How to Make Your YouTube Channel More Visible

Nov 16, 2020


Learning how to make your YouTube channel more visible is important for attracting more viewers. If you do not know how to make your channel visible, it will be difficult for viewers to find it, leading to less attention for your channel. Luckily for you, making your channel visible isn't a very difficult process and can be done quickly.

To make your YouTube channel more visible, you should use a unique channel name, use channel tags, and fill out the "About" section on your channel page. Doing these things will help you personalize your channel and make it more visible, which will lead more viewers to discover your channel.

It's hard to get your channel noticed if viewers can't find it. The sooner you make your channel more visible, the sooner viewers will be able to discover your channel. As more viewers discover your YouTube channel, you will gain more views, subscribers, and overall channel growth.

How Do I Make My YouTube Channel Visible


If you've ever asked yourself: "How do I make my YouTube channel visible" then you aren't alone. Many new content creators struggle to make their channel visible, leading to less visibility for their videos. However, making a channel more visible is a simple process and can be done by doing a few simple things.

To make your YouTube channel visible, try the following:

  • Use a unique channel name
  • Use channel tags
  • Fill out your channel "About" section

Let's break down each of these things in more detail.

Channel Name

Sharing the same channel name as other content creators makes it difficult for your channel to stand out. Since this is the case, if you want your channel to be more visible, you should try to use a unique channel name. This way, your channel will not be placed among other channels in the search results with the same name.

When naming your channel, it's best to be 100% unique. Meaning, you should not add numbers or symbols at the end of any username. You should try your best to create a username that is memorable and unique. The more unique your channel name is, the easier your channel will be found.

Channel Tags

Channel tags help YouTube determine what a YouTube channel is about. By using channel tags, you can help YouTube recognize your channel so it can be made more visible. The best way to use channel tags for this purpose is to use your channel name and any variations as channel tags.

It can also be a good idea to include tags related to the videos you make in your channel tags. Doing so will help your channel be more visible to viewers interested in the types of videos you create. Try to use a mixture of channel tags that reflect your channel and the types of videos you create.

"About" Section

A lot of content creators are lazy when it comes to filling out their channel pages with information. One particular area that many creators skip over is the "About" section on their channel page. The "About" section is essentially a biography section where a channel owner can provide information about their channel.

Filling out the "About" section on your channel page will help make your channel more complete. Also, YouTube uses information written to gather information about channels. Due to this, it is always a good idea for every content creator looking to make their channel more visible to fill out their channel "About" section.

How Long Will It Take for Your Channel to Be Visible

After making the changes suggested above, will your channel instantly become more visible? Or, will it take a while for more viewers to be able to discover your channel? Making the suggested changes to your channel listed above will help your channel become more visible, but it will not happen instantly.

You see, even if you optimize your channel perfectly, you will still need to gain some channel authority for it to be more visible. The easiest way to gain channel authority is simply to upload videos. This is why brand new channels are always difficult to find- they have no authority.

When starting a new channel, optimize your channel page and focus on creating and uploading videos consistently. Over time, your channel will become easier for viewers to discover due to its increased visibility gained by increasing channel authority. At the end of the day, there's no point in having your channel get discovered if you have no videos!

Do the things listed above and your channel will eventually become more visible to viewers. Be sure to put in effort into creating a good channel name, finding good channel tags, and filling out your "About" section. You don't want to rush these things, as rushing could lead to less than desirable results.


Making a YouTube channel more visible isn't as difficult as it seems. By simply optimizing your channel page and uploading videos, your channel will become more visible over time. It is important to remember, however, that you will need to be patient. New and small channels lack authority, and it takes time to build authority.

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