Best Subliminal YouTube Channels (That Are Safe and Work)

Apr 7, 2022


Trying to find the best subliminal YouTube channels? This article should help you out.

Let's face it- we all struggle to remain positive sometimes. Whether it's about our attitude or looks, we all run into issues. However, some videos can help us get out of these ruts. The key, however, is making sure you're watching the best videos available.

Read on and discover some subliminal channels that work.

Best Subliminal YouTube Channels

Subliminal videos are easy to make on the surface, but in reality, they require a lot of skills to create. You see, many channels create these videos but they're often low-quality and difficult to watch. Fortunately, there are some decent channels available to watch content from.

Let's go over some of the best subliminal channels on YouTube.


Kapelsu is a subliminal channel created in January 2018 that currently has 286k subscribers, over 106 million views, and 80+ video uploads. This channel is projected to reach 428k subscribers and over 210 million total views in 2023.

Run by an 18-year-old who creates and edits their affirmations on their own, this channel focuses on music subliminals with positive affirmations. These audio uploads on YouTube usually cover various manifestations such as the body, luck, life control, voice, business, beauty, intelligence, and more.


This subliminal channel was created in February 2013 and has over 105 uploads, 334k subscribers, and 100 million views. This channel focuses on subliminals relating to social praise, health, sex, posture, career, intelligence, school, body types, eyes, and more. You can also find a few other casual uploads on this channel.

Eggtopia is projected to grow to 478k subscribers as well as over 162 million total views sometime in 2023.

baejin cafe

Created in June 2017, beijin cafe offers subliminal music with affirmations and soothing sounds that can make the manifestation process more effective. This YouTuber compiles, records, and edits these uploads on their own.

The channel has 50+ uploads so far along with 186k subscribers and 50 million total views. According to projections, this channel is likely to grow and amass a total of 383k subscribers and more than 78 million views in 2023.

moza morph

Moza morph has around 184k subscribers, 125+ videos, and over 71 million views. Created by a medical student in August 2020, the videos on this channel are a combination of affirmations that are covered by other sounds such as music, rain, fire, and others, all relating to a range of manifestations. Several videos are uploaded each month.

This channel is further projected to grow even larger, with estimations stating that it will reach approximately 615k subscribers and more than 253 million views in 2023.


AKUO has been on YouTube since December 2015. Since then, the channel has grown quite a bit and gained a total of 170k subscribers and over 58 million views over a collection of 300+ uploads so far.

Created in Germany, AKUO is projected to keep growing to a total of around 199k subscribers and over 70 million views in early 2023.

This channel uploads affirmations layered with music related to wealth, career, love, body weight, hair loss, skin, relaxation, and more.


RAINY, stylized with a heart next to the channel name, has around 34.7k subscribers, 54 uploads, and over 3 million views. RAINY is a medical student who also makes subliminals that combines a calming visual with sounds of water and affirmations that can help you manifest.

They upload videos related to body weight, skin, beauty, proportions, and more with a couple of uploads each week. This channel is projected to reach 64k subscribers and over 4 million views in 2023.

solar subs

Solar subs joined YouTube in January 2018 and have managed to reach 176k subscribers and over 60 million views across 85 uploads. The channel is further projected to reach 253k subscribers and 100 million views in 2023.

The channel mainly focuses on subliminals that relate to money, body weight, skin, beauty, career, art, love, success, and more. It combines affirmations with music, sounds, and edited visuals.

They upload their videos once a month or sometimes even once every two to three months.


HypnoDaddy joined YouTube in June 2014 and now has over 178k subscribers, 170 uploads, and over 51 million views. The channel is projected to grow to 211k subscribers and over 65 million views in early 2023.

Overall, this channel focuses on affirmations that are woven into relaxing music, study music, sleep music, healing music, and other subliminals. You can also find videos on self-help, hypnosis, the law of attraction, and brainwave entertainment.

Beauty Krystalized

Beauty Krystalized has over 238k subscribers, 160+ videos, and over 68 million total views. Moreover, this channel is expected to grow to 471k subscribers and over 183 million views sometime in 2023.

Created in February 2016, this channel uploads original subliminals relating to manifestation, spirituality, science, and the law of attraction. The subjects are usually associated with body weight, lips, popularity, attraction, grades, voice, talents, nose shape, dating, and more.


KOTTIE joined YouTube in January 2017 and has over 117k subscribers, 125+ uploads, and 28 million views. This channel takes paid requests in case you want a certain kind of subliminal on their channel which usually focuses on hair, weight, waist shape, mental health, eyes, teeth, beauty, skin, and more.

The channel is projected to reach 205k subscribers and 52 million total views in 2023.


Halo has over 100k subscribers on their channel along with 120+ uploads and over 27 million views. This channel was created in October 2018 and is projected to reach 179k subscribers and over 51 million views in 2023.

This channel makes subliminals with affirmations, sounds, and music relating to legs, weight, skin, jawlines, skin, health, hair, wealth, career, intelligence, grades, and more.


Vetala has been on YouTube since September 2016 and has grown to 140k subscribers, 125+ uploads, and over 57 million views. The channel is projected to grow to 210k subscribers and 121 million total views in 2023.

This channel has subliminals relating to lips, weight, face shape, eyes, productivity, wealth, height, teeth, legs, hair, friendship, love, presence, and more.


You now know the best subliminal YouTube channels. Whether you're looking to improve your self-confidence or mood, these channels will equip you with the positive thoughts you need to make big changes in your life.

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