Do You Have to Show Your Face on YouTube?

Nov 29, 2020


Many different types of videos are uploaded to YouTube. In different niches, different styles of videos are uploaded. For example, in the gaming niche, many gameplay-based videos are uploaded. Whereas in the beauty niche, vlog-style videos are uploaded. But do you have to show your face on YouTube? Or, can you achieve success without doing so?

You do not have to show your face on YouTube in certain niches, but in other niches, viewers will expect to see your face. Along with this, certain types of videos will require you to show your face. So, the niche you are in and the types of videos you create will determine whether it is in your best interest to show your face or not.

While many people do show their faces on YouTube, many other people do not show their faces. Luckily, many niches are flexible in the sense that some successful channels do show their face, whereas others do not. However, it is important to recognize that there are some advantages (and disadvantages) to showing your face on YouTube.

Should You Show Your Face on YouTube


Should you show your face on YouTube? Well, it depends. There are some advantages and disadvantages of showing your face in your videos. Whether or not the advantages or disadvantages apply to you will depend on the types of videos you create and the niche you are in.

Advantages of Showing Your Face on YouTube

The main advantage of showing your face on YouTube is the increased branding opportunities. You see, while you can use logos, colors, etc. people will always relate and connect more with the face of another person. So, by showing your face, you can help people recognize you are your channel easier.

Along with this, depending on how you are as a person, you might enjoy the thought of people recognizing you for the videos you create. If you love YouTube and creating videos, and you are a social person, having people speak to you in public about your content can be an awesome experience.

Disadvantages of Showing Your Face on YouTube

A big disadvantage of showing your face on YouTube is the loss of anonymity. Meaning, when you show your face, people will know who you are and what you look like. When you don't show your face, you have more privacy. Sure, people can listen to your voice, but voices are less memorable than faces.

Depending on the type of person you are, the decreased anonymity that comes with showing your face might be enough to stop you from doing so. Private people will feel more comfortable not showing their faces. With this said, some people prefer to show their faces in their videos, as they wish to be recognized for the content they create.

Do You Have to Show Your Face on YouTube to Make Money


You might be wondering- do you have to show your face on YouTube to make money? Technically, you do not have to show your face to make money on YouTube. Your channel can become a member of the YouTube Partner Program if it is accepted, and showing your face isn't a requirement for this to happen.

With this said, it is important to recognize that many brands prefer to work with personal brands that revolve around a person. Brands pay more to work with personal brands, as opposed to faceless brands, as many viewers feel more connected to content creators who show their faces.

Also, if you decide to create your own products, you might be able to sell them more effectively if you show your face in your videos. Again, viewers will feel more connected to you if they know what you look like. When viewers don't know what you look like, they feel like they aren't getting the full story.

So, technically, you do not need to show your face to make money on YouTube. However, there are some major benefits to showing your face- especially in certain niches. With this said, just because you don't show your face, it doesn't mean that brands won't work with you or people won't buy your products. Many channels make money without showing their face.

What Kind of YouTube Videos Can I Make Without Showing My Face


At this point, you might be asking yourself: "What kind of YouTube videos can I make without showing my face?" Believe it or not, there are many different types of faceless YouTube videos that can be created. There are plenty of examples in every niche of faceless channels creating high-quality videos.

Some kinds of YouTube videos you can create without showing your face are:

  • Slideshow videos
  • Screen recording videos
  • Review videos
  • Gaming videos
  • Audio podcast videos

All of these kinds of videos are viewed by millions of people every month on YouTube. Most of these kinds of videos also require little equipment and experience to produce. If you're looking to create YouTube videos without showing your face, all of these options will work just fine.

Examples of Faceless YouTube Channels

There are many examples of successful faceless channels on YouTube. Many of these channels can gain millions of views every single month. Any content creator looking to grow a faceless YouTube channel of their own should evaluate these successful channels and see what they are doing to achieve success.

Daily Dose Of Internet

Daily Dose of Internet is an incredibly popular YouTube channel with over 9 million subscribers. He publishes videos highlighting amazing videos from the internet and adds some occasional commentary over the top of the video clips. His channel is a great example of the potential of a faceless channel.

Philosophies for Life

Philosophies for Life is a popular faceless YouTube channel with over 376,000 subscribers. This channel uploads animated whiteboard videos highlighting advice from various successful individuals- mainly philosophers. Philosophies for Life is a great example of how whiteboard videos can attract a large number of views.


Viewers are open to viewing all sorts of different videos. Whether faces are shown or are not shown, viewers are open to watching all kinds of videos as long as they provide value to them. Do you have to show your face on YouTube? You do not- but there are some advantages to doing so.

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