Female Minecraft YouTubers Worth Watching

May 14, 2022


Looking for some female Minecraft YouTubers worth watching? You've come to the right place.

There are many popular female content creators on YouTube. Some of the most popular female creators create Minecraft videos. But which girl Minecraft players are worth consuming content from?

Read on and discover some girl YouTubers that play Minecraft.

Girl Minecraft YouTubers

Many people have been led to believe that Minecraft is a male-dominated niche on YouTube. In reality, some of the largest creators in the niche are female. So, no matter what content you prefer, there are plenty of opportunities to consume content from either gender.

Let's go over a few of the best girl Minecraft YouTubers.


ItsFunneh is a very successful YouTube channel owned and operated by Kat La, a Canadian gaming content creator. She owns one of the largest Minecraft channels, and if you watch her content, it's easy to see why this is the case. Something to note is that she also publishes videos about other games such as Roblox, UNO, and Animal Crossing.

Since starting her channel in September 2011, Kat La has managed to accumulate 8.7 million subscribers and 9.9 billion total views across 2,200+ videos. It is estimated that by early 2023, her channel will reach 10.2 million subscribers. Seeing as she uploads new videos daily, this projection is completely within reach.

Videos on this channel are typically between 15 and 30 minutes in length. However, some videos are around 1-hour in length. So, you won't have to set aside an entire day to watch the videos on this channel, which is a nice benefit. Also, the videos are all organized into playlists, which makes them easy to find.


Another very popular female Minecraft player is iHasCupquake. Owned by Tiffany Garcia, this channel is one of the most authoritative channels in the Minecraft niche. Chances are, if you've ever searched for a Minecraft video, one of hers has shown up in the search results.

Tiffany has managed to grow a huge audience for herself over the years. As of early 2022, her channel has accumulated over 6.9 million subscribers and 2.9 billion total views across 4,700+ videos. Her subscriber count is expected to increase to 7 million sometime in 2023.

Content-wise, iHasCupquake primarily publishes Minecraft videos. However, she also publishes vlogs, #Shorts clips, and let's plays of other games like the Sims 4 and Animal Crossing. Something to be aware of is the fact that her upload frequency has decreased in recent years, but there are still plenty of old videos to watch and enjoy.


LDShadowLady is one of the most well-known girl Minecraft YouTubers. Owned by Elizabeth Dwyer, this channel has been around since January 2010 and is one of the most authoritative channels in the niche. Lizzie was the first female Minecraft player that most people ever saw, and she's still going strong over a decade later.

Since starting over a decade ago, this channel has grown to 6.8 million subscribers and 3.4 billion total views across 1,000+ videos. It is estimated that by early 2023, it will reach 7.5 million subscribers. If her upload frequency were to increase (she only uploads 1 new video each week) this number would most likely increase further.

On Lizzie's channel, you'll find Minecraft videos- plain and simple. Fortunately, there are a variety of different series to watch, which helps with keeping things fresh. They're organized into playlists, which makes them easy to find. It is important to note that there are also a few videos covering other games, such as Among Us and the Sims 4.


One of the lesser-known largest female Minecraft content creators on YouTube is Karina Kurzawa, also known as GamerGirl. While she hasn't been around for a long time (she started her channel in 2016), she has established herself as one of the top creators in the niche in recent years.

Karina has managed to grow a huge audience for herself on YouTube. As of early 2022, she has gained 5.9 million subscribers and 3.1 billion total views across 1,600+ videos. It is expected that sometime in 2023, the GamerGirl channel will grow to 6.2 million subscribers.

Content-wise, you will mostly find Minecraft and Roblox videos on this channel. However, you will also find some Sims 4 and Among Us videos. Unfortunately, Karina hasn't been very consistent in recent months with publishing new content, so there aren't many new videos to watch on her channel. But, there are plenty of great old videos available for viewing.


A channel that cannot be forgotten about when discussing girls who play Minecraft on YouTube is stacyplays. Stacy Hinojosa is the owner of this channel and is a very passionate content creator who creates high-quality videos that are entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

Stacy started her channel in March 2013 and has managed to grow a large audience in the years that have gone by. Currently, her channel has 2.2 million subscribers and 1 billion total views across 2,000+ videos. It is estimated that sometime in 2023, the stacyplays channel will reach 2.3 million subscribers.

There's a good chance that you'll find some videos to watch and enjoy on this channel- especially if you like Minecraft. Stacy has published 15 different Minecraft series to her channel thus far, and each video in each series has been sorted into an organized playlist. So, binging each episode of a series is easily done.


You now know some female Minecraft YouTubers worth watching. The content creators mentioned all create high-quality content and have been doing so for a long time. So, do not hesitate to check them out if you're looking for some new channels to watch.

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