YouTubers That Live in California (Famous Creators Worth Watching)

May 6, 2022


In search of some YouTubers that live in California? You've come to the right place.

It's no surprise that the entertainment capital of the United States would be a city filled with YouTubers. However, even though there are thousands of them, there are a few that are more popular than others.

Read on and learn what YouTubers live in California.

Famous YouTubers in California

There are thousands of popular YouTubers who live and work in the state of California. Since this is the case, narrowing down a list of the creators worth watching is difficult. With this said, there are a few that stand out from the rest due to their audience size and content.

Let's go over some of the many famous YouTubers in California.

Emma Chamberlain

Born in San Bruno, California, Emma Chamberlain is a famous YouTuber and has a YouTube channel named after her. Emma posts videos related to fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and her life experiences on her channel. Her entertaining and informational videos are extremely popular with her fans.

In 2018, Emma won the Streamy Award for breakout Creator. She was included in the “Time 100 Next” list and also “The 25 Most Influential People On The Internet” list by Time magazine in 2019.

Emma started her YouTube channel in June 2016 but posted her first video on the channel only in 2017. As of early 2022, her channel has accumulated over 11.3 million subscribers and 1.5 billion total views. It is estimated that by early 2023, the channel will reach 12.8 million subscribers and 1.7 billion total views.


Born in Oakland, California, Larri Merritt, known online as LARRAY is a popular YouTuber who also owns the channel on YouTube by the same name. He started posting videos on Vine and became quite popular on it, and when the platform closed down, Larri started his YouTube channel, LARRAY in August 2011.

On his channel, Larri uploads a wide variety of videos on the platform including funny videos, personal vlogs, challenges, pranks, reactions, and music videos. As of early 2022, the channel has amassed a subscriber base of 8.5 million subscribers and 1 billion total views. It is expected that by early 2023, the channel will reach 8.9 million subscribers and 1.2 billion total views.

Corpse Husband

Born in San Diego, California, Corpse Husband is a renowned YouTuber and musician. He rose to popularity for his low-pitched deep bass voice and is best known for his faceless work, scary story narrations, and his music.

Corpse Husband has released songs such as “White Tee” and “Miss You” that became very popular. And, apart from being a musician and YouTuber, he is also a gamer and is popular for his game content for Among Us.

He started his YouTube channel in July 2015, and as of early 2022, it has accumulated around 7.6 million subscribers and 289 million total views. It is projected that by early 2023, his channel will have 7.7 million subscribers and 348 million total views.

Brent Rivera

Popular across various social media platforms, Brent Austin Rivera was born in Huntington Beach, California. His claim to fame is his popularity as a Vine Star and a YouTuber. Brent became popular for his vlogs and his 6-second videos on Vine.

Earlier known as MrBrent98, Brent started his YouTube channel, Brent Rivera, in August 2009. On his channel, he primarily posts challenge and prank videos.

As of early 2022, Brent's YouTube channel has accumulated around 17.4 million subscribers and 3.9 billion total views. It is estimated that by early 2023, his channel will reach 20.5 million subscribers and 5.2 billion total views.

Dang Matt Smith

Matthew Michael Thomas Smith, aka Dang Matt Smith, was born in Los Angeles, California. Matt Smith started his channel, Dang Matt Smith, on YouTube in August 2011 and began as a vlogger on the platform. He now uploads funny and entertaining video content on his channel and is renowned for his popular comedy videos.

A very intelligent and funny guy, Matt Smith is hugely entertaining and this has helped earn him a huge fan following. As of early 2022, Matt's channel has approximately 13.4 million subscribers and 2.9 billion total views. By early 2023, his channel is expected to reach 14.2 million subscribers and 3.4 billion total views.

Leah Ashe

Born in California, Leah Ashley, popularly known as Leah Ashe, is a renowned vlogger, gamer, and YouTuber. On her channel, she shares her videos on makeup transformations, gameplay videos, live streams, Roblox roleplays, and holiday vlogs.

Leah is quite popular for her good looks and charming personality. Her vlogs are also quite entertaining, where Leah shares her life stories.

Leah started her YouTube channel in May 2016 and it became immensely popular with her fans fast. As of early 2022, her channel has 4.8 million subscribers and 1.3 billion total views. It is estimated that Leah's channel will reach 5 million subscribers and 1.4 billion total views by early 2023.


Eva Gutowski, also known as MyLifeAsEva, was born in Brea, California, and started her YouTube channel in July 2011. Targeting teens, tweens, and young adults, Eva’s videos focus on fashion, beauty, hair, and makeup tutorials.

Recognized as one of the fastest-growing YouTube stars, Eva was ranked No. 4 on the Famechangers Digital Star Ranking list by Variety magazine and she was also included in the Billboard Social Media Stars list.

the MyLifeAsEva channel on YouTube has around 11.4 million subscribers as of early 2022 and a total view count of 1.5 billion. It is estimated that by early 2023, the channel will reach 1.6 billion total views while maintaining a similar subscriber count.


You now know some of the most popular YouTubers that live in California. There are thousands of content creators from this state, so chances are, you'll already be a fan of a creator who lives there.

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