How Long Should a YouTube Intro Be? (Complete Explanation)

Nov 5, 2021


Have you ever wondered- how long should a youtube intro be? If you have, you've come to the right place.

There are many benefits to using an intro in your YouTube videos. However, if your intro is too long, the performance of your videos can be harmed. For this reason, it's important to you create an intro that is of an optimal duration.

In this article, you will learn:

How Long Should My YouTube Intro Be?
Do You Need a YouTube Intro?
Should You Have a YouTube Intro?

Read on and learn how long an intro should be for YouTube videos.

How Long Should My YouTube Intro Be?


If you've ever wondered to yourself, "how long should my YouTube intro be?" then you're not alone. This is a question that content creators of all sizes have at one point or another. But what is the answer to this question?

YouTube intros should be kept short. The ideal length is around 5 seconds but longer is okay- just no more than 20 seconds. Intros that are too long cause viewers to click off of videos, leading to a lower view duration.

With this said, it's important to remember that every audience is different. Younger audiences tend to have a lower attention span than older audiences. So, if you create videos for a young audience, your intro should be on the shorter end.

Consider looking at how long the intros are of successful channels in your niche. Doing this can give you an idea of what intro length has worked in your niche. Then, create an intro of a similar length.

Do You Need a YouTube Intro?


At this point, you might be wondering- do you need a YouTube intro? After all, not all content creators feature an intro in their videos. If they're able to achieve success without an intro, surely you can too, right?

You do not need a YouTube intro. Many channels have achieved great success without having one. However, intros can help engage viewers when used correctly, so consider using one if you're struggling to maintain a high view duration.

Along the same lines, intros can help improve the branding of your channel. By using an intro that is consistent with your other branding elements, you can help viewers to recognize your videos and brand easier.

Try creating some videos with an intro and without one. Then, look at the data to determine if videos with an intro performed better or worse than those without an intro. Data can help you make the best decision for your audience and channel.

Should You Have a YouTube Intro?


Okay, so you don't need to have an intro on YouTube- but should you? There must be a reason why so many channels have an intro for their videos, right? They wouldn't use them if they didn't benefit them in some way!

Here is why you should have an intro on your YouTube videos:

Let's discuss these things further.

1. Branding

A YouTube video intro can help improve the overall branding of your channel. By using an intro that is consistent with the design of your channel banner, profile picture, etc you can help your videos become more recognizable to viewers.

2. Trust

Trust is hard to gain online. Luckily enough, using an intro can make this easier. You see, intros help videos and channels appear more professional. People are more likely to trust channels that produce professional-looking content.

3. Content

Intros can give viewers an indication of the content you create. When viewers have an easier time determining what content you create, they'll have an easier time determining if your videos are targeted at them.


You now know how long a YouTube intro should be and the benefits of having one. While you do not have to have an intro present in your videos, having one can help improve your branding and trust in the eyes of viewers.

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