How to Make Money on YouTube Without Showing Your Face

Mar 8, 2022


Wondering how to make money on YouTube without showing your face? If so, you've come to the right place.

Many people want to be able to create YouTube videos and earn money, but not everybody wants to show their face on camera. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that someone can make money on YouTube without showing their face.

In this article, you will learn:

Can You Make Money on YouTube Without Showing Your Face?
Ways to Make Money on YouTube Without Showing Your Face

Read on and learn how you can make money on YouTube without showing your face.

Can You Make Money on YouTube Without Showing Your Face?


You might be wondering- can you make money on YouTube without showing your face? After all, many people online claim to make money using a variety of strategies, but many of these strategies end up being ineffective.

You can make money on YouTube without showing your face. Many popular channels on YouTube are faceless and earn a significant amount of money through Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and more.

Many different types of videos exist on YouTube. If a faceless video could not make money, there wouldn't be many of them uploaded to YouTube. The existence of faceless videos validates that money can be earned by creating and uploading them.

With this said, making money on YouTube without showing your face is just as difficult as doing so when you do show your face. So, do not upload 10 faceless videos to YouTube and expect to be rolling in money within a week.

Ways to Make Money on YouTube Without Showing Your Face

Believe it or not, many videos can be made in a faceless fashion. The type of video you choose to create will depend on your preferred style and interests. After all, just because a type of video can be made, it doesn't mean it's the right type for you.

Here are some ways to make money on YouTube without showing your face:

  1. Stock footage
  2. Video games
  3. Foreign language conversations
  4. First-person tutorials

Let's go over these options in more detail.

1. Stock Footage

Many content creators are in constant search of stock footage they can use in their videos. Seeing as this is the case, you can record stock footage videos for these individuals and grow a channel doing so.

Along the same lines, you can create voiceover videos where stock footage is used to represent what you're saying visually. If you mention a tree, you can have stock footage of a tree appear on the screen.

Whichever route you choose to go, just know that stock footage videos can be created in many different ways and are popular. So, if you have a decent camera, or you need some visual footage for a backdrop to your commentary, consider creating stock footage videos.

2. Video Games

Gaming videos have been popular on YouTube for many years. Along with this, some of the largest channels on YouTube are gaming channels. Keeping these facts in mind, it's easy to see why creating gaming videos would be a great option for a faceless channel.

There are many types of gaming videos that can be created. Let's plays, guides and commentaries are some of the most popular. Depending on the game you choose to make videos about, a certain type of video might be more ideal than others.

To capture video game footage, you can either use a capture card or the built-in recording feature on the most popular consoles. Alternatively, you can find copyright-free gaming footage and use it as a backdrop for your commentary.

3. Compilations

Compilation videos are some of the most popular videos on YouTube. Plenty of channels that publish TikTok compilations, funny moments, etc. receive millions of views every year. Also, they are easy to create as the editing required to create them is simple.

The main issue with compilations is the level of competitiveness. When content is more unique and takes more time to create, the level of competition decreases. Since compilations are very similar and quick to make, many people pursue this type of content.

With this said, if you can find a niche where compilations don't exist or a unique angle isn't present, you can help your channel stand apart from the rest. Don't just create the same videos like every other compilation channel- try to be unique.

4. Music

As you can probably guess, music videos can be created without showing your face on camera. Many music videos contain a static image or a waveform, which is more than fine, as most viewers watch music videos to listen to music.

You can either create and record your music or upload copyright-free music that already exists. Many channels create long, multi-hour music tracks using copyright-free music. Typically, these long tracks contain meditation music, ambiance, etc.

As it was just mentioned, you must ensure that the music you use is copyright-free. This is the main reason why people stay away from operating music channels. If your channel runs into copyright issues, it can lose monetization privileges and be banned.

5. Podcast

While many people believe that video podcasts are necessary, there are plenty of voice-only podcasts that receive a large number of views. This fact makes creating a podcast an attractive option for those looking to create videos without showing their face.

Creating podcast videos is straightforward. Pick a niche, select topics relevant to the niche, and talk about them. Podcast videos can either be filmed alone or with multiple speakers at the same time.

The only downside to podcasts is that they're often long videos. Meaning, in the time it takes you to create a single podcast episode, you might be able to create multiple individual videos. Keep this in mind when choosing a type of channel to operate.

6. Animations

For many years, animations were a dominant type of content on YouTube. Eventually, these types of videos became less popular. However, in recent years, they've once again become a popular type of video.

A great thing about animations is that they do not need to be complex. Simple character movements to display the emotion of the speaker are more than effective. In other words, you don't need to create a Disney film for an animated video to be positively received.

Often, animations are paired with some commentary. Knowing this, consider structuring your animations in a way that supports your commentary. This way, you can retain viewers while making your voice the focal point.

7. Meditations

Similar to music videos, meditations are a popular type of video to create for people looking to earn money on YouTube without showing their face. With meditations, all you need to do is record your voice and potentially include background music and noises.

Of course, there should be done visual elements included in meditation videos. Videos should not consist of a black screen with a voice. At the end of the day, content needs to be enjoyable to consume, regardless of what it is.

Consider creating meditation videos that are directed at a specific group of people. For example, make a guided meditation for work-related stress- not just a guided meditation. This will help your videos get seen more often, which will lead to more revenue.

8. Foreign Language Conversations

Have you ever heard someone say that they learned a foreign language by watching television? Well, this same concept has been transferred to YouTube in the form of conversation videos.

In these videos, a conversation takes place in a certain language. The viewer is required to listen to the conversation and sometimes act as if they are having a conversation with the creator of the video.

If you know a language that people are interested in learning, you can create conversation videos for viewers to follow along. The best part is that you don't need to be a professional language teacher to create these types of videos.

9. Lists

List videos are engaging and easy to digest. Along with this, they are relatively easy to make and can be outsourced completely (which is what most cash cow YouTube channels do). Perhaps the greatest benefit of these videos, however, is that they can be faceless.

As with every type of channel, it can be beneficial to select a niche before creating any content. Instead of creating general list videos, consider creating sports lists, movie-related lists, etc.

List videos are similar to slideshow videos but are more organized and contain footage that follows a theme. Since this is the case, these videos might take longer to create than most general slideshows.

10. First-Person Tutorials

Many people believe that when a camera is used to capture footage for a video, an individual's face needs to be shown. This is not the case. First-person tutorial videos in the cooking and cleaning niche are incredibly popular and no faces are ever shown.

Certain niches will be more difficult to work with than others. For example, if you don't know how to cook, the first-person cooking videos will be out of the question. However, there are easier videos that can be made, such as cleaning and restoration videos.

These videos can be made by holding a camera to your chest or by setting up a tripod in front of you. Then, you can reach out the tripod and use your hands in the area where video footage is captured.


You now know how to make money on YouTube without showing your face. Whether you show your face or not, creating videos still takes time and effort. Don't expect to pump out videos and make money immediately with faceless videos- YouTube doesn't work this way.

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