Should I Upload Daily on YouTube?

Oct 12, 2020


Have you ever asked yourself: "Should I upload daily on YouTube?" If so, you aren't alone. Many large content creators upload new videos daily on YouTube. So, naturally, this makes smaller content creators wonder if they should do the same. But is daily uploading on YouTube a good idea? Or, is it better not to?

Daily uploading has proven to be an effective way to speed up the growth of a YouTube channel. However, it has also been proven to lead to creator burnout. If a content creator does upload daily, it should be done for a specific amount of time. Daily uploading for a year or two is not sustainable, so attempting to accomplish such a task is not recommended.

Increasing upload frequency is a great way to increase channel growth on YouTube. The thing is, YouTube is a long-term game. Daily uploading for 3 months and then quitting due to burnout will lead to little YouTube success. In most cases, uploading less frequently but more consistently is the best course of action.

Uploading Too Many Videos to YouTube


Is there a such thing as uploading too many videos to YouTube? Or, can a content creator upload as many videos as they would like without issue? After all, there have been large channels in the past that have uploaded multiple videos each day that have achieved a lot of success.

Many people will state that there is no such thing as uploading too many YouTube videos. However, most people look at this question from a growth standpoint. Meaning, if something leads to more growth, it must be good. The issue is, when we look at this question from a human standpoint, it's easy to see a big issue that could arise.

As I mentioned earlier, creator burnout is a big issue that arises when massive amounts of videos are uploaded in a short time frame. When creating large quantities of videos, the process turns into a job for many creators. This leads to a lower level of enjoyment and burnout.

While there technically isn't a such thing as uploading too many videos on YouTube, it's best not to go overboard. Earlier, I stated that YouTube is a long-term game. Due to this, it's better to ensure as a content creator that uploading videos for a long time is possible. Sometimes, this requires a decreased upload frequency.

Is It Good to Upload Daily on YouTube


Okay, so there technically isn't a such thing as uploading too many videos. It's not recommended that a content creator goes overboard, but this is due to the human side of the equation. Knowing this, we must now address another question: Is it good to upload daily on YouTube?

A high frequency of uploads does tend to lead to an increase in channel growth. The faster videos get published, the faster views, watch time, etc. can be gained. When these metrics build up quickly, this encourages the YouTube algorithm to promote videos from the channel uploading the videos more frequently.

Again, the issue with daily uploading is burnout. All over YouTube, you can find stories of large and small creators talking about burnout. If you watch any of these videos, you'll notice that YouTube becomes a chore for many of these burned-out creators. If you want to achieve success on YouTube, it's better if you enjoy the content creation process- not loathe it.

If you have the resources or expertise, then daily uploading can be considered. However, if you are a beginner or do not have experience creating a large quantity of content, daily uploading should not be attempted. Sure, the more videos you create, the easier creating videos will become. But, if you burn out within a month or two, you'll never achieve success.

How Many Times a Week Should I Upload to YouTube


At this point, you might be asking yourself: "How many times a week should I upload to YouTube?" If daily uploading isn't recommended (unless you're a veteran content creator) then what's the ideal number of uploads each week? The answer to this question will depend on a few different things:

  • Content style
  • Time available

Let's break down each of these things in more detail.

Content Style

Certain videos take a longer time to make than others. Due to this, a lower upload frequency might be necessary. If you believe that the type of videos you create requires a lot of time to create, you might need to upload less frequently each week. Just keep in mind that the more you create videos, the easier the process will become.

Believe it or not, I once uploaded 90 videos in 90 days. At first, creating videos took a significant amount of time. By the time I got to the 45th video, however, the time required to create a video was nearly half of what it was when I started. Every style of content can be mastered, and the easiest way to master something is to do it more.

Time Available

There are only so many hours available each day. Since this is the case, you probably aren't able to create videos 24/7. The amount of time you have available to create videos will have a big impact on your upload frequency. If you simply do not have enough time to create a certain number of videos, then you'll have to create fewer videos.

The thing is, many content creators have more time than they think they do. While they might believe they only have 5 hours each week to devote to YouTube, they probably have 8 or 10 hours. It all comes down to how much you want to achieve success. Those who want to achieve success badly find the time, plain and simple.


Many content creators start a YouTube channel for different reasons. Some people just want their art to be seen, whereas others want to grow a large audience. In the case of businesses, maybe the objective is to generate leads. Whatever the case may be, the primary objective of the content creator will determine the upload frequency.

If the ultimate objective is audience growth, then a higher weekly upload frequency should be employed. If the objective is lead generation, then maybe the focus should be on creating videos that resonate with the target audience at hand and posting less. When a channel is started as a hobby, then a lower weekly upload frequency is probably ideal.


For most creators, daily uploading isn't ideal. In rare situations, however, daily uploading can be a great option. Try to upload 3 new videos per week, or a new video every 72 hours. This upload frequency has been proven to be effective in both growing a channel and preventing burnout. If you become quicker at making videos, up your frequency to 4 videos a week.

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