12 Best Fashion YouTubers (Must-See Influencers and Channels)

May 23, 2022


Trying to find some of the best fashion YouTubers? If so, you've come to the right place.

Let's face it- people are obsessed with fashion. Since this is the case, it's easy to see why there are so many YouTube fashion gurus. But one has to wonder- which content creators in this niche stand out from the rest due to their content quality?

Read on and discover some must-see YouTube fashion influencers.

Best Fashion YouTubers

Over the years, many fashion vloggers have come and gone. However, there are a few that have managed to stick around for a while and gain a following. These creators are the ones worth watching.

Let's go over a few of the best fashion YouTubers.

Tess Christine

Tess Christine joined YouTube in April 2008 after coming across the beauty community of YouTube. Since then, she has been uploading her videos with tips and tricks about fashion, hair, and makeup along with videos about her clothing line and clothing hauls. She also posts several vlogs about her trips and daily life.

This YouTube channel has over 220+ uploads, 2.32 million subscribers, and over 105 million total views so far. As of early 2023, it is expected to reach around 2.39 million subscribers and over 112 million views.

Jenn Im

Jenn Im is a Korean American and lives in LA. Her videos mainly comprise vlogs regarding style tips and tricks, thoughts, tutorials, lifestyle advice, and her daily life.

She created her channel in March 2010 and now has over 830+ video uploads, 3.16 million subscribers, and over 354 million total views. This channel is expected to reach 3.3 million subscribers and more than 388 million views in 2023.


Owned and operated by a woman in her 20s who lives in New York City, Bestdressed focuses on fashion, tips and tricks, thrifting, shopping, decorating, sewing, and more.

This YouTube channel has 3.8 million subscribers and over 200+ video uploads along with more than 302 million views. Created in September 2015, this channel is projected to grow to 3.83 million subscribers and 319 million total views in 2023.


TheLineUp is a YouTube channel that was created in November 2013. It has accumulated 450+ videos, 544k subscribers, and a total view count of 49 million. The channel is projected to reach over 549k subscribers and more than 51 million views in 2023.

This channel is owned and operated by Julia Dang from Sweden and features videos covering accessories, clothing hauls, trip vlogs, moving in vlogs, fashion tips such as layering, doing nails, putting together outfits, and compilations of her outfits.

Tasha Green

Tasha Green is a fashion YouTuber from the UK. She has around 130 uploads, 148k subscribers, and more than 3.6 million total views. Created in December 2011, the channel is expected to reach150k subscribers and over 3.7 million views sometime in 2023.

This channel mainly features daily vlogs, moving-in videos, fashion tips, styling ideas, hair, makeup, nail tutorials, and outfit recommendations for various occasions.


Created in December 2011, TheNotoriousKIA has grown to over 324K subscribers and 21 million total views across 300+ videos. It is expected that the channel will reach 326K subscribers and 23 million total views in 2023.

On this channel, you will find daily vlogs, fashion tips, styling ideas, ways to discover your style, thrifting, hauls, putting outfits together, and more.

Freddy My Love

Freddy My Love joined YouTube in November 2012 and has since published nearly 400 video uploads and accumulated 1.16 million subscribers and over 118 million views. The channel is likely to reach 1.18 million subscribers and 135 million views in 2023.

This channel’s videos deal with packing tips, wardrobe ideas, styling ideas, outfit recommendations, vlogs about Freddy’s daily life and trips, and organization suggestions.

Vanessa Ziletti

Vanessa Ziletti is an Italian YouTuber with 347k subscribers, around 800 video uploads, and over 54 million views. She created her channel in September 2010 and uploads videos about online shopping, styling tips and tricks, hair and makeup tips, morning and night routines, vlogs, and more.

The channel is expected to reach over 350k subscribers and 55.8 million views sometime in 2023.

Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright created her channel in February 2009 and has since amassed 2.85 million subscribers and around 353 million views across 800+ uploads. These numbers are projected to increase to 2.92 million subscribers and more than 367 million views in 2023.

The channel deals with hairstyling, selecting and styling outfits, scheduling, daily routines, lifestyle suggestions, hacks, and conversations with other professionals in the same field.

Samantha Maria

Samantha Maria has 1.75 million subscribers and around 200 million total views across 880+ uploads. She created her channel in July 2009 and now uploads regular content that includes daily vlogs, makeup tips, hair tips and styling, grooming, favorite outfits, and choosing outfits.

Her channel is likely to grow to around 1.78 million subscribers and more than 201 million views in 2023.


Coolirpa is a YouTube channel owned and operated by a woman named April. Created in October 2010, this channel mainly has videos about do-it-yourself (DIY) fashion, upcycling old clothes, fashion and styling suggestions, sewing tips, thrifting, and essentially designing and making your clothes for all kinds of occasions for more sustainable fashion.

As of early 2022, this channel has 2.17 million subscribers, around 400+ uploads, and 160 million views. These numbers are projected to increase to 2.18 million subscribers and more than 177 million views in 2022.


Teachingmensfashion was created in September 2012. It has a whopping 5.65 million subscribers, over 1,900 uploads, and more than 910 million views. It is projected to grow to 6.4 million subscribers and over 1 billion views sometime in 2023.

Content-wise, the channel has videos about all things men’s fashion, including styling tips, hair suggestions, lifestyle tips, and general information about mannerisms and behavior.


You now know who some of the best fashion YouTubers are. Whether you enjoy watching hauls or are looking for some help with your wardrobe, any of the content creators mentioned should meet your needs.

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