Best Piano YouTube Channels (Must-See Pianist YouTubers)

Apr 15, 2022


Trying to find the best piano YouTube channels? If you are, you should find this article to be helpful.

Over the years, many piano-focused YouTube channels have risen to prominence. Covers, tutorials, and original songs are just a taste of the content these channels tend to publish. But which channels, in particular, are worth watching?

Read on and discover the best piano players on YouTube.

Piano YouTubers

What makes a good pianist YouTuber? Is it content quality? Perhaps the talent level of the musician? Maybe both? Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of channels available to watch that have proven to be great resources for individuals who like the piano.

Let's go over some of the top Piano YouTubers currently creating content.


PianoTV is run by Allysia Van Betuw, a Canadian musician and piano teacher. She has been making piano YouTube videos since 2015 and currently has over 130K subscribers.

She makes videos for beginners learning to play the piano, does challenges, gives advice to piano teachers, and takes you through her practice sessions and composition process. Her channel is full of tips and tricks for both piano beginners and professionals.

She has uploaded over 380 videos so far and posts 2-4 videos a month on average. The channel has over 11 million total views. If pianoTV keeps posting and growing at the same rate, the channel will cross 154K subscribers in 2023.


HDpiano is a treasure trove of piano tutorials for songs by popular artists like Bruno Mars and Alicia Keys. The channel is very active and posts 2-4 videos every week. The tutorials are wildly popular and the channel has over 1.36 million subscribers.

HDpiano was created on August 8, 2008, and has uploaded over 1,200 videos. This American piano YouTube channel has 186 million combined views so far and continues to grow rapidly.

The channel is on course to reach 1.47 million subscribers and 230 million views by early 2023. They also have a website with exclusive tutorials.

Josh Wright

Josh Wright is a #1 Classical Billboard artist and professional piano instructor. His videos are aimed at teaching proper technique and making complicated concepts easier for students of classical music. He also makes piano tutorials for classical music.

The channel was created on November 20, 2009, and has over 162K subscribers. Josh uploads 4-5 new videos every month. He has over 16 million total views across the 630+ videos he has uploaded.

If the channel continues to grow at the same rate, it should hit 180K subscribers and 21 million total views by early 2023.

The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys is a massively successful YouTube channel with over 6.99 million subscribers. It was started in 2008 by some musicians, a music producer, and a Yamaha dealer.

They make piano music videos from different genres like pop, country, rock, etc., and film them in imaginative spots all around the world. The Piano Guys are based in Utah but they perform in concerts internationally.

The channel has just 131 videos but garners a whopping 329K views every day. Needless to say, they have a stunning growth rate and could very well cross 7.13 million subscribers in 2023.

Bill Hilton

Bill Hilton is a British musician and piano instructor. He started his channel in 2008 and has posted over 280 videos so far. Bill makes videos of piano tutorials, music theory, composition, and songwriting.

His videos are suited for both beginners and more seasoned piano players. He has a 21-part series specially meant for beginners. Musicians looking to learn improvisation or genres like jazz, rock, and pop can also benefit from his videos.

Bill Hilton has over 289K subscribers and 24 million views across all his videos combined. If the channel keeps growing at the same rate, it will reach 352K subscribers in 2023.


This channel was created back in 2009 and is the official YouTube channel of the music department of Cedarville University in the US. It has around 31.4K subscribers and 2,573,151 total views.

They upload videos explaining various piano music concepts, conversations between musicians, and question and answer sessions with professors and students. There are also plenty of performance videos by the faculty and students.

These videos are aimed at skilled players and high-level students of music, but beginners can also learn a lot by watching them. It is one of the best educational piano YouTube channels since it is run by a faculty of music teachers.

Assuming that the rate of growth remains constant, the cedarvillemusic channel will reach 37K subscribers by 2023.


LivingPianosVideos was created by Robert Estrin, a concert pianist. He makes extensive videos on playing techniques, maintenance of pianos, and answers questions from his subscribers.

There are also tutorials for famous songs across genres and musical theory for absolute novices. Robert also has a website with more exclusive content for piano players.

His tutorials and explanation videos of difficult musical concepts are the most popular among his subscribers. The channel has around 99.5K subscribers and 21 million total views. Robert created the channel on May 29, 2009, and has uploaded over 1,300 videos so far.

The channel gains around 350 new subscribers every week. If it keeps growing at this rate, it will easily cross 120K subscribers in 2023.

Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy was created by Joseph Hoffman, a professional pianist, and piano instructor. He began the channel in 2010 and has been making educational videos for budding pianists.

His videos are beginner-friendly and aim to simplify complicated concepts. Every video is kept between 5 and 15 minutes and students can start playing songs on the piano right from the first lesson.

Hoffman Academy has 211K subscribers and over 33 million total video views. Joseph uploads videos several times a week and has uploaded over 800 videos so far.

On average, Hoffman Academy gains 238 new followers every week. If the channel keeps up with the current growth rate, it will cross 230K subscribers and hit 36 million total videos in early 2023.


You now know the best piano YouTube channels. Depending on your needs or skill level, one channel might be more ideal to watch than another. However, no matter who you are, there is always a channel available for you to watch.

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