- can you monetize educational videos on YouTube? Or, are educational videos unable to be monetized with AdSense on YouTube?

On the surface, educational videos can 100% be monetized on YouTube with AdSense. However, educational videos revolving around certain topics might lead to demonetization taking place. Demonetization takes place when a video covers subject matter that isn't deemed advertiser-friendly.

Overall, educational YouTube videos can, on most occasions, be monetized with Google AdSense. Of course, a channel must be a member of the YouTube Partner Program to be able to monetize videos with AdSense. So, technically, until a channel is partnered, none of its videos can be monetized- but this isn't due to the videos themselves.

How Do Educational Videos Make Money


At this point, you might be wondering- how do educational videos make money on YouTube? Do they make money the same ways that non-educational videos make money? Well, aside from Google AdSense, there are a few different ways educational videos make money. These ways include:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Brand integrations
  • Fan-funding or donations

Let's cover each of these monetization methods in more detail.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a monetization method that is becoming more popular on YouTube as time goes on. With affiliate marketing, you earn money whenever an individual purchases a product or service through your affiliate link. Typically, you will receive a commission based on the price of the product or service you are promoting and the affiliate program at hand.

This method of monetization works very well with educational videos. Often, for how-to videos, some products or services can be of value for viewers to possess. For example, if a viewer wanted to learn how to ride a bike, they would need a bike. As a content creator, you could include an affiliate link to a bike in your video for viewers to purchase.

Brand Integrations

When done correctly, brand integrations can work very well for educational videos. Many brands are dedicated to helping assist people with solving problems in their life. Due to this, you can provide value to people by bringing awareness to a brand that is dedicated to helping them solve their problems.

An example of a good brand integration would be if you were creating a video about how people can start jogging and you worked with a brand that created running shoes. The running shoes would be relevant to the video at hand, and would potentially help a lot of people with an issue that they might come across.

Fan-Funding or Donations

Many people find educational videos to be useful in their lives. Due to this, they are often willing to help fund the creation of videos through donations. If a channel has a large enough audience, then it can earn a significant amount of money through donations in exchange for providing educational content to viewers.

A popular way to monetize educational videos through fan-funding and donations is to use a service like Patreon. These services allow content creators to collect a monthly fee from viewers in exchange for different perks. Such perks include exclusive videos, early releases, private question and answer videos, and more.

Are CPMs High for Educational YouTube Videos

If an educational video were to be monetized with Google AdSense, would they have high or low CPMs? It's an important question to ask for any content creator looking to create educational videos and make money on YouTube. Believe it or not, there are multiple answers to this question that can be provided.

You see, the CPM of a video depends on the subject matter of the video- not the type of video. An educational video about stock trading will have a higher CPM than a video about dog training, for example. Certain industries are more monetizable than others, and this affects what the cost per mille (CPM) of a video is.

It is also important to acknowledge that advertisers tend to boost spending in Q4 due to Christmas. During the months of October, November, and December, videos will typically earn more money through AdSense. This is simply based on the fact that advertisers have upped their advertising budgets.

Keep these things in mind if you create educational content on YouTube, and build your strategy based on these things if you main goal is to make money. Some channels, for example, increase their upload frequency in Q4 to maximize revenue. Then, they decrease their upload frequency until the next year to reduce their workload.


There are many massive educational channels on YouTube. These channels monetize their videos through a variety of different ways, including Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, brand integrations, and fan-funding or donations. Depending on the topic of the video, it can earn a lot of money based on its CPM and the monetization methods at being used.

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