How Can You Tell When You Subscribed to Someone on YouTube?

Oct 30, 2020


If you've been a YouTube user for a long time, chances are you've subscribed to a lot of different channels. But have you ever looked at a channel and thought to yourself: "When did I subscribe to this channel?" If so, you'd be like a lot of other people. But this leads to the question- how can you tell when you subscribed to someone on YouTube?

Unfortunately, you cannot see the exact date you subscribed to a YouTube channel. The closest you can get to determine when you subscribed to a channel is to use an external website. Many external websites scan your public subscriptions and give you a date that you subscribed to a channel- but not all of these are accurate.

While you cannot see the exact date you subscribed to a YouTube channel, you can still estimate the date you subscribed to a channel. You can scan your "Liked videos" playlist and see the first video you liked for a channel. Or, you can try using an external service that scans your public subscriptions.

Why Should You Subscribe to a YouTube Channel


You might be wondering- why should you subscribe to a YouTube channel? Are there any big benefits that you can receive as a viewer to subscribing to a YouTube channel? Or, do people over-value the usefulness of subscriptions? Content creators often ask viewers to subscribe, but are they doing this for their benefit or to benefit viewers?

There are many benefits of becoming a subscriber for a YouTube channel. The biggest benefit is being able to receive new videos from a channel in your subscription box. Whenever a channel you are subscribed to uploads a new video, it will appear in your subscription box. This makes it easy to find new videos to watch.

Subscribing to a channel will also benefit you less directly. You see, YouTube looks at the channels you subscribe to (as well as the videos you watch) to determine the types of videos you enjoy. So, by subscribing to a channel, you will make it easier for YouTube to recommend more videos to you that you might like to watch.

Ultimately, the subscription function is quite basic. Due to this, there is a small list of benefits to subscribing to channels on YouTube. However, while the list of benefits might be small, the benefits themselves can help make your YouTube viewing experience much better.

Do You Have to Pay to Subscribe to a YouTube Channel


Being able to subscribe to channels on YouTube is a great luxury. The thing is, many great luxuries tend to cost money. So, you might be wondering- do you have to pay to subscribe to a YouTube channel? After all, YouTube doesn't make this fact very clear to users of their website.

Believe it or not, you do not have to pay to subscribe to a channel on YouTube. That's right- subscribing to a channel is completely free. This means that all you need to do is create a YouTube account and click the red "SUBSCRIBE" button, and you will be subscribed to a channel.

There are functions that cost money on YouTube. Such functions include becoming a channel member for a $4.99 monthly fee or subscribing to YouTube Premium. However, these functions are completely optional. So, if you would simply like to subscribe to a channel, then you will not be charged any money.

What Happens When You Subscribe to a YouTube Channel

Have you ever wondered- what happens when you subscribe to a YouTube channel? Do you have to enable any settings or sign up for anything? Well, you'll be happy to know that once you subscribe to a YouTube channel, you will not have to do anything. Just click the red "SUBSCRIBE" button and you'll be good to go!

Once you are subscribed to a channel, you will be able to see their new videos in your subscriptions box. Along with this, videos from the channel will begin to appear on your YouTube home page more often. Overall, it will become quite easy for you to find videos from the channels you subscribe to.

Remember, you can always unsubscribe from a channel you subscribe to. Subscribing to a YouTube channel is free, so you don't lose anything when you unsubscribe to channels. After you unsubscribe from a channel, you will no longer see their videos in your subscriptions box, and they will show up less often on your YouTube homepage.


Subscribing to a channel on YouTube has many benefits, Being able to receive new videos in your subscription box from your subscribed channels makes it easier to always have new videos to watch. For a free function, the subscription option helps improve the YouTube viewing experience immensely.

While you cannot see the exact date you subscribed to a channel, this doesn't take away from the benefits that are gained by subscribing to a channel. There are external websites that claim to let you see the dates you subscribed to channels, but this ability is not present natively on YouTube at this time.

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