10 Christmas YouTube Video Ideas

Feb 5, 2021


Not only is Christmas the most wonderful time of the year, but it's also a great time to grow a YouTube channel. By creating Christmas-themed videos, you can help get your channel noticed by more people through November and December. But what should you make videos about? Well, here are some Christmas YouTube video ideas to consider!

There are many Christmas-themed YouTube video ideas that channels of all types can use to create videos. The key when creating videos with a Christmas theme is to make sure they resonate with your target audience. If you create gaming videos, chances are your audience won't enjoy a cooking video- even if it's related to Christmas.

As you look through these video ideas, keep in mind that you can put a Christmas spin on nearly every type of video. Your goal should be to capitalize on the season and attract a new audience. Christmas-themed videos tend to resonate with a lot of people in November and December, which can lead to more exposure for your videos and channel.

Christmas Video Ideas for YouTube


Many Christmas video ideas for YouTube have been created over the years. Some ideas have been successful, whereas others have not. It's important to remember that every niche and audience is different. Some ideas might be received positively, and others might not. You must determine which video ideas will work for your audience, and which ideas will not.

House Decorating

Who doesn't like seeing houses decorated with lights and ornaments around Christmas time? Houses can be completely transformed from dull, dark buildings to bright, cheery buildings. House transformations are popular at all times of the year, but especially Christmas. So, why not take advantage of this and decorate your house?

Something to remember is that while many people enjoy seeing the exterior of houses decorated, seeing house interiors get decorated is also enjoyable. Since this is the case, you could create a house decorating series leading up to the big day, where you decorate multiple rooms inside of your house, and then a finale where you show your entire house.

Tree Decorating

One of the best parts of Christmas is putting up a tree and decorating it with lights and ornaments. Every tree is a different shape and size, and they are all decorated differently as well. Since this is the case, there's a good chance that many people would be interested in seeing how you decorate your tree.

You can present the decorating of your tree in many different ways. Some creators enjoy filming a timelapse so viewers can see the rapid transformation of their tree. On the flip side, some creators enjoy filming the process slowly and conversing along the way about where they got different ornaments and decorations. The way you present your tree is up to you!

Tree Hunting

Not only do people enjoy seeing trees get decorated, but they also enjoy seeing the tree hunting process. Let's face it- some trees are better than others depending on the situation at hand. Due to this, the tree hunting process can become quite interesting when only a certain type of tree is wanted, or when two people want a different kind of tree.

Ideally, a tree hunting video should take viewers through the entire experience. Meaning, viewers should get to see the before, during, and after of the story. Do not just film a quick video clip showing the aftermath of your tree hunting efforts- show the entire process so viewers can come along for the experience.

Gift Shopping

Giving gifts and getting gifts are great, but there is an entire process that happens before gifts ever exchange hands- gift shopping. Gift shopping videos have become quite popular over the years on YouTube, and there are a variety of different ways that they can be filmed and presented to viewers.

Nowadays, many people enjoy including a "challenge" element in their gift shopping videos. For example, a set budget or rules about the stores that can be shopped in. With this said, however, just taking viewers through the gift shopping process can make for a great viewing experience- not everything needs to be a competition.


Chances are, you know someone that enjoys cooking around Christmas time. Often, people cook things that they wouldn't usually cook during the year at Christmas time, such as desserts. As you might imagine, the Christmas season is a great time for you to create cooking videos, as you can create quite extravagant dishes.

There are plenty of examples of YouTube channels that upload cooking videos- especially in November and December. A mistake many creators make is not capitalizing enough on the increased interest in cooking content during this time of year. Try planning video ideas ahead of time so you can create a steady flow of videos during November and December.

Present Opening

Let's face it- one of the main reasons we look forward to Christmas is because of presents. Not only do we look forward to getting presents, but we enjoy watching other people open their presents, whether they are from us or other people. Knowing this, it's safe to assume that people watch YouTube videos where people open presents as well.

Now, this might not work for you if you prefer to have a private Christmas morning. However, if you do not want to capture video footage on Christmas morning, you could always record a mini present opening video before the 25th of December. Many people open a Christmas gift early on the 24th, so this might be an option for you as well.

Gift Recommendations

A lot of people struggle to find gifts to buy for people. Often, they end up going online and researching gift ideas. Depending on the type of channel you own and your audience, this might be a great opportunity for you to make some gift recommendations in the form of some YouTube videos.

Sure, people look for product reviews at all times of the year, but Christmas offers a unique opportunity to take advantage of seasonality. Instead of creating individual product review videos, you can create Christmas gift guides for your target audience. Just remember, people start shopping for gifts in November, so plan ahead!


Challenge videos are some of the most popular videos on YouTube. Combine this fact with the increased interest in Christmas-related topics in November and December, and you have a recipe that can be followed for success. No matter what type of videos you create, chances are there is a Christmas-themed challenge video that you can create.

Remember, challenge videos don't need to be incredibly extravagant. Challenge videos are appealing because of the challenge element- not the actions that are being performed. Don't think that you need to spend a large amount of money to put together a good challenge video- just be creative and create a relevant piece of content for your audience!

Question and Answer (Q&A)

Question and answer videos are popular on YouTube. Question and answer videos with a specific theme, however, tend to perform very well as opposed to Q&A videos with no theme. Due to the fact that you're looking for YouTube video ideas for Christmas, it's important to recognize that there are Christmas themed Q&A videos.

Q&A videos with a Christmas theme tend to involve questions related to Christmas. Examples of these types of questions can be found all over YouTube and the internet as a whole. Even if you don't have an audience to ask you questions directly, there are plenty of resources that you can view that can give you some questions to answer in a video.


Hopefully, you have some positive Christmas memories. If you do, why not share them with people in the form of a YouTube video? People enjoy hearing about other people's Christmas experiences, whether they are happy, funny, or sad experiences. After all, a lesson can be learned from almost every experience!

Ideally, your story should resonate with your target audience. For example, if you are a technology channel, you could tell the story of how you got your first computer for Christmas when you were 14 years old. Stories that your target audience can resonate with will lead to a good response from viewers.


As a YouTube content creator, it's in your best interest to position your channel to be as successful as possible. A great way to do this is to leverage events like Christmas. Use these Christmas YouTube video ideas and begin to create videos that your audience will enjoy so you can capitalize on an extremely festive and unique time of year!

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