How To Add Symbols and Emojis To YouTube Descriptions and Titles

Oct 4, 2021


YouTube is a constantly growing marketing channel and content platform. According to TubeFilter, more than 500 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. 

Just think about that! That's up to 720,000 hours of new content uploaded every day. By doing some quick match, you would see that it will take an average person their entire lifetime just to watch a day's worth of content.

With all of this content being uploaded daily, it's really important to make your YouTube content stand out from other creators. One way to do this is by adding symbols and emojis to your YouTube video descriptions and titles.

youtube description symbols example

Why are Symbols and Emojis Useful?

Adding symbols and emojis to your YouTube video titles and descriptions make your content more eye-catching. By doing this you will differentiate your content, especially if competing creators don't use symbols and emojis in their video titles and descriptions.

Inserting symbols and emojis to titles and descriptions can also increase CTR.

Symbols and emojis can be used to convey additional information about the video. 

For example, Dollarsprout inserted an emoji of a beach umbrella in the title of their video on passive income ideas. This signifies that you can sit on the beach while earning money using one of the ideas suggested in their video. 

dollarsprout video with symbol
Image source: Dollarsprout

How to Insert Symbols and Emojis to YouTube Descriptions and Titles

Adding emojis and symbols to your YouTube video titles and descriptions is straightforward. Unlike other apps like Whatsapp or Facebook, YouTube doesn't have a user interface that allows you to add symbols.

whatsapp chat interface

But not to worry, all you've got to do is copy the symbol code from a site like Unicode Table and paste it into the title or description of your YouTube videos.

copy symbol code

What Symbols are Allowed in YouTube Descriptions and Titles?

When it comes to the choice of which emojis and symbols to use in your content, the sky is the limit. 

From what we've gathered, all types of symbols and emojis are allowed in YouTube descriptions and titles. 

Meaning you can copy and paste any symbol of your choice. 

There are just 2 things to remember when inserting symbols to YouTube video descriptions and titles:

  • Make sure that the symbols you add match what you are trying to convey in your YouTube video. 
  • Don't add too many emojis. If you stuff your titles and descriptions with a lot of symbols, your content may come across as spammy.

List of Common Symbols and Emojis to Add to Your YouTube Descriptions and Titles

Here's a list of common symbols and emojis that you can use in your YouTube video titles and descriptions:

  • Fire
  • Rolling on the floor laughing
  • Red heart
  • Sparkles
  • Tears of joy
  • Winking face
  • Right arrow
  • Checkmark button
  • Money bag

As mentioned above, the sky is the limit when it comes to inserting emojis and symbols to your YouTube content. 

Adding emojis and symbols to your YouTube video titles and descriptions is one of the lowest-hanging fruit when it comes to YouTube content optimization. 

Give it a shot in some of your YouTube titles and descriptions to determine if it has an impact on video views. 

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