How to Get Movie Clips for YouTube Videos (Without Copyright)

Jan 11, 2022


Trying to learn how to get movie clips for YouTube videos? Look no further than this article.

For many years now, people have been creating and uploading videos to YouTube containing movie clips. Since this is the case, many other people have attempted to do the same. However, these people often run into issues when finding and using clips.

In this article, you will learn:

How to Get Movie Clips for Edits
How to Use Movie Clips on YouTube Without Copyright
Where Do YouTubers Get Their Video Clips?

Read on and learn everything you need to know about getting and using movie clips in YouTube videos.

How to Get Movie Clips for Edits


Before you can upload videos containing movie clips to YouTube, you must first find clips from movies. In the past, this was a difficult process. Nowadays, however, it's much easier thanks to various products and services.


A way many content creators gather movie clips is by recording them directly to their computers. Typically, creators own the DVD or Blu-ray disc containing the clips they need, so they capture them using a capture card.

Along the same lines, some creators watch a movie on their computer and record their screen as it plays. Doing this allows them to capture clips without needing a capture card. The only downside of this method is that a powerful computer is needed to capture clips lag-free.


Let's face it- you can find movie clips online everywhere. They're uploaded to YouTube, other video-sharing websites, social media, etc. This is the go-to strategy for most content creators nowadays who need to find clips from movies to use in their videos.

Movie clips can be downloaded online through the use of a video downloader. Fortunately, there are plenty of them available online. The key when doing this, however, is ensuring that the clips downloaded are in HD.


When content creators upload videos containing movie clips to YouTube, they often run into copyright issues. This leads to loss of revenue, copyright strikes, and channel bans. However, it doesn't have to be this way. There is a safe way to use movie clips without copyright.

Here's how to use movie clips on YouTube without copyright:

  1. Give credit
  2. Show a maximum of 5 seconds of a single clip
  3. Add commentary
  4. Play a maximum of 5 seconds of audio of a single clip
  5. Crop footage

Let's go over this process in more detail.

1. Give Credit

Whenever you show a movie clip in a YouTube video, you must give credit to the film. Along with this, you should include a fair use disclaimer in the description box of every video you upload containing clips from movies.

2. Show a Maximum of 5 Seconds of a Single Clip

Over the years, content creators have tested out what is acceptable in the eyes of YouTube's copyright system and what isn't. It's widely agreed upon that a maximum of 5 seconds of a single clip should be shown at once to ensure an automated copyright claim doesn't occur.

3. Add Commentary

The main reason content creators run into copyright issues when using movie clips in their videos is a lack of modifications. An easy way to fix this issue is to add commentary on top of clips while they play in the background.

4. Play a Maximum of 5 Seconds of Audio of a Single Clip

Similarly to showing video footage, you should only play a maximum of 5 seconds of audio of a single clip at a time. If you want to be extra cautious, only play a maximum of 3 seconds of audio.

5. Crop Footage

Another thing many content creators do to avoid copyright issues when using movie clips in videos is crop the footage they're using. Zooming in or out can help your footage appear more unique and bypass the AI YouTube uses to hunt down copyright footage.

Where Do YouTubers Get Their Video Clips?


At this point, you're probably wondering- where do YouTubers get their video clips? Specifically, do they tend to get them from a DVD/Blu-ray, or do they search the internet for the clips they need?

YouTubers get their video clips primarily through the internet. Some record them manually from a DVD/Blu-ray disc, but many find it quicker to find them online. Typically, clips are found on YouTube.

When a YouTuber finds a movie clip on YouTube, they use a video downloader to download it as a file. As you can probably guess, clips are typically downloaded in HD- 1080P HD to be specific. Doing so ensures the highest quality possible.

With this said, for non-movie clips, YouTubers tend to utilize stock footage services such as Envato Elements. These services give creators access to thousands of copyright-free stock video clips that they can use in their YouTube videos.


You now know how to get movie clips for YouTube videos. While it might have been hard to do so in the past, gathering clips and using them copyright-free on YouTube is much easier nowadays. Be sure to do things properly so you don't run into any copyright issues.

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