20+ YouTube Backdrop Ideas - DIY Video Background

Jan 14, 2022


Looking for some YouTube backdrop ideas? You've come to the right place.

One of the best ways to keep viewers engaged while watching your videos is to have a good backdrop. However, this is something many creators struggle with, as they aren't sure what a good backdrop is. Luckily, there are many options available.

In this article, you will learn:

Video Backdrop Ideas
DIY YouTube Backdrop

Read on and get access to some YouTuber backdrop ideas.

Video Backdrop Ideas

The ideal backdrop for you will depend on the content you create and your filming location. After all, you don't want to use a graffiti backdrop, for example, if it doesn't fit your content style and audience.

Let's go over some video backdrop ideas.

1. Solid Color

A solid color backdrop is a simple option for content creators who want to, well, keep things simple. When selecting a color, ensure that it is not too intense or bright, as this could lower the visual quality of videos.

2. Fabric

For many creators, a fabric backdrop is the easiest to set up and use. To create a fabric background for videos, all that is needed is a towel or curtain. This towel or curtain can be hung behind the subject in the video to form a background.

3. Ombre Colors

Ombre colors are similar to solid colors, but they add more flair to videos. With this gradient style, you can feature your brand colors and make your videos more recognizable visually to viewers.

4. Fairy Lights

One of the best ways to liven up the background of a video is to use fairy lights. Consider using these lights in combination with a plain white or black backdrop to help the lights have more of an impact on video appearance.

5. Brick Wall

A brick wall makes for a great background for a video. The texture of bricks adds a lot of character to videos, and different color walls can help you create a visual presentation that matches your brand.

6. Picture Collage

Picture collages can make for a great YouTube video backdrop. They can consist of images of quotes, paintings, posters, etc. To make a collage background look the best, ensure that the colors and styles of images used are consistent.

7. Wood Panels

Wood panels make for a great video background. They feature enough texture to look visually appealing, while not taking away from the subject on camera. Wood panels also come in different colors, which allows for flexibility and creativity.

8. Closet Display

Believe it or not, a closet display can make for a great backdrop for certain types of videos. Beauty videos are an example of a type of video that suits a closet display background. Just make sure the best items are displayed where people can see them.

9. Glitter

A popular backdrop that many content creators in the beauty and fashion niches use is glitter fabric. It's similar to a normal fabric background, but it features an eye-catching glitter design that helps videos look unique.

10. Flowers

Flowers can add a lot of color to videos without being too intrusive. Since this is the case, a display of well-placed flowers can make for a great video backdrop. The flowers can either be real or artificial- the choice is up to you.

11. Patterns

Repetitive patterns make for a backdrop that is easy on the eyes while also being unique. Consider selecting a consistent pattern that doesn't take too much focus off the subject of the video and using it to create a background.

12. Nature

It's hard to beat a nice nature backdrop. Nature features color, patterns, and texture- all things that make a great background for videos. Another bonus of a natural background is the accessibility they present. Walk into a forest or your backyard and you're good to go.

13. Bookshelf

Books come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and colors. These characteristics help make a bookshelf a fantastic video backdrop. To take things a step further, a bookshelf can be organized and painted to match the aesthetic of videos.

14. Streamers

Streamers make for a unique but interesting backdrop. If you're a fan of colorful backgrounds, streamers can help you create eye-catching designs and patterns. As a bonus, they can be moved around and stored quickly and easily.

15. Newspaper

A unique background for a video that works well is a collage of newspapers. Newspapers feature images and consistent colors, making them a great pattern to have placed behind a subject on camera.

16. Rooms

Depending on the content you create, your living room, bedroom, etc. might work as an excellent backdrop. This natural setting helps viewers recognize that you're a normal person, which is sure to improve their relationship with you.

17. Graffiti

Graffiti backgrounds can add a lot of character and color to videos. These characteristics will help viewers stay more attentive while watching your videos. So, consider finding a graffiti wall outside or printing out a graffiti design and using it as a background.

18. Contact Papers

Contact papers are essentially wallpaper that can be stuck to walls and removed with ease. Many designs and patterns are available, so find the best option for your content and target audience.

19. Wall Decorations

Wall decorations make for great background enhancers. Along with this, they can help establish themes for your videos. Consider hanging pictures in frames behind you that reflect the content of your videos.

20. Paint

A big strength of paint is the flexibility it presents. Paint can be used to create solid color backgrounds, textures, patterns, and more. Since this is the case, using paint to create a backdrop is a great option.

DIY YouTube Backdrop


If you're tight for time and need to create a backdrop fast, you're in luck. With just a few supplies, you can set up a high-quality and professional background for your videos quickly and easily.

Here's how to create a DIY YouTube backdrop:

  1. Select a filming location
  2. Set up the backdrop
  3. Adjust settings

Let's go over this process in detail.

1. Select a Filming Location

You must first select a filming location. Since you're going to be using a backdrop, the ideal location is most likely against a solid wall. However, you can film in any location that will allow you to use your selected background.

2. Set Up the Backdrop

After selecting a filming location, it's time to set up the selected backdrop. Any flat background can be used in combination with a wall, whereas a fabric background can be taped or hung from the ceiling.

3. Adjust Settings

Once the selected backdrop has been set up, it's time to adjust the settings and film environment. Specifically, lighting must be ideal and cameras must be focused. It's best to do this after setting up the backdrop because certain backdrops will need different lighting, etc.

4. Record

Upon completing the set up of the filming settings for the camera being used, it's time to record. Just be sure that the background is visible in the frame and nothing else- you don't want the background to be inconsistent.


You should now have many different YouTube backdrop ideas at your disposal. Consider trying out some of these ideas for yourself to see if they will work for the type of content you create.

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