How Do Artists Benefit From YouTube?

Oct 31, 2020


Many people create content on YouTube and benefit greatly from doing so. But how do artists benefit from YouTube? After all, an artist is different than a business professional or a sports analyst. Do artists benefit from using YouTube, or is it in their best interest to use other platforms to display their work?

Artists can benefit greatly from using YouTube. YouTube will allow an artist to market their work, gain attention organically, monetize their work, and collaborate with other artists and brands. While gaining traction on YouTube can take a while, once an audience is built on YouTube, an artist can take their craft to the next level.

Getting your work seen as an artist can be difficult. Many social media platforms exist that have benefitted artists, but none are quite like YouTube. The barrier to entry is higher for YouTube than it is for most platforms. However, learning how to record, edit, and upload videos is worth it for the benefits that YouTube can provide.

Why Should Artists Use YouTube


Have you ever wondered- why should artists use YouTube? After all, there are many different platforms available that lead to success for artists. So, why should YouTube be the selected platform over others? Well, YouTube can provide an artist with a lot of benefits that many other platforms cannot provide.

These benefits include:

  • The ability to market content
  • Increased organic visibility
  • Monetization opportunities
  • Collaboration opportunities

Let's break down each of these benefits in more detail.

Content Marketing

One of the best ways to get your work seen online is to create content. YouTube is the #1 video-sharing website in the world. Due to this, YouTube is a great platform for creating video content for people to watch. Other platforms have video sharing capabilities, but they aren't as popular as YouTube.

While creating videos is more difficult than taking a photo, the quality of the content is typically greater in video form. When viewers enjoy your content more, they will be more likely to support you. So, you really cannot go wrong as an artist if you create content for YouTube.

Organic Visibility

Many popular social media platforms have been decreasing organic post reach over the years. This has made it more difficult for people to get their content discovered by members of their target audience. YouTube, however, has not done this. On YouTube, your content has the opportunity to get discovered organically by a massive amount of people.

Along with being the largest video sharing website, YouTube is also the world's 2nd-largest search engine. Due to this, many people search YouTube for videos about different topics, leading to great organic growth opportunities for content creators. Other platforms do not provide organic visibility for artists as YouTube does.


With the ability to create video content and have it be discovered organically, you can reach a lot of people on YouTube. When you can reach a lot of people, you are also able to make money. One of the reasons YouTube is so popular is because of its ability to help creators monetize their content. As an artist, you can also have this luxury.

Most people think of monetization on YouTube in the wrong way. Google AdSense is not the only way to earn money on YouTube- especially for artists. As an artist, you can use YouTube to generate leads so you can sell your art and make money. You can also get access to brand deals, further supplementing your income. Artists make money like dancers often do.


A great way for an artist to get their work seen by more people is to collaborate with other content creators. Collaborations are very popular on YouTube. As an artist, collaborating with other content creators, whether they are an artist or not, can help you get your work seen by more people.

Many artists tend to collaborate with other artists, but sometimes collaborating with non-artists is a better option. After all, as an artist, your work isn't only enjoyed by other artists. So, as an artist, do not shy away from collaborating with non-artists. Not collaborating with non-artists might lead you to miss good opportunities.

Mistakes Artists Make When Approaching YouTube

As with most types of channels, there are a few mistakes that artists make when approaching YouTube. These mistakes cause artists to struggle to grow an audience on YouTube. The sooner that these mistakes can be fixed, the sooner an artist will be able to grow their audience on YouTube.

Common mistakes artists make when approaching YouTube are:

  • Creating undesirable content
  • Uploading inconsistently
  • Ignoring best practices

Let's discuss each of these mistakes in more detail.

Creating Undesirable Content

Artists tend to be driven to create content they are passionate about. In some regards, this is a good thing, but in others, this isn't a good thing. You cannot force people to be interested in a particular topic. As a content creator looking to grow an audience, it is your job to serve people by creating desirable content- even if it isn't exactly what you'd prefer to create.

Uploading Inconsistently

Uploading new videos consistently is important for all types of YouTube channels. Many artists try to create "perfect" videos, and this makes it difficult for them to upload new videos consistently. Any artist looking to grow an audience must avoid becoming a perfectionist if they wish to be able to create and publish new videos consistently.

Ignoring Best Practices

It is very different to grow a YouTube channel when you ignore best practices- particularly when it comes to video search engine optimization. Videos must be properly optimized using good keywords, or they will struggle to get views. Artists must prioritize best practices if they wish to achieve success on YouTube.


As an artist, getting your work seen can be difficult. With the help of a platform like YouTube, however, you can help your work get seen by more people. But how do artists benefit from YouTube? Well, they are given the ability to create and market content, get their content discovered organically, monetize their work, and collaborate with other creators.

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