How to Get Noticed on YouTube for Singing

Oct 29, 2020


Have you ever wanted to know how to get noticed on YouTube for singing? If so, you wouldn't be alone. Many singers wish to get their voice heard by more people, and they often go to YouTube to do so. However, unless things are done the correct way, a singer might never get their voice heard by many people.

Getting noticed on YouTube for singing comes down to following YouTube marketing best practices. Good video search engine optimization (SEO), good thumbnails, and good topic selection are essential to get noticed on YouTube. Of course, producing good content is also necessary, but good content will not get noticed without following best practices.

Many singers approach YouTube incorrectly. They believe that because their channel is music-based, they should try to operate their channel differently than most. The fact of the matter is, a singing channel is still a YouTube channel like all the rest. Singing videos still get discovered and viewed just like all the other types of videos.

How Do You Get Noticed on YouTube for Singing


So, how do you get noticed on YouTube for singing? Well, as I mentioned above, you must follow YouTube marketing best practices. If you fail to follow best practices, your videos will not get seen and your channel will not get noticed. This will result in fewer people hearing your voice.

Every YouTube channel, including singing channels, must prioritize:

  • Video search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Thumbnail designs
  • Topic selection

Failure to prioritize these things will make it difficult to get your videos seen and your channel noticed. Sure, some outliers who ignore these things do exist. However, it has been proven that prioritizing the above things will increase your chances of getting noticed and achieving success on YouTube.

Let's breakdown each of these priorities in more detail.

Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Video search engine optimization is an integral part of getting noticed on YouTube. When you optimize your videos properly, you help YouTube determine the subject matter of your videos. You see, YouTube doesn't watch every video that is uploaded. They have an algorithm that scans the metadata of a video to determine what the video is about.

Metadata is scanned in search of keywords. Keywords are what tell the algorithm what a video is about. Once the algorithm determines what a video is about, it can then share the video with potential viewers more accurately. By optimizing your video following YouTube video SEO best practices, you help the algorithm determine what your video is about.

Thumbnails Designs

Many content creators neglect their video thumbnails. This is an issue, as thumbnails do not exist strictly for aesthetic purposes. Thumbnails exist to help entice users to click on and watch videos. Think about it- if nobody clicks on your videos, then how on earth can you get any views?

If you want your singing videos to get views, you'll need to use eye-catching video thumbnails. Make it your goal for your video thumbnails to stand out on the white YouTube webpage. The more your video thumbnails stand out, the more eyes your videos will attract, leading to more clicks and views.

Topic Selection

A big problem many content creators face is video topic selection. This problem, of course, does not exclude music-based channels. However, with singing channels, topic selection works a bit differently, as the only "trending" topics revolve around a new song and album releases.

As a singer, it's in your best interest not to cover the same songs (if you cover songs) that everyone else is covering. By covering lesser-known songs or older songs, you will face less competition. Covering songs (or topics) with lower competition will result in higher rankings for your videos and more views- if you have followed video SEO best practices.

Is YouTube Good for Singing


At this point, you might be wondering- is YouTube good for singing? After all, it seems like there are a lot of different skills that you will have to possess to get your videos seen. Video SEO, thumbnail designs, topic selection- it takes time to learn how to do these things correctly.

The fact of the matter is, YouTube is the world's 2nd-largest search engine. Along with this, it is the most popular video-sharing website in the world. Due to these facts, YouTube is a great place to get content discovered. While it might have a steeper learning curve than most social media networks, YouTube can help your voice get heard by a large number of people.

A lesser-known benefit YouTube has over other social media platforms is their qualifications for a view to count as a view. On many social media platforms, a user only needs to watch a video for 5 seconds for a view to be counted. When it comes to YouTube, a user must watch a minimum of 30 seconds of a video for a view to be counted.

While getting noticed on YouTube does take time, an audience on YouTube is more valuable than an audience on other platforms. Other platforms limit post reach, delete followers, etc. all the time. YouTube, however, does not do these things. If your videos are good, YouTube will share them with your viewers, not make you pay to have them shown to your viewers.


Getting noticed for singing on YouTube is the same as getting noticed on YouTube for any other types of videos. By following best practices, you can give your videos the best chance possible at getting discovered by potential viewers. If you fail to follow best practices, however, you will have a difficult time getting your videos seen and your channel noticed.

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