7+ Minecraft Video Ideas (Content for YouTube)

May 30, 2022


Are you looking for some Minecraft video ideas? If so, you've come to the right place.

Minecraft has been around for a long time, but many people still enjoy the game. Since this is the case, there is always an appetite for new Minecraft videos. But what kind of videos should content creators create?

Read on and discover some Minecraft content ideas.

Minecraft YouTube Video Ideas

Finding topics to create YouTube videos about is hard in any niche, let alone the Minecraft niche. Fortunately, many topics have been proven to be worth creating videos about over the years.

Let's go over some good Minecraft YouTube video ideas.


Minecraft is a game that promotes creativity. Knowing this, it's easy to see why there would be a lot of interest in tutorial videos. If you know how to build a unique structure, consider showing people how to do so in a video.

While most tutorials are quite complex, many people just want to learn the basics. So, even if you are not the most skilled builder in the world, don't shy away from sharing your existing knowledge.

Hardcore Survival

Some of the earliest Minecraft videos posted on YouTube are survival videos. Once the hardcore mode was added to the game, these videos became very popular due to the increased stakes.

There aren't as many survival series on YouTube these days, but there is still an appetite for them. The key is making your series more unique than others. You can do this by introducing rules, punishments, etc.


No matter the niche, people love watching challenges! Whenever the stakes are high and individuals are tasked with completing a difficult task, viewers become very engaged in the process.

Like most games, Minecraft has plenty of challenges that can be pursued. For example, you could try to survive in hardcore mode using no tools. The key when creating challenge videos is being creative and upping the stakes.

Speed Builds

A big part of Minecraft is building structures. Naturally, people love watching the process of these structures come together. If you're someone who enjoys building things, consider creating speed build videos.

Creating these videos is simple. Record yourself building something, increase the speed of the footage, and commentate over the footage explaining the process. You can also place copyright-free music over the footage if you'd prefer not to commentate.


A few years ago, a story mode was introduced into Minecraft. The introduction of this mode led to the opportunity to create speedrun videos. However, speed runs on this game don't only have to relate to the story mode.

There is plenty of unique speedruns that can be undertaken in this game. For instance, you could try to build a full set of diamond armor in the fastest time possible, or you could see how fast you can reach bedrock.


In this game, there are a variety of different autogenerated structures and locations. Often, these environments are not generated in a great way. Players have noticed this over the years, and have started transforming these generated environments.

Say you come across a village that was generated automatically. You could transform the village into a great location while retaining its original aspects. Viewers love watching things transform before their eyes.


Many games have given players the ability to mod their experience, and Minecraft is no different. On the PC version of this game, there are plenty of things that can be done to create a unique experience.

Whether you create mods or simply enjoy using them on your playthroughs, creating videos highlighting your experience can garner a lot of interest. If you find a unique mod, consider creating a series around it.


You now have a large collection of Minecraft video ideas at your disposal. Consider expanding on these ideas and making them your own. Remember, this game is meant to encourage your creativity, and that should be displayed in your videos.

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