Why Do People Dislike YouTube Videos? (Complete Explanation)

Sep 2, 2021


Have you ever wondered- why do people dislike YouTube videos? If you have, you've come to the right place.

Having someone dislike your YouTube video can be a frustrating experience. However, part of being a content creator on YouTube is having to deal with these circumstances. Learning who tends to dislike videos and why they do so can help assist you in handling this frustration.

In this article, you will learn:

Why Do People Dislike Videos?
Who Dislikes YouTube Videos?

Read on and learn more about why people dislike videos on YouTube and who these people tend to be.

Why Do People Dislike Videos?


So, why do people dislike videos? Do they do so when they don't enjoy a video? Or, do people simply enjoy leaving negative feedback on videos for the sake of being rude to content creators they don't like?

For many people, disliking a video is their way of saying to YouTube that they do not enjoy a certain type of content. Others dislike videos simply because they do not appeal to them. Everybody has the right to dislike what they want to.

Of course, some people dislike videos just for the sake of leaving negative feedback. Some people do not like certain content creators, so they feel the need to let their opinion be heard through the form of random negative ratings.

Regardless of the reason, dislikes are something that every content creator has to deal with at one point or another. It's important to remember that there are some genuine negative ratings- not all negative ratings come from trolls.

Who Dislikes YouTube Videos?


You might be wondering- who dislikes YouTube videos? Many YouTube creators claim that their dislikes come from trolls, but do all negative rating come from trolls? Or, are there people who will leave negative ratings without malicious intent?

Here are the types of people who tend to dislike videos:

  1. Honest feedback givers
  2. Algorithm-savvy individuals
  3. Clumsy users

Let's go over these types of people in more detail.

1. Honest Feedback Givers

While many creators claim otherwise, many negative ratings come from honest feedback givers. Meaning, people who feel like giving their honest feedback through the rating system that is present on YouTube.

Put simply, the vast majority of YouTube users visit the platform to watch high-quality videos. When a video does not satisfy their taste, they make their feeling heard by leaving an honest rating. There is nothing wrong with this- this is the whole point of the rating system.

2. Algorithm-Savvy Individuals

YouTube monitors the behavior of users to help get a better idea of the types of videos they should be recommended. One of the ways users can help influence the videos they're recommended is to dislike videos that consist of content they do not enjoy.

It's easy to see why algorithm-savvy individuals would leave negative ratings in this scenario. Think about it- why wouldn't you help YouTube determine which types of videos you do not enjoy if you're aware of your ability to do so?

3. Trolls

Let's face it- some people online are trolls. While there aren't as many as some creators claim, there are trolls that exist who make it their entire objective to leave negative ratings on videos from creators they do not like.

Differentiating between genuine dislikes and negative ratings from trolls is difficult. However, content creators can usually tell when trolls are leaving negative ratings on their videos when the comments left on their videos are all positive and genuine.

4. Clumsy Users

The like button and the dislike button are located next to each other. Since this is the case, it's safe to assume that some negative ratings are a result of clumsy users who accidentally click the thumbs-down button instead of the thumbs-up button.

Typically, negative ratings from clumsy users will make up the minority of negative ratings on a YouTube video. So, while people can dislike videos by accident, it shouldn't be assumed that all dislikes are left by clumsy users.


You now know the answer to the question, "why do people dislike YouTube videos?" While having negative ratings on your videos can be frustrating, it's important to recognize that not all dislikes are given with the same intent.

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