Best YouTube Sailing Channels (Top Vlogs to Watch)

Apr 16, 2022


Curious as to what the best YouTube sailing channels are? If so, this article will help you.

There are many different types of vlogging channels on YouTube. One of the most unique types of channels is sailing channels. But what are the best channels to watch that create this kind of content?

Read on and discover some of the top sailing channels on YouTube.

Best Sailing YouTube Channels

While many sailing vlogs have popped up in recent years, most of them lack the polish required for a video to be enjoyable to watch. Fortunately, some channels do create videos that are high-quality, informative, and entertaining.

Let's go over some of the best sailing YouTube channels.

Sailing La Vagabonde

Sailing La Vagabonde was created by an Australian couple that aims to sail through the globe via boat one day. They were complete beginners at sailing but have gained experience and proficiency in sailing over the past 8 years.

The channel has over 1.69 million subscribers. They upload videos every week and have uploaded over 468 videos so far. They also do a monthly live stream for their supporters on Patreon.

Their videos are about sailing with family, boat life, tutorials on sailing, and fishing on boats. They are also keen on spreading ocean awareness and hosted Greta Thunberg on a boat trip across the Atlantic ocean.

If they keep growing at this rate, they will cross 1.89 million subscribers by 2023.

Sailing Doodles

Sailing Doodles was created by an American couple on October 4, 2016. They make videos on boat maintenance and document their sailing episodes extensively for their viewers.

Trips are divided by destination or by season and they are currently on season 6 of their boating trips. They also have a Patreon account for people who want to support them and are active on both Instagram and Facebook.

Sailing Doodles has around 446K subscribers. There are a total of 530+ videos on the channel with 211 million total views. Assuming that their growth rate remains constant for another year, they are set to cross 510K subscribers in 2023.

Sailing SV Delos

Sailing SV Delos is run by a group of 4 people in the United States united by their love for sailing around the world. They document their experience of sailing across different oceans, boat maintenance, and meeting people around the world.

When they are not sailing, they answer questions from their subscribers and talk about their bizarre traveling experiences. Like most sailors on YouTube, they have a Patreon account where they post exclusive content for their supporters.

This YouTube channel has around 772K subscribers. They upload 4-5 videos a week and have uploaded over 480 videos so far. They are on course to hit 868K subscribers in early 2023.

Gone with the Wynns

Gone with the Wynns was created by Jason and Nikki Wynn on September 25, 2010, and currently has over 501K subscribers. They are based in the United States but their curiosity has driven them far and wide across the sea.

They have uploaded 530+ videos so far that have garnered a total of 107 million views. They gain about 1,100 subscribers every week. If this growth rate keeps up, they will cross 593K subscribers by 2023.

Their videos range from gadget reviews, boat life, off-grid living, and boating to exotic destinations like Fiji and the Panama islands. They also go into the nitty-gritty of living on a boat, including videos on the food situation on boats and compost toilets.

Sailing Zatara

Sailing Zatara is run by Keith, Renee, and their 4 kids. Keith and Renee were fed up with their corporate jobs and decided to sell their house and buy a sailboat one day. They changed their lives completely and now spend their lives sailing across America.

They make videos about sailing, life on a boat, homeschooling their children, and the realities of sailing for long periods. They also have a special segment by the kids called Teen Yacht Tuesdays.

They have a line of merchandise and frequently organize meet and greets with their fans. The channel has over 401K subscribers and gains about 700 subscribers every week. If this rate of growth remains stable, they will cross 431K subscribers by 2023.

Free Range Sailing

Free Range Sailing was created by Troy and Pascale on September 8, 2017. They cruise around Australia and make videos about self-sufficient sailing and travel. They make instructional videos, answer FAQs, document sailing trips, and make food on boats.

Troy and Pascale live on their 30 feet yacht. Their channel has over 131K subscribers and has garnered 33 million total views across all its combined videos. They also have a line of merchandise.

If the channel keeps up with the same rate of growth, it can expect to cross 160K subscribers in early 2023.

Sailing Uma

Sailing Uma was started by Dan and Kika in 2015. 7 years ago, they bought a dilapidated sailboat and converted it into a fully electric sailboat. They live a very minimalist life on the boat and document their sailing adventures.

They also answer questions from subscribers, demonstrate boat maintenance, and document their extensive sailing trips. Their Patreon community is thriving and they recently took 30 of their patrons on a sailing trip with them.

The channel currently has over 392K subscribers and 370 video uploads. They also have a whopping 76 million total views. If the channel keeps growing like this, it will cross 470K subscribers by early 2023.


WhiteSpotPirates is run by Nike Steiger, a female solo sailor based in Denmark. The sailing world is dominated by either men or couples sailing together, so Nike’s channel is both refreshing and inspiring.

The videos are about living on a sailboat, exploring exotic locations, boat maintenance, and solo sailing.

Nike posts videos 2-3 times a month. The channel has over 300 videos and 90.4K subscribers. It gains about 50 subscribers every week. If the growth rate keeps up, it will reach 92.4K subscribers in 2023.


You now know the best YouTube sailing channels. There are plenty of options available, but the channels mentioned have managed to stand out from the pack. So, consider checking them out if you're looking for some new channels to watch.

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