How to Blow Up on YouTube - The Complete Guide

Nov 1, 2021


Trying to learn how to blow up on YouTube? If so, you've come to the right place.

Every year, new YouTube channels come from seemingly out of nowhere and into the spotlight. While many view these channels as getting lucky, some steps can be taken to increase the likelihood of blowing up and attracting a large influx of attention.

In this article, you will learn:

How Hard Is It to Blow Up on YouTube?
How Long to Blow Up on YouTube?
How to Go Blow Up on YouTube Fast

Read on and learn everything you need to know about blowing up on YouTube.

How Hard Is It to Blow Up on YouTube?


You might be wondering- how hard is it to blow up on YouTube? Is it as difficult as people say? Or, does blowing up come down to luck? After all, many channels have been able to blow up over the years.

Blowing up on YouTube is hard- plain and simple. Even if you know what you're doing, you still need to put in an immense amount of effort to see explosive channel growth. For creators who don't know what they're doing, blowing up is extremely difficult.

On the flip side, there are many common characteristics shared among channels that blow up. So, in theory, if you do what those channels did, you will increase your chances of seeing success. But, as was just mentioned, the process is still a difficult one.

At the end of the day, there's a reason why more channels do not see explosive growth. Of course, new channels blow up each year. However, this number is tiny compared to the number of new content creators that start publishing videos every year.

How Long to Blow Up on YouTube?


Have you ever wondered how long it takes to blow up on YouTube? If you have, you aren't alone. This is a question that creators have had for many years now, and for good reason- who wouldn't want to know the answer to it?

Here's the deal- there is no clear answer to this question. You see, some channels blow up after a few months, whereas for other channels it takes years. Many factors contribute to the speed at which a channel blows up.

All you can do to increase your chances of blowing up quickly is to follow best practices. By doing the things that other channels have done to blow up, you will put your channel in the position to see more success.

Just remember- nothing is guaranteed. For you, blowing up might take months or it may take years. You can do everything right and still not see success. So, keep this in mind when attempting to attract an audience on YouTube.

How to Go Blow Up on YouTube Fast


If you want to blow up fast on YouTube, you'll need to put your channel in the best position to do so. You can do this by following the best practices that have been used by the vast majority of channels that have blown up fast in the past.

Here's how to go blow up on YouTube fast:

  1. Create and upload high-quality content
  2. Target trends
  3. Prioritize content creation speed
  4. Select relevant keywords
  5. Use clickable video thumbnails
  6. Utilize social media
  7. Allow embedding on videos
  8. Enable autoplay mode for featured videos

Let's discuss this process in more detail.

1. Create and Upload High-Quality Content

This should be self-explanatory. You must create and upload high-quality content if you wish to blow up fast on YouTube. High-quality content is promoted heavily by YouTube in comparison to low-quality content, making quality a major factor.

Don't confuse yourself- content quality doesn't mean uploading videos in 4K. Content quality means creating videos that provide a lot of value to the target audience at hand- whether it be entertainment value or educational value.

To get a better idea of what high-quality content looks like in your niche, look at the channels that have seen explosive growth. Also, look at the videos that led to the growth. It should be your goal to match the presentation and flow of the videos on these channels.

2. Target Trends

If you watch YouTube yourself, you'll notice that many videos that go viral tend to target trending topics. It makes sense why this would be the case- trending topics attract a lot of attention.

Ideally, you should target trends in your niche if you want to best position your videos to receive a lot of views. It's not the best strategy to only target trending topics, but doing so is the best way to increase your chances of seeing explosive channel growth.

Finding trends to create content about is a simple as monitoring Google Trends data and social media. With this said, you cannot do this lazily. You must check these platforms often to ensure you do not miss the opportunity to jump on a topic.

3. Prioritize Content Creation Speed

Part of being able to capitalize on trends is being about to create content quickly. It makes sense- if you want to beat your competitors to the punch, you need to create videos quickly and efficiently.

Ultimately, what will help you become faster and more efficient at creating videos is creating more videos. But, it is a good idea to develop a workflow for yourself beforehand so you're able to maximize your filming and editing time.

Trending topics come up all the time, but they get videos created about them very quickly. So, if you want to have the chance of capitalizing on trends, you must prioritize content creation speed.

4. Select Relevant Keywords

The main way YouTube determines what a video is about is by scanning the metadata of the video in search of keywords. Keywords tell the algorithm about the general subject matter of the video, making it easier to rank the video in the search results and promote it to users.

Taking the time to research and select good keywords so your video can be optimized properly is very important. Failing to optimize your video with good keywords will lead to YouTube promoting your video infrequently and ranking it low in the search results.

Something to note is that new trends present a great opportunity to rank high in the search results for terms that will be considered competitive in the future. So, if you're able to create videos and get them ranking before your competitors- do it.

5. Use Clickable Video Thumbnails

It's been said many times before, and it continues to be true. If your videos do not get clicked, they will not get viewed. The best way to ensure your videos get clicked is to use clickable video thumbnails.

Going a bit deeper, however, it's important to recognize that the YouTube algorithm does value click-through rate (CTR). If a video has a high CTR, it will be more likely to be promoted to potential viewers.

Knowing this, you must not rush the thumbnail design process. Also, it's a good idea to reverse-engineer the thumbnails of the large channels in your niche. Doing this can give you a better idea of what thumbnails your target audience are likely to respond positively to.

6. Utilize Social Media

Over the years, many videos have gone viral after being posted on Reddit or shared on Twitter. While having a video go viral via social media is easier said than done, the potential is always there for your video to get shared by an account with a large following.

A lot of content creators share their videos with every person they can in an attempt to get the most attention possible. The thing is, this is not the ideal way to go about promoting content on social media.

Self-promotion is very frowned upon, so it's best if your content gets promoted organically by other people. Since this is the case, if you can get your existing audience to share your videos with influencers in your niche, or on Reddit, that could prove to be a great strategy.

7. Allow Embedding on Videos

One of the ways many videos go viral is by being embedded on a large website. Depending on your niche, the likelihood of this happening might be very likely or not very likely. However, allowing your videos to be embedded on websites is never a bad idea.

Every little bit helps, and you never know when one of your videos will be picked up and embedded on a large website. Of course, social media is the preferred content-sharing platform nowadays, but don't underestimate the power of websites.

8. Enable Autoplay Mode for Featured Videos

A little-known fact among YouTube content creators is that featured videos can be set to autoplay mode for visitors. Meaning, if a user visits your channel page, your featured video can start playing automatically. This can lead to an increase in view count for the video.

You might be wondering what this tip has to do with blowing up on YouTube. Well, if you feature a video that is performing well on your channel, you can help maintain the momentum for the video. Doing this will lead to continued growth and success.


You now know how to blow up on YouTube. While blowing up and seeing explosive growth isn't the easiest thing to do, it doesn't only come down to luck as most people believe. Following best practices can put your channel in the position to see growth very quickly.

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