Why Do YouTubers Move to LA?

May 8, 2022


Have you ever wondered- why do YouTubers move to LA? If so, you've come to the right place.

In America, there are many great places to live in. One such city is Los Angeles, which is a city that is home to thousands of content creators. But why do so many YouTubers pack up their things and move to LA?

Read on and learn why YouTubers move to LA.

Why Do So Many YouTubers Live in LA?

LA has been the entertainment capital of the world for a long time now. It started as a hub for traditional actors and media personalities, and it has quickly become the place to be for full-time YouTube content creators and influencers.

Let's go over a few of the reasons why so many YouTubers live in LA.


YouTubers gain popularity through their followers on the internet. To get ahead in their careers, one of the best things they can do is gain access to better contacts.

Being able to interact with people in person and be a part of all the major events in the most happening city in America is a great way to put yourself out there and connect with people who can let you get your foot in the door to exciting opportunities.

All major networks are based in LA, so being there is advantageous if you’re hoping to get signed by them. Many celebrities and famous people also live in LA, which can help YouTubers attract more eyeballs to their channels and social media.

Better Collaborations

Most popular YouTubers have already moved to LA. The creator pool there is vast and diverse, which means that there are many more opportunities to collaborate with other YouTubers too.

It saves a lot of time and money to be living in the vicinity of other people in the same industry as you. You don’t need to catch a plane if you want to collaborate with another popular creator.

Being near other creators can allow you to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships that will positively impact your online presence. You get exposed to a wider range of viewers and many new niches become penetrable for you.

More Resources

A major advantage of moving to LA is being able to access a lot of amazing resources for creating videos. You can bring a drastic change in production quality to your videos by moving to LA because you get access to a lot of quality filming equipment when you live there.

Since the movie industry largely functions out of LA, renting lights, cameras, and sound equipment are cheaper and a lot more accessible than it probably would be in your hometown.

A YouTube creator space is also located in LA and it has made a lot of resources and equipment available to creators at no charge.

People who can manage to cover their living costs but don’t have a big budget for creating content can benefit a lot from moving to LA because it makes creating content and accessing equipment more affordable.


Believe it or not, LA can indeed provide a lot more opportunities to secure funding for YouTubers. Securing funding helps them up to their game concerning their content and helps them achieve more financial success.

There is a host of companies looking for YouTubers to create content for leading brands. The brands get recognition and promotion from the YouTubers’ content, and the creators stand to earn a significant amount of money if they can prove useful to the brand.

As you can imagine, the funding gained by YouTubers helps them make better content too. Companies like Amplify and Launchpad also dedicate themselves to connecting creators with the resources they need and helping them secure funding.

Better Opportunities

LA is best known as the hub for people wanting to work in the entertainment industry. It is no secret that a lot of content creators and YouTubers use their influence to leverage themselves into working in movies or TV shows.

Being in LA gives them access to auditions for parts in movies and shows, and the fact that they already have a huge online following can help them land roles. If they do get to feature in a movie or TV show, it also instantly boosts their following and public image.

Many YouTubers dream of being an actor someday, so moving to LA seems like the most obvious life decision for them if they want to further their careers and increase their chances of becoming an actor.


LA is not exactly a cheap place to live in, but it is definitely within the budget of successful YouTubers. Depending on the chosen lifestyle, living in Los Angeles can be much cheaper than New York. Many content creators choose to rent with each other, lessening the financial burden.

The money they save on rent can be used for improving the quality of their videos. There are a lot of open spots for film crews and acting opportunities in the city, so creators wanting to learn the ropes of production or looking for acting opportunities can earn well in LA too.

Moving to LA can help save money and help YouTubers earn more. This is what makes it a financially sound move for most creators once they reach a certain level of success.

Great Weather

Let's face it- the weather in the state of California is amazing. It is always warm and sunny, which is a huge selling point to a lot of creators.

This is why you will often see creators who are very comfortable in their careers and don’t have any ideas of trying to make it big in movies still move to LA. The weather is good, the beaches are beautiful, and they can have a thriving social life.

The abundance of scenic spots is also a good reason for moving to the city because you get to shoot content at a lot of beautiful locations.


You now know why YouTubers move to LA. Living in such an entertainment-focused environment provides content creators with unique opportunities that cannot be found in other locations, and probably won't be found for the foreseeable future.

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