What Are the Benefits of Subscribing to a YouTube Channel?

Oct 1, 2020


YouTube has a lot of great features available to make finding and watching videos you enjoy and easy experience. One such feature is the "subscribe" feature. But what are the benefits of subscribing to a YouTube channel? In this article, I'll cover all of these benefits and more so you can level-up your YouTube experience.

Subscribing to a channel on YouTube can make it easier for you to watch multiple videos from the same channel. If you subscribe to a channel, you will receive videos from the channel in your subscription box whenever they publish a new video. This can make it easier for you to find videos from channels you enjoy watching in just a few clicks of your mouse.

YouTube is becoming better as time goes on at delivering videos that a viewer enjoys based on their viewing history. However, there is still a lot of benefits to subscribing to a channel, as YouTube's algorithms aren't always perfect. Subscribing to a channel is simple and can help you access new videos from channels you enjoy watching in just a few clicks.

What Does Subscribing to a YouTube Channel Mean


You might be asking yourself: What does subscribing to a YouTube channel mean? If so, you wouldn't be alone. Over the years, YouTube has made it less obvious that subscribing to channels is an option. They barely mention this option, as they prefer to let their algorithm determine what videos a viewer would enjoy.

Subscribing to a YouTube channel is just like subscribing to a magazine or newspaper. Whenever a channel you are subscribed to uploads a new video, you will receive the video in your subscription box. Along with this, you can also turn on post notifications for channels you are subscribed to, so you can get a notification whenever a channel uploads a new video.

How to Turn on Notification Bell on YouTube Channel


The notification bell feature is a feature that YouTube introduced a few years ago. As time has gone on, it's become a great way to ensure you are notified whenever a channel you enjoy watching videos from publishes a new video. Along with this, turning on post notifications for the channels you choose is a very simple process.

Here's how to turn on the notification bell on a YouTube channel:

Step 1 - Subscribe to a YouTube Channel

Before being able to receive post notifications from a channel, you'll need to be subscribed to the channel. To subscribe to your channel of choice, simply click the red "SUBSCRIBE" button that is present in multiple locations on YouTube.

Step 2 - Click the Bell Icon

After you have subscribed to your channel of choice, you will be able to enable post notifications for that channel. To do so, simply click the bell icon that is present beside every red "SUBSCRIBE" button.

Step 3 - Select the "All" Option

Once you've clicked the bell icon, you should have 3 options: All, Personalized, None. Each option will deliver notifications to you differently. To ensure you receive a notification whenever a video is published, I recommend selecting the "All" option.

Does Subscribing to a Channel on YouTube Cost Money


In the past, a subscription to something would usually cost money. So, this leads us to the question: Does subscribing to a channel on YouTube cost money? If you're looking for an answer to this question, you'll be happy with the answer. Subscribing to a channel on YouTube does not cost any money- it's completely free.

There is an option to pay a $4.99 fee to become a channel member, but this is different than subscribing to a channel. This option is a way to support channels even further by paying them a monthly fee. Of course, this option is completely optional, and being a loyal subscriber is often enough of a payment for many content creators.

Benefits of Subscribing to a YouTube Channel


Of course, for you to justify subscribing to a channel, you'll need to receive some benefits from doing so. Sure enough, there are some benefits of subscribing to a YouTube channel that makes subscribing to a channel worth it. While these benefits might seem minuscule, they can have a big impact on your YouTube viewing experience.

Subscription Box

One of the biggest benefits of subscribing to a YouTube channel is being able to receive videos from the channel in your subscription box. The subscription box makes it easy for you to find new videos from channels you have subscribed to. Every new video published from every channel you're subscribed to will show up in your subscription box.

Viewing Preferences

Earlier I mentioned that YouTube is starting to prioritize subscriptions less as time goes on. Part of this is because YouTube monitors a user's viewing history to determine the types of videos the user enjoys. YouTube thinks that they know what a viewer wants to watch more than the viewer does, and they collect viewing data to back up this claim.

A great way to give YouTube some data on your viewing habits is to subscribe to channels. This will tell YouTube that you enjoy the types of videos that the channels you subscribe to publish. This will result in more videos being delivered to you that you might enjoy, as determined by your viewing history.

Creator Support

A less obvious benefit of subscribing to a channel is the emotional support it provides the creator. Growing a YouTube channel is a difficult process. So, any "win" that a creator receives can result in a boost of motivation. By subscribing to a channel, you will help provide a win to a creator. While this isn't such a massive benefit for you, it is a nice reward for the creator.


Subscribing to a channel can help make your YouTube experience a better experience. There are many benefits that you will receive if you subscribe to a channel. Combine your subscription with the enabling of post notifications, and you'll never struggle to find new videos to watch.

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