YouTube Title and Description Character Limits

Oct 26, 2021


The YouTube title and description elements are some of the most important YouTube SEO ranking factors. Seeing as these 2 elements are essential for YouTube success, creators must optimize their video titles and descriptions. Creating titles and descriptions that are the right length is part of that optimization process. 

In this article, you will learn what the YouTube title and description character limits are.

YouTube Title Character Limit

The Youtube title character limit is 100 characters. Remember, YouTube doesn't count title length in words but characters. 

You've probably also noticed that YouTube videos are getting featured more often in the Google search results:

youtube video on google search

The title character limit for these results differs from YouTube character limits. Google truncates any title, whether a video or blog article, that is longer than 70 characters. 

So if you want your video titles to be optimized for Google Search, then try keeping them below 70 characters. 

youtube title and description character limits

YouTube Description Character Limit

The YouTube description character limit is 5,000 characters. 

That's a lot of characters that you've got available to craft the perfect description. One word of advice is to add your target keyword within the first 2 to 3 sentences of your video description. 

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