12 Best Madden YouTubers (Must-See Channels)

May 24, 2022


Trying to find some Madden YouTubers to watch? If you are, you've come to the right place.

One of the most popular video games is the Madden franchise. Naturally, this has caused many YouTube channels in this niche to grow to large subscriber counts. But which of these channels are worth watching?

Read on and discover some must-see Madden YouTube channels.

Best Madden YouTubers

While there are many Madden content creators, not all of them are worth watching. We watch high-quality videos- not low-quality videos. Naturally, this makes it important to find the channels that publish the highest quality videos.

Let's go over some of the best Madden YouTubers.


QJB joined YouTube in May 2006 and has since gained 2.15 million subscribers and 644 million views across 4,000+ uploads. These numbers are expected to increase to 2.2 million subscribers and over 671 million views in 2023.

This channel has content relating to Madden, NBA, Fortnite, and more. Different formats or versions of Madden are featured as well- not just the newest release in the franchise. Livestreams, reactions, tips, suggestions, and reviews are common on this channel too.


YoBoy PIZZA has 2.02 million subscribers, over 1,500 videos, and 744 million views. Created in March 2014, this channel is projected to reach 2.5 million subscribers and 998 million views sometime in 2023.

This channel features nearly daily video uploads that include live streams, tips, teams, fun suggestions, reviews, players, lineups, seasonal expectations, and more. YoBoy also uploads reactions, giveaways, and collaborations with fellow players of Madden.


MMG joined YouTube in Jan 2015 and has since amassed 2.2 million subscribers and over 885 million views across 1,900+ video uploads. This channel is projected to reach 2.6 million subscribers and more than 1.2 billion views in 2023.

The channel mainly focuses on reactions, live streams, opinions, discussions, reviews, lineups, tips and strategies, scores, records, teams, giveaways, throwbacks, and more. You can also find occasional vlogs and Q&As.


Created in September 2015, KayKayEs has 1.51 million subscribers, over 2,000 videos, and 557 million total views. These numbers are expected to increase to 1.7 million subscribers and 718 million views in 2023.

This Madden YouTuber uploads videos around thrice a week that mainly relate to team statistics, reviews, suggestions, game streams, best players, lineups and cards, and features in the game.


TDBarrett created his channel in September 2014 and now has over 4,050+ uploads with 1.46 million subscribers and 506 million total views. At the current growth rate, this channel is expected to reach 1.6 million subscribers and 648 million views sometime in 2023.

Coming from Canada, his videos mainly focus on Madden trades, rookies, player lineups, statistics, game reviews, streams, records, rounds, new features, and more.


AntoDaBoss is a channel that was created in June 2009. Over the years, it has accumulated 1.15 million subscribers and 368 million views across 2,300+ uploads. These numbers are projected to increase to 1.17 million subscribers and 379 million total views based on the current growth rate of the channel.

This YouTuber tends to upload videos three or more times a week and includes content on Madden as well as the NBA. The Madden videos include scoring, touchdowns, streams, reviews, gaming tips, lineups, seasons and features, and more.


The iMAV3RIQ YouTube channel was created in October 2011 and it has since gained 1.11 million subscribers and over 530 million total views across nearly 5,000 video uploads. The channel is projected to reach 1.12 million subscribers and 575 million views in 2023.

Content-wise, this YouTuber uploads daily content on skills, collaborative plays, reviews, lineups, player selections, trades, wins and losses, as well as live streams. He also plays some games with his family and friends.


Toke joined YouTube in December 2013 and has since become a go-to source for Madden-related content. He uploads videos on players, plays, spending money on the game, tips, suggestions, streams, game reviews, cards, records, features, opening different packs, and more.

Currently, Toke has over 2,300 uploads with 749k subscribers and 222 million subscribers. His channel is expected to reach 757k subscribers and 226 million views in 2023 if the current growth rate continues.


Bengal arrived on YouTube in January 2015 and has since uploaded over 1,500 videos and gained 401k subscribers and 131 million views. These numbers are projected to grow to 648k subscribers and 273 million views sometime in 2023.

Videos include content relating to Madden 22 franchises and series. The videos feature agent signings, players, statistics, game reviews, streams, ratings, records, trades, plays, teams, reactions, and more.


VictionaryHD joined YouTube in September 2013 and has since gained a total of 394k subscribers and 99 million views across 1,550+ video uploads. The channel is expected to reach 411k subscribers and 122 million views in 2023 as long as it continues to grow at the current rate.

The channel includes videos about pulling cards, opinions, reviews, player statistics, trades, packs, reactions, limited editions, as well as occasional vlogs and life updates.


ThatWalker focuses on gaming and streaming. Created in December 2013, this channel has almost 1,400 videos with 378k subscribers and over 74 million views. These numbers might increase to 382k subscribers and 77 million views in 2023.

The video content that you can expect from this channel includes team selections, reviews, trades, conversations about the game, breakouts, rebuilds, records, and more.


Cookieboy17 has 640k subscribers and 277 million views across 3,750+ video uploads. Created in July 2007, this channel is expected to grow to 646k subscribers and 282 million views sometime in 2023.

Focusing on the Madden franchise, this channel publishes content consisting of streams, spoilers, selecting players, deciding game designs, new moves, and schemes, player moves, offense and defense, lineups, rankings, comebacks, as well as collaborations with other Madden YouTubers.


You now know some Madden YouTubers worth watching. Depending on your preferences, you may find one of the mentioned channels to be better than another. Regardless, you should have no trouble finding some new content to watch.

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