100+ Best Friend Tag Questions - BFF Challenge

Feb 4, 2022


Trying to find a list of best friend tag questions? If you are, you've come to the right place.

One of the most popular videos on YouTube is the best friend tag. Since this is the case, it's easy to see why creating a video on this topic would be a good idea. The only problem is, finding questions can be difficult. At least, it was until lists like this one started being made.

In this article, you will learn:

What Is the Best Friend Tag?
Best Friend Challenge Questions

Read on and get access to a large number of BFF tag questions.

What Is the Best Friend Tag?


Before we go any further, we must first define what the best friend tag is. After all, there's no point in trying to film a type of YouTube video if you don't know what the video is about!

The best friend tag is a Q&A between a set of friends. Questions asked are relevant to both friends and measure the strength of the friendship. Many of the questions involve interesting facts about the people involved.

Some best friend challenge videos contain questions that follow a certain theme. For example, some videos revolve around hobbies, events, etc. This allows for multiple videos to be made.

Best Friend Challenge Questions


Every pair of friends has different experiences together. Since this is the case, some questions will be more relevant to certain pairs of friends. Luckily, there are plenty of questions that can be picked to help create a good best friend Q and A video.

Here are some best friend challenge questions:

  1. How did we meet?
  2. What was your first impression of me?
  3. What’s your favorite memory of us together?
  4. How would you describe me in one word?
  5. What’s my middle name?
  6. What’s my shoe size?
  7. What are three items that I always have with me?
  8. If I was ordering a pizza, which toppings would I order?
  9. What’s my favorite food?
  10. What is my favorite ice-cream flavor?
  11. Who is my favorite band?
  12. What’s my go-to song in the car?
  13. What is my favorite movie of all time?
  14. Who is my hero?
  15. What are my biggest fears?
  16. What is your nickname for me?
  17. What is the most annoying thing I do?
  18. What’s my worst habit?
  19. What do you admire most about me?
  20. What is my idea of a dream vacation?
  21. What kind of movies do I like?
  22. What is my go-to beverage order?
  23. Who is my favorite YouTuber?
  24. Who takes longer to get dressed and ready?
  25. What am I really good at?
  26. What's my secret talent?
  27. What would I do if I won the lottery?
  28. What's your favorite picture of us?
  29. What is your my middle name?
  30. When did I have my first kiss?
  31. Who is my celebrity crush?
  32. How would you describe my dream partner?
  33. Who gets/got in trouble the most at school?
  34. What’s my favorite color?
  35. Where was I born?
  36. What is my dream car?
  37. What are my hobbies?
  38. What do I talk about all the time?
  39. What is my favorite Netflix series?
  40. What’s my favorite TV show?
  41. What was my favorite TV show as a kid?
  42. What is one food I could not live without?
  43. What is a weird food that I like?
  44. What is my lucky number?
  45. What’s my favorite animal?
  46. Which of us is more likely to get fired from a job?
  47. What is my favorite junk food?
  48. What is my favorite fast food restaurant?
  49. What is my favorite clothing brand?
  50. If I could travel anywhere in the world, where would I go?
  51. Do I like chocolate or candy more?
  52. Who is the better cook?
  53. What is the most random thing we've done together?
  54. How many piercings do I have?
  55. Have I ever smoked?
  56. What do I eat for breakfast?
  57. When is my birthday?
  58. What year was I born?
  59. Am I a cat person or a dog person?
  60. Who is my favorite superhero?
  61. What is my favorite season?
  62. Who would play me in a movie?
  63. What did I want to become when I grew up as a kid?
  64. What was my first job?
  65. What was the worst job I ever had?
  66. What is my dream job?
  67. Which of us reads the most books?
  68. Which of us is more likely to get arrested?
  69. What is my nationality?
  70. How many languages do I speak?
  71. How many countries have I been to?
  72. If I was having a hot dog, what would I have on it?
  73. Do I prefer DC or Marvel?
  74. If I could have one superpower, what would it be?
  75. If I could master one skill, what would it be?
  76. Do I prefer tea or coffee?
  77. Have I ever stolen anything?
  78. What is my favorite holiday?
  79. If I were stranded on an island, what items could I not live without?
  80. What’s your favorite thing to do with me?
  81. What is my spirit animal?
  82. How would you describe my fashion sense?
  83. Have I ever drank alcohol?
  84. What is my favorite juice?
  85. Do I have any scars and where are they?
  86. What is something I'm really bad at?
  87. What is my name in your phone contacts?
  88. How many kids do I want?
  89. What would I name my first child?
  90. What is the funniest picture I've ever sent you?
  91. Do I collect anything?
  92. Do I have any allergies?
  93. Do I focus more on the future or the past?
  94. What is my favorite sport?
  95. Where is my favorite place to shop?
  96. Am I an introvert or an extrovert?
  97. What is my Starbucks order?
  98. What genre of music do I listen to?
  99. What car do parents drive?
  100. How would you describe my sense of humor?
  101. What is my favorite Disney/Pixar movie?
  102. What app do I use the most?
  103. Am I more optimistic or pessimistic?


You now have access to over 100 best friend tag questions for the BFF challenge. You should have no problem picking out a handful of questions to ask your friend in a YouTube video or multiple videos.

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