12 Artist YouTubers Worth Watching (Must-See Art Channels)

May 25, 2022


Looking for some artist YouTubers worth watching? If so, you've come to the right place.

Over the years, many artists have started to create content and publish it on YouTube. Whether you're an artist yourself or simply enjoy videos with a creative flair, many of these channels will interest you.

Read on and discover some must-see art YouTubers.

Best Art YouTube Channels

Finding good YouTube channels to watch in any niche is difficult, let alone the art niche. However, there are a few channels that have managed to create high-quality content consistently that are worth checking out.

Let's go over a few of the best art YouTube channels.


Proko is a channel owned and operated by an artist and teacher named Stan Prokopenko. Created in February 2012, this channel offers tutorials from Stan as well as other instructors. You can expect live streams and uploads on sketching, digital art, painting, sculpting, fan art, comic creation, and lots more.

This channel has around 550+ videos, 2.55 million subscribers, and over 164 million total views. It is projected to have 3 million subscribers and over 221 million views by 2023.

Kyle T Webster

Kyle T Webster created his YouTube channel in July 2006 and now has 20.8k subscribers, 238k views, and over 60 uploads. His channel is expected to reach 27k subscribers and 487k views sometime in 2023.

He is a designer at Adobe and has done illustrations and designs for The New Yorker, Time Magazine, and The New York Times with several other achievements. His videos mainly relate to digital art.

Sara Tepes

Sara Tepes is a freelance illustrator and YouTuber with 418k subscribers and around 8 million views across 60+ videos. Her channel is projected to reach 440k subscribers and over 19 million views in 2023.

Sara does art with both traditional and digital media, with her videos including speed painting, palette and kit reviews, tutorials, tips, and other such content. This artist also uploads occasional vlogs, Q&A videos, and associated videos.

The Art of Aaron Blaise

Aaron Blaise is a wildlife artist and animator who has worked with Disney on films like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Pocahontas, and Mulan.

He created this channel in November 2012 and uploads videos that cover wildlife painting in various media and techniques, animation workshops, tips, tutorials, unboxing videos, reviews, and more.

His channel has 512k subscribers and 27 million views, and these numbers are expected to grow to 614k subscribers and 36 million views in 2023.

Animal Art by LAW

Animal Art by LAW was created in November 2012 and is run by a professional artist offering sketching and painting tutorials, behind the scene videos, techniques, studio information, using different techniques and tools, drawing fur in different media, and more, all related to the art of animals.

This channel has over 180+ videos with 14.2k subscribers and 786k total views. It is expected to grow to 19k subscribers and 1.1 million views sometime in 2023.

Lachri Fine Art

Lachri Fine Art was created in September 2006 and features tutorials, painting and drawing tricks and tips, demonstrations and advice from a professional artist and teacher. You can learn about different drawing media and techniques, as well as about art products on this channel.

With over 500+ videos, 320k subscribers, and 22 million views, this channel is expected to reach 360k subscribers and 27 million views in 2023.


Kelogsloops was created in June 2014 and now has over 50+ videos with 950k subscribers and 27 million total views. It is estimated that the channel will grow to 987k subscribers and 29.5 million views sometime in 2023.

This channel features videos of the artist painting using different media (but mainly watercolor) on different surfaces. They paint anime and manga fan art, celebrity portraits, landscapes, and several other kinds of art. You can also find tips and tutorials about art as well as art supplies.


Markcrilley has over 800 video uploads, 3.06 million subscribers, and over 405 million views. Created in November 2006, this channel is projected to grow to 3.06 million subscribers and 412 million views in 2023.

This artist is a published illustrator and author of over 40 art books. Their videos include tutorials and tips about various kinds of art, including shading, illustration, drawing animals, objects, human anatomy, cartoon making, manga panels, and more.

Alphonso Dunn

Alphonso Dunn is an artist and art instructor whose videos mainly focus on helping you understand the process of drawing, refining your art, and pen, ink, and watercolor techniques. You can also make use of the art exercises on this channel.

With 775k subscribers and 44 million views, this channel is expected to reach 886k subscribers and 53 million views in 2023.

Mary Doodles

Mary Doodles is a channel owned and operated by an artist named Mary. She created her channel in 2006 and it has since grown to 398k subscribers and 34 million views. This channel is likely to grow to 406k subscribers and 35 million views in 2023.

This channel features various drawings and paintings that Mary does along with a range of fun doodles. You can also find tutorials and Q&A videos on this channel about a range of painting styles and media.

Baylee Jae

Baylee Jae is an artist who created her channel in September 2011. It now has over 600+ videos, 1.12 million subscribers, and over 178 million views. Her channel is expected to reach 1.16 million subscribers and 182 million views sometime in 2023.

This artist uploads videos about her current art, prints, shop orders, making stickers, vlogs about routines and studios, and more.

Sophie chan

Sophie chan is a self-taught manga artist who has authored manga series of her own. Created in August 2008, this channel has around 100+ uploads, 432k subscribers, and 36 million total views. It is expected to grow to 439k subscribers and 35 million views in 2023.

The videos include tutorials and demonstrations about creating plots and drawing manga characters.


You now know some artist YouTubers worth watching. Depending on what kind of art you enjoy, one of the mentioned channels might be more of an attractive option than another. Regardless, you should be able to find a new channel to watch.

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