YouTube Titles That Get Views

Feb 2, 2021


Knowing how to create YouTube titles that get views is incredibly important as a content creator. Failure to create good titles will lead to fewer views, which will slow channel growth. While there are many ways to title videos, there are certain elements that are always present in the best titles for YouTube videos.

YouTube video titles that get views are properly optimized and eye-catching. The goal when titling videos should always be to include relevant keywords while also encouraging clicks. Titles that do not include these elements often struggle to attract views. So, any creator looking to grow a channel must ensure they use the best titles possible.

Learning how to make good YouTube titles doesn't happen overnight. For many creators, it takes months to learn how they should be titling videos. Luckily enough for you, you don't need to wait months to learn how you should be titling your videos. Keep reading to find out what all good titles have in common, and how you can title your videos properly.

Best YouTube Titles


Have you ever wondered- what do the best YouTube titles have in common? Do they tend to use similar words? Maybe they typically have certain words capitalized and others in the lowercase? After all, if certain types of titles perform well, then it would be a good idea to use similar titles for your videos, right?

The best YouTube video titles contain good keywords and eye-catching elements such as capitalized words. Depending on the size of your channel, you might be inclined to focus more on making eye-catching YouTube titles as opposed to optimized titles. It is important to note that regardless of channel size, the focus should always be put on creating optimized titles.

You see, keywords are what help YouTube determine what videos are about. Since this is the case, it's in your best interest to include them in your titles (and other metadata). Think about it- if YouTube doesn't know what a video is about, how can the video be shared and promoted to potential viewers?

Small channels should devote most of their focus to creating properly optimized, search-friendly titles. This way, they give their videos the best chance to get shared and promoted to potential viewers through the search results. Just make sure your titles are also human-friendly and include eye-catching elements such as capitalized words.

Best Way to Title YouTube Videos


Is there a best way to title YouTube videos? Well, believe it or not, there is. There is a step-by-step process that can be followed that can help you create good titles for your videos. Many large and successful content creators use this exact process when titling their own YouTube videos.

The process goes like this:

  1. Determine the video topic
  2. Find the best keywords
  3. Create a title

Let's dive deeper into each step of the process.

1. Determine the Video Topic

Before creating a title, you must know what the video you are creating a title for is about. Many people make the mistake of not defining a clear topic for their videos. This makes it difficult to find relevant keywords to include in the titles of their videos. So, make sure you determine what the topic of your video is before you even start making a title.

2. Find the Best Keywords

Once the topic has been determined, the keyword research process can begin. The goal should always be to find not only the best keywords possible but also the most relevant keywords possible. Also, selected keywords should be legible. Meaning, they should be able to fit in the title of a video naturally.

3. Create a Title

Upon finding good target keywords, you can begin to create a title for your video. Try to include your best keyword at the front of your title, but only do so if the title remains click-friendly. Remember, not only should titles be optimized for the search engine, but they should also be click-friendly so humans click on and watch the videos at hand.

YouTube Title Trends


Something important to recognize is that different niches have different YouTube title trends. In other words, at certain times, titling videos in a certain way can result in better results. It can be beneficial for you to monitor different title trends in your niche so you can implement them into your titles.

Of course, it's important to always ensure that your titles are using the best keywords possible. While certain trends might be brought to your attention, it's important not to sacrifice your ability to gain organic views through the search results. Small channels in particular need to be sure not to fall into the trap.

Ideally, you should monitor data collected from your videos before determining whether or not a certain way of titling your videos is ideal. Just because a certain way of titling videos works for some channels in your niche, it doesn't mean the results will be the same for your YouTube channel.

So, monitor title trends in your niche. Take note of how titles are constructed, words that are used, etc., and try similarly titling some of your videos. Then, monitor the performance of the videos with the trends present. Did they perform better or worse? If they performed better, keep going, and vice-versa.

YouTube Video Titles Examples

One of the best ways to see what good titles look like is to take a look at the titles of other videos. Having direct examples can help you determine whether or not you are titling your videos in an ideal manner. Of course, every niche is different, so many sure you do some research and see how channels of different sizes are titling their videos in your niche.

Here are some good YouTube video titles examples:

Example #1

In this first example, we can see a title that is both optimized for humans and the search engine. The topic of the video is clearly stated, and the title is eye-catching and accurate. A possible improvement for this title would be the capitalization of the word "ultimate" to grab more attention, but that's it.

Example #2

For our next example, we can see a video title that isn't optimized in a very search-friendly manner but is quite enticing. Typically, channels will large audiences will focus more on creating titles that are more likely to be clicked. Since this is the case, their titles often end up being poorly optimized for the search engine. Small channels should avoid titles like this.

Example #3

This final example is another great example of a title that is both search-friendly and human-friendly. Keywords are present in the title and there are some eye-catching elements present as well. The value proposition of learning not only how to solve a Rubik's cube, but how to do so in 10 minutes is very enticing.


Every content creator looking to grow an audience must learn how to craft YouTube titles that get views. At the end of the day, if a video doesn't get clicked on, it won't gain any views. By creating titles that are both properly optimized for the search engine and click-friendly, you can put your videos in the best position to get views.

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