How Many YouTube Subscribers Should I Have in a Year?

Nov 28, 2020


A question I'm asked often by content creators is: "How many YouTube subscribers should I have in a year?" It makes sense that I would be asked this question. Many content creators put in a lot of effort, and they want to know whether or not they are growing at an appropriate rate. The thing is, it's difficult to provide an answer to this question.

After a year, there is no set number of YouTube subscribers you should have. Every channel grows at a different rate based on the niche at hand, video quality, and effort put in. A channel that only publishes 3 videos in a year will gain fewer subscribers than a channel that publishes 300 videos in a year.

If you want to gain as many subscribers as possible in a year, you must position your channel to be able to do so. There are many different ways that you can do this. Upload more frequently, improve the quality of your videos, etc. One of the quickest ways to get more subscribers, however, is to turn more viewers into subscribers.

How Many Subscribers Should I Have in a Year


If you've ever asked the question: "How many subscribers should I have in a year?" then you aren't alone. Content creators often wonder whether or not they are growing at a suitable rate for their effort. A few things contribute to the rate at which a channel gains subscribers. Paying attention to these things can lead to more gained subscribers at the end of a year.

The number of subscribers you gain in a year depends on:

  • Current channel authority
  • Upload frequency
  • Marketing skills
  • Video quality
  • Overall effort

Let's discuss each of these things in more detail.

Current Channel Authority

Brand new channels have low authority. This causes them to grow slower than channels with authority. If your YouTube channel is brand new, then there is a good chance that you will not gain a massive number of subscribers after a year. However, there are exceptions to this rule- many brand new channels explode in popularity over a year.

If we look at things conservatively, we can assume that a brand new channel will struggle to gain a massive number of subscribers in a year. Of course, this doesn't mean that a new channel can't gain 500, 1,000, or even 10,000 subscribers in a year. But, the expectations should never be this high.

Upload Frequency

Channels that upload a significant number of videos over a year tend to grow faster than those that don't. When a channel publishes more videos, it gets put in front of potential subscribers more often. This increases the potential for gaining more YouTube subscribers over time.

By uploading more videos, you can position your channel to achieve more success over a year. There are, of course, other factors at play than just upload frequency. You cannot upload 300 random videos that are low-quality and poorly optimized. However, if you want to gain as many subscribers in a year as possible, you should try to upload frequently.

Marketing Skills

It is not uncommon for channels that gain the most subscribers in a year to be owned by people with a marketing background. Knowing how to get your videos seen by more people can help you grow an audience faster. People with a marketing background know how to do this, and this helps their channel grow faster.

The more often you can get your videos seen, the better. Learning how to market your videos on social media, forums, etc. is very beneficial. So, to maximize the number of subscribers you gain, learn how you can market your videos. Then, make sure you put the things you learn into action consistently.

Video Quality

Viewers subscribe to channels that publish high-quality videos. Quality is subjective, but some best practices must be followed. For example, a video must not be painful to watch. Good audio and video quality are necessary. With this said, nobody expects a Hollywood movie- they just want to be able to watch a video comfortably.

You do not need to purchase expensive equipment to create high-quality videos. An affordable USB microphone and your mobile phone can work just fine. Editing your audio and video footage properly can also make a huge difference. It's important, however, that your videos are of decent quality, as viewers do not subscribe to channels with low-quality videos.

Overall Effort

Content creators that put in the most overall effort when it comes to operating a YouTube channel often grow the fastest. Sure, you can't do the wrong things and expect to grow as quickly as someone doing the right things. But, a content creator that puts in a lot of overall effort and makes mistakes will still grow faster than a creator that puts in minimal effort.

YouTube isn't as easy as most people think. Many content creators don't even make it to the 1-year mark because they find YouTube to be so difficult. If you want to gain a large number of subscribers in a year, you must be willing to put in the effort necessary to be able to do so. A low effort will lead to a low subscriber count at the end of a year.

How to Turn Viewers Into Subscribers on YouTube


Knowing how to turn viewers into subscribers on YouTube is an important skill to possess as a content creator. The more viewers you can turn into subscribers, the more subscribers you will gain. But how is this done? How can you ensure that you are turning as many viewers as possible into subscribers?

As I mentioned earlier, people subscribe to channels that publish high-quality videos. So, if you want to turn more viewers into subscribers, create high-quality videos. Audio and video quality are important. In this case, however, "quality" refers to the content contained in videos- not how they look and sound.

Creating videos about random topics with low interest will not lead to many subscribers. You must create videos about in-demand topics that are valuable to viewers. Videos that contain a lot of value are of higher quality than videos containing no value. Viewers must have a solid impression of you and your channel after watching your videos.

Along with publishing high-quality videos, you must have a strong call-to-action present in your videos. Believe it or not, many YouTube users do not know that subscribing to a channel is an option. Make sure that you invite every viewer to subscribe to your channel by having a call-to-action present in your videos.


Gaining subscribers on YouTube can be a difficult process. However, there are things that you can do to ensure you gain the most subscribers possible. Do you have the goal of gaining as many subscribers as you can in a year? You do? Then make sure you pay attention to your video quality, upload frequency, etc.

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